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Aug 2015
five steps forward nine steps back
sideways motion
direction other
not as planned
but four is lucky

universe multi
many theory
twelve is the divided tribe
plural perhaps
light years away
same distance from the sun

gobekli tepe
smart find recent
dumb place
buried from sight
Baalbek mystery
stronger than ants

relationship status
to me

thoughts many
wrinkles a-plenty
convoluted memories
two minds
intermingled in thoughts
hearts divided

thinking deeply
shallow breathing
thoughts very distant
looked very close at
remembered seeing
brain in a jar

brain in jar
house of glass
lonely life
mind meld memories
with brain in jar
any thoughts
The only positive direction is up. Twelve tribes were scattered throughout the universe. The multi-verse. 235 genes, found only in human DNA. Children of the stars. 24 point nine hours in near space.
Wade Lancaster
Written by
Wade Lancaster  South Carolina
(South Carolina)   
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