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Mar 2015


I never knew that feeling
A word without meaning
…A stranger to what I felt…
Thought it’s strange that I knew it so well


I walk by with you as I talk about you
…Existence is a mere essence…
It’s the life underneath my roots
My whole being is defined of what I decide about you


I kept on thinking of you
A mystery in every event I stumble upon
Nonetheless your part of me that i fully submit
Facing and standing still
In all the consequences and risk
I have brought upon,
In the end
Despite all those obstacles
I know deep within me
There will come a time
I’ll be able to dance
…In rhythm of contentment…


You’re in my fantasy
…You’re in my Jar of unfulfilled wishes…
I walk in your clouds of heavenly sky
Reality slaps me too many times
Yet no matter how painful reality is
I still go to your realm
And dream an endless dream
Of my unfulfilled wonderings
Wishing & hoping


Living is as much as fading
Purpose of what I suppose
Is just another make-up prose
Of my days
Principles are timeless
Old yet golden
Though some are forgotten
throughout the pages of history
But then they're relived now
Through experiences
As life goes on and on
As you live by
In its circling Journey


I can’t be with you
as I am chained
Much controlled
Much reserved
Much more refined
…As if I’m bound to be blocked…
Locked within a nut shell
I guess being free isn’t allowed
without hard labor

© 2013 Pax

six poems in one
before i told my friends in WC, this piece is a pondering fiction, but to be honest its a pondering reflection upon how i see my life.
hope you like it, thank you for reading.
Written by
Pax  CDO, Philippines
(CDO, Philippines)   
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