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NvrMnd Jul 2020
The number of people I knew and some were close to me who died in a span of 4months is too much to take
NvrMnd Apr 2020
Death is inevitably painful no matter how much you verse yourself into it, knowing it is awaiting from the very beginning of one's life.
NvrMnd Aug 2019
Seeing figures slowly drifting away
Revealing a plain blue sky
Resonate a familiar farewell
And though you know
How to romanticize the clouds
You don’t want to imprison such love
So you let it swept by the wind.
NvrMnd Aug 2019
Memories last but friendship not
your pen in this place begins to blot
the story of you will end in a dot
thank you for giving me one spot

In another pen your story begins to plot
new chapter of your life must grow a lot
achieving your dreams that once trap in a ***
i wish some of our ways meet again even in one shot.*

- a poem written by a friend
To be a part of someone's story is the best part of your own story
To share without even knowing you’re actually giving something
And to exist without even knowing that you meant to someone
Is a magic that will continue to awe
And inspire me to open doors for possibilities without judgement
To look for nothing, to give more and love more

And though it is true that our stories have series of chapters
It begins and ends but each chapter is as significant as each other
Bad ending is the sweetest while a good ending is a bittersweet
But no matter how it ends, what we’ve gained is the greatest
And I will endlessly thanking the universe for letting me collide
To another soul holding a piece of kindness hoping for love and friendship

Parting ways is hard but it is just temporary
And friendship, like life, like love
Is a river that will continue to flow even in the absence of our bodies
As long as we care for it, we let it live
And while it lives it gives us hopes and dreams
To see each other soon and share one moment again.
NvrMnd Mar 2019
your absence
distracts me..
i miss you so much,
too much, i'm losing focus.
NvrMnd Mar 2019
i envy the winds who still witness you*

-rupi kaur, the sun and her flowers
and even you're far away the caffeine are still in my veins making my heart flutter, and i truly envy the winds who still witness you.

-liking someone so much is like drinking a mcdonald's coffee float.
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