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Edgar E Tobias Oct 2015
If I admitted, that you still hostage my love
Now if I admitted, would I turn into the one that you want

No, this is something I doubt

If I released, all of my inner thoughts
Yeah, if I told you, it was you I picked out

No, I doubt, that that'd be enough

If you were to come home, with a smile on your face
Oh Kali, please come home, another day I can't take

..."No, I love you more from far away."

"I love you more -"

"Like I said, from far away."
Edgar E Tobias Oct 2015
I send out little requests
Like, "listen to what I'm listening to"
Not because I'm depressed
I just want to somehow be connected with you
I think this is destined for forever, but
I'll always hate and love her till my very last breath.
Always been a thin line between the two.
Edgar E Tobias Oct 2015
I don't want to give you the satisfaction
Of knowing how much I adore you
No, I don't want to show any reaction
When you say, "I miss you"

You were and will always be my sunshine
Even when you make me feel like ****
Cuz it is mostly in the pitch of night
When you forget your sunrise kisses

If every guy treated you like an angel
Like the ones that I pray to
Yeah, if they were all capable
I wouldn't be the one you come back running to

Between the moments they call you back
When they do I return
To the slack of rope around my neck
To the liquid burn

You could have been my Eve
It was me who propped you up
To grab the apple from the tree
I guess you always kind of were

If there's such thing as a Heaven
I'm pretty sure I've been there
And if I were to go again
It'd be your love that takes me there

Take me there...
Edgar E Tobias Oct 2015
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder
Thank god...
I held her.

Would it be better if I never met her?
Wish I...
Could forget her.

If I held you, but don't hold you now
Laid my eyes on you
But I don't see you now
Does that make you ugly
Are you a disfigured scowl
Or, is it just resentment
Playing tricks on me now

Who's this weeks holder?
Who sees you like I saw you then?
Who's with you playing strip poker?
Who holds their cards tight?
Now as you reveal your chest

An arm's length
Is close enough to still touch
An arm's race
You will **** to get what you want

Why can't you see?
You have more to offer this world
Than temporary
Satisfaction they found in some girl
Cuz you have more
Than an arm to offer this world

Poison drips in to your brain...
We are both in love
With the same thing
I cannot be saved
But I have hope for you.
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