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I miss you every day.
But I swear I don't love you any more.
I hear you in every note of those songs.
I see you in his eyes.
I still feel your light touch on my arm.
I still remember the way your hands floated across the keys, so silent and sure.
But I swear I don't love you any more.

We never could have worked.
I never would have been good enough for you.
You never would have loved me the way I used to love you... the way I still feel about you.

But I swear I don't love you any more.

I swear I let you go. I ripped you out of my heart months ago.
Oh No One
I miss you.
I miss you, but I shouldn't.
I miss you, but I shouldn't, because it's my fault you're gone.
I saw you.
I saw you, and it hurt.
I saw you, and it hurt, but it shouldn't have.
I saw you, and it hurt, but it shouldn't have because I should've known better.
I miss you.
I miss you, and I should.
I miss you, and I should, because even though you're gone I'm still in love with you.
I saw you.
I saw you, and it hurt.
I saw you, and it hurt, and it should.
I saw you, and it hurt, and it should because you're with him and not me.
But that's okay.
He's better than me any way.
And you deserve the best.
I know he'll never make me happy.
He'll never make me laugh until I can't breathe.
He'll never get past the walls I've built up to protect a heart that's been broken already.
I'll never truly love him.

But that's okay; tolerable.
Because he'll also never hurt me.
He'll never make me happy but I don't care.
As long as he never makes me miserable.
"1.When he tells you he loves you forever, remember he said it to me first.
2. The days you spend in his arms, once held me.
3. My smell will still linger on him.
4. If he tells you he will always be there for you.
I want to let you to know he told me he couldn’t make me happy anymore.
5. Don’t have high hopes.
6. he’s forever was 5 freaking months.
7. he used to tell me he couldn’t stand being apart from me, ” I will never get sick of you” a week later he told me I was clingy.
8. When we were cuddling on the train, he looked at me as if I was the only star in the sky, if he ever looks at you that way
I want you to know that he doesn’t give a **** about stars.
9. All that he means to you, mean’t everything to me.
10. The fact that your nothing like me, says more about our relationship then the whole **** thing.
11. If he leaves you for another girl, don’t cry.
Remember he did it to me first."
Foolish girl, did u think he wanted you?
Stupid girl, loving someone for not even a grateful thank you
Fooish girl, he made it clear he doesn't miss you
Stupid girl, how dare u sit there and cry over him when he smiles at you
Foolish girl, why did u ever think it was going to be you
Dorothy Quinn
I can’t give you lessons in romantics,
but I can tell you how to fall in love
with a heart that doesn’t want you.
I can tell you that you’ll move on,
but never completely, never completely
if you stick around too long.
Hearts aren’t too different from bones,
when you break them,
they never heal quite right.
Don’t go back there, love,
it gets harder every time.

You’ll wash him out of your hair
for five weeks, then months, then years.
If you’ve haven’t told him,
tell him, *******, tell him.
You already know the answer.
He doesn’t love you
he doesn’t love you,
anymore than trees love the leaves they
shed each autumn,
crisp, letting them fall,
decomposing, buried under snow and lies.
He doesn’t care.
Tell him.
You know,
you need to tell him,
or you’ll taste his name
in your blood and on your lips
until you wash your hair
for the final time.
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