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May 2016
Cruel was the fate
They gave me their hate
Any longer, I couldn't hold on
All the chains were withdrawn
So much hate, my heart choke
Inside me you arose, awoke
You took over my soul
My body under your control
You burnt me in your flame
I couldn't stay the same
My eyes wept blazing fire
Wrong choices of mine you admire
Serenity hid because of fear
I may hurt the ones that are my dear
Rage rage go far, only words I could say
Never come back any other day
You were powerful and so strong
I could have done something wrong
The symphony of destruction, the devil sent
I know this moment I'll repent
Over you, I feel so weak and powerless
So out of mind and senseless
My ruth fell on that day
I didn't heard the pleas they say
I could see, with fear they shiver
Hailing the devil, the pain giver
Forgiveness and mercy are lost
Took the revenge at my serenity's cost
What had you made me do
You were that dark, I never knew
Now you disappeared, inside me you are gone
I wish next time I'll hold on
The bloodshed remained in the barren battlefield
The time flew past, the past is sealed
And I'm here repenting, lost in grief
Crying a sorrowful momentarily relief
Just wanted to rhyme again.

Sometimes lose my control over me and rage takes over because of my step family and its them who is wrong always when my anger takes over.
And this is all I feel about it. The three phases, Changing into someone out of control, they trying to run and hide from me and then I realizing my way was wrong.

I hope I could hold on next time
Written by
loveless  20/M
       Elsa, ---, aar505n, ---, ryn and 13 others
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