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Feb 2015
Dearest oh nathaniel,

what's that i hear?

when dusk cloaks the infinite shade of dark blue

spilling out of your wavering frown

a cuss word?

no it's

a whimper, a merciful

cry for help.

it starts out small,

not like baby steps - in fact, far from it

it's gargantuan like that giant from that fairy tale

that you yearn to reside in

and it crescendos into a melancholy howl

just like the werewolves in

little red riding hood.

under the shadows of your abode

inside the head full of numbers

all red ink ;Β Β no pity

leering and lashing like corrected mistakes

from those animals

who solely came for the bread.

let me extricate you

no sweetie i won't fold you

to fit into a rabbit hole

you're not alice most definitely

you are already a minuscule caricature

the ones i doodle on my foolscap pad during maths

with bigger objectives and a yellow brick road

full of life

much animated than the

musical numbers

i sing in your ear

when you're

dozing off in chemistry

your crooked nose peeking out from underneath your folded arms

twitching at the notes strung together with lines of amusement and pure merriment

dearest oh nathaniel, you don't resemble Pinnochio.

instead i'll urge you to wear that glass slipper

slip it on quick and

leave a vestige

of gingerbread crumbs

that is

ineradicable and incontestable

like your heart

pure and gold

not from all those lessons in church

but from those involuntary explorations

into the never-ending sky.

and your tirades about

this school and society

that kaleidoscope in your eyes

unravelling like Rapunzel's locks

to form that opinionated you

they're part of

our counter attacks

on the Indian Ocean

all ephemeral

no aftertaste

of distaste

for it's peppered with

jest and zest.

our midnight discussions about feminism

and the women who fought in wars

they extol you from heaven

for your open-minded sentiment

they might say to me

in a hushed, demure tone

that he's like the pea

the princess eventually


concealed amongst

perpetuated mattresses.

the ugly duckling

did spin into ethereal

as time is of the essence

so don't compare yourself against

your friends

gymming isn't even a word

sprawled upon

online dictionaries

dearest oh nathaniel, i don't have to thumb through the dictionaries

to know that you're oh-so wrong.

desist from the self-inflicted loathe

it doesn't pain me

for i'll still love



but for the sake of your sanity

halt all the macabre,

grim, gore



dearest oh nathaniel,

your smile is a

sworn clandestine

evoking a swoon

and a creak from my

rusty knees

a poignant mess

enmeshed into

a human manifestation

of super novas

amalgamated together

hypnotizing me into

deep slumber

without the ***** of a

sewing needle.

let me sweep all those

poor lies

and false hopes

unlike Aladdin's

under a magic carpet

and try to lift the corners

of your mouth skyward

however i'm no

puppeteer and i don't see

no strings attached

so my endeavours

may be futile

but your laugh

jesus christ

it resonates on a tenfold

with the metal songs

buzzing out of your earpieces

that resonate deeply

with that

"cold heart"

that you claim

to be


and i hold on to

it like dear life,

dearest oh nathaniel.

dearest oh nathaniel,

for you shall see


decampment isn't

the easy way out

because the

emblem of


will be scattered

around the


frisking and skittish.

like what i've


i won't fold you to fit into

my pocket

neither will i

drop you into

the sea

i am that lighthouse



luminous in

the falling mist


rising fog.

dearest oh nathaniel,

what is that i hear?

no it's certainly

not a merciful

cry for help.

it's not a

battle cry

or a


dearest oh nathaniel, don't be a fool.

it's you


in sheer


dearest oh nathaniel,

i'm talking to you.

**| dearest oh nathaniel - m.m |
[ you'll never know]
sapphic girl
Written by
sapphic girl  Singapore
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