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Oh travelers, awake and see soon,
Father of heaven is spreading boon.
Deep love has come in nice emotion,
This morning is adoring in devotion.

Beautiful early morning is nesting
Testing freshness mind is resting.
Investing attention you all do see,
Morning is in dew you feel a thee.

Sun is rising with hope new ray
You soon awake attention pay
Sun's first ray is kissing sky
Who has sent behind spy?

Very deep love you feel
This talks about a zeal
To find God be ready
Calling us is daddy.

First ray in in row
You see rainbow
You rest in him
He gives vim.

You do say
This is ray
You pay
Do say.

I n by
At early morning father of heaven spreads boon and we all should get this. Deep love comes for him in love. Emotion expresses devotion. Sun rises by his grace and gives us new light ray. The first ray of light kisses sky with perfection to shine. This amazes mind in imagery. All should get ready to find God to get first ray of kiss of wisdom. That is why paying attention here is beautiful. This is the theme of this poem.
Now I am turning to right
Here I find emotional light.
Brightness adores me sure
I am turning to right is pure.

Turning matters with day,
In dew of light I ever say.
Giving hope I often think,
Turning to God I do link.

Birth turns to death again,
Some feel joy some get pain.
Rain is tear of cloud all see,
Feel mind now in light thee.

You favour me all here sure
You are souls are too pure.
To bring day time turns night
I am turning to right for light.
Life has many turns. Night turns and day comes. Likewise ignorance goes away and wisdom fills life in happiness.  Turning and feeling life is interesting in this theme. While we turn towards God life becomes successful as we feel his boon.
Star loves this amazing light,
That is why this star is bright.
Light loves this amazing star,
That is why light moves so far.

Light and star both love a sky,
Star hides in day light in shy.
Both have wisdom,  tells love,
Wings open to fly a bird dove.

Beat loves heart, spirit to mind,
Every soul in love appears kind.
Binding way light travels more,
Let us find light in heart of core.

Soul is driver and body is car,
Wisdom is light takes  up far.
That is why this star is bright,
Star loves this amazing light.
There is invisible connection of love between star and light. Both love each other and this universe is ******* in love everywhere. Trust is the basis of truth of love and light. Here light is wisdom. A soul must love this light and drive his body which is just like a car. Realizing self light can make a soul bright. This is the theme of this poem. This is written in Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
With normality seasons flow,
Every moment new rays glow.
Nature stands as  our mother,
Green veil she ever does cover.

While rain comes, washes pain,
Spring comes to give new gain.
Chain of love gives leaves of tree,
In relax mood sure all feel free.

Suffer we do not in joy we sing
Beauty dances mind wears ring.
Bringing laws God ties up  love,
Obeying this in sky flies a dove.

Beauty dances, life is smother
To watch ever says our mother.
With normality seasons flow,
Every moment new rays glow.
This poem describes seasonal flow and beauty of nature that dances each moment. This definitely fills cheerfulness in our minds and we get joy instantly. We do not at all suffer here as God ties us in love. Every moment we realize that new rays glow here. This is the theme of the poem in short. This poem is written in Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
Warmness melts in cold
Wisdom brings life hold.
God talks about Age Gold
We see life's many fold.

Murmurs here a summer,
But rain is now a comer.
Life cherishes plumber
Plays drum here drummer.

You see summer loves rain,
This is sure water all gain
Grains we get in life's chain
Energy flows sure in vain.

Lane of love is so far long,
In this love nothing is wrong.
Rain drops fall here along,
Birds chirp sing new song.
Summer murmurs and rain drops fall down here as mercy of God falls on us as wisdom of his. Due to rain we get grains from crops. Thus we take food and energy flows in vain. Rain has wonderful love to make flow. This love is so long and here nothing is wrong. Having such love on Earth birds chirp and sing new song in happiness. Thus summer loves rain and God talks about Golden Age as we all love him.
Love here writes new reflection,
Love again defines our affection.
Connection speaks about love,
To spread message flies a dove.

Flying in cheerful mind I am bird,
My daddy is very kind I tell word.
To learn and know, I have right,
I have to define my life as bright.

To Earth we come to play part
Light is love thread makes art.
Wisdom you give we too learn,
In love virtues we all do earn.

Mother we see again oh father,
Brothers say here not to bother.
Elder loves younger loves elder,
Love waves mind we feel ever.

Child bird returns to mom’s nest,
We go back to your lap for rest.
A fest we celebrate all together,
We separate and unite weather.

Everywhere flowers bloom love,
In flying, way does not miss dove.
Love again defines our affection.
Love here writes new reflection,

© Bhargabi Dei Mahakul, 2015. All rights reserved.
Love is the unique value and this is universally accepted as a lovely thread to tie up relationship. Love defines relationship and to spread this message, dove flies in sky. Here a soul realizes self and sings he is just like a bird and flying in cheerful mind. Soul urges his right to learn and making future bright in front of father. All souls come on Earth to play part. Father of heaven gives wisdom and we all learn. Virtues are too earned by wisdom of love. Relationships like mother, father brothers etc. are ******* in love. In mind we feel waves of love ever. To mom’s nest, child bird returns and to take rest we too go back to father. Flowers bloom in love. Dove does not miss at all flying way. Likewise love defines relationship and affection. This poem is written in Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
Oh dear little dove you smile,
Fly in sky in freedom far mile.
Father has given feathers to fly,
Remain happy you never cry.

Shyness you do not at all feel,
You have ever amazing  zeal.
Thrill of wisdom you hold far,
Go on flying you kiss light star.

Scar you leave in lovely moon,
Go on flying, reach you soon.
Noon or night you do not see,
Light your life feel mind thee.

Right direction you do choose,
Sing wisdom you spread news.
God has told he will come soon,
Washing sins he will give boon.

Love waves flow in lovely sky,
To feel life sure you do ever try
You smile in love little far mile,
Oh dear little dove you smile,

© Bhargabi Dei Mahakul, 2015. All rights reserved.
This poem is based on happiness and smile to speak about wisdom of God. Dove is a little bird that flies in happiness in far sky and thinks to kiss light and star. Dove has freedom to fly and that is why there is no need to cry in sorrow. Holding thrill of wisdom gives strength here to feel this freedom. In lovely love waves flow and father gives promise that he will come to wash sins of human beings. His boon will flow here in waves definitely and that is why dove should smile here flying so high in sky. Every human being should know this wisdom and hold light in life for up lifting self. This poem is written in Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
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