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Nov 2015
I had always said that if you were to die, there would be a double casket but little did I know that you'd have time to get your side ready because you should know way ahead of time that our casket is going to be here soon. I hoped that you would go to the grave with me but all im taking is our memories. The memories are the most alive thing about me. Because the rest of me will be in the casket after I put a bullet through my brain or a razor across my wrist. You promised we'd never end up like this. You promised we'd always be friends, but where are you when I need a friend? Are you worried about my well-being? Because being well without you, my dear, well, that's impossible. I had always taken separation so easy until I got separated from the only person I had come to love, but was it love? I loved you, but I can't be so sure you loved me. Loved. See, you loved me at one point but you loved others, too. That's the time I started to fall apart. I seen what you said to other people and ****, I lost it. Loved. You would put your arms around me and I could've swore I would never be more at home than I was when I was in your arms. Home. Home was the only place I felt comfortable the only place I could go to get away, and let me tell you, at the end of every day, you were home. Every day. Every day I would plan the future that I seen with you. With you. All I ever wanted was to be with you.
Aubree Brianne
Written by
Aubree Brianne  23/F
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