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Aug 2015
I can only imagine what it was like for you
Sitting at the foot of your bed
Scared for the welfare of us two
And you'd imagine
What sort of things I'd make her do
To support our habit
Did I sell her off, make her *******
There was nothing I could say
In your mind that was already the truth
I still remember the day when
You posted bail and said
"This isn't real love... because if it were
you wouldn't poke her skin
with a needle's *****
and fill her with poison!
This is ******* poison!
And you're killing her!
No, this isn't love... you're a ******* monster."
If you only knew how powerful that was.

I want you to imagine now
Just for a moment what it was like from our side
She was handed to me
I was given sole responsibility
But we'd never imagine this
That we'd resort to the things we'd do
To support our habit
Try to get a bag or two
And find the strength to sit up straight, at the foot of our bed
Scared for the welfare check
Was it coming in, or do we have skip dinner again
I know we made it look so easy, like we had it all together
But who wears long sleeves, in the middle of the summer
Just to hide our scars
Never staying long because we needed that needle in our arm
Behind those jail bars
In a physical manifestation
Of the prison hell that lived inside ourselves
Now we were under real investigation...
Can you imagine?
With the threat of jail, our mental hell, seeing her poke herself... fo(u)r hours
Crying out to me, "Baby, please?!
I can't get it, and my arms are so swollen!
Look at them bleed!"
So I was stuck with the ****** truth
Let her keep damaging herself... I know she'd get it eventually
But how many more hours until she felt
The needle slip into her vein...
Or I could step in and help
Quickly end her pain, I knew
The result would be the same
She'd get sooo HIIIGH
So I'd have to choose
I thought what I did was right
Well, I mean, it was the lesser evil of the two
If you only knew how powerful that was.

So, I'm sorry you couldn't sleep at night
But just imagine if you had to poke a needle
In the one you love
Just to make her...
Make her feel alright.

If you only knew, and not imagine, how powerful that was.
Written by
Edgar E Tobias
   A Wegner
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