The way to a man heart is through his stomach.

The way to a mans heart is below his stomach.

If the shoe fits wear it.

If the shoe fits dont get mad at me!

What doesnt **** you makes you stronger.

What doesnt **** you ***** you up for life!
Pure LOVE Dec 2
Do we have the hungry?
The homeless or the wars?
When this earth provides us
With a land of milk and honey?
And people full of love?
All the things I see on T.V.
I never see in real life
The bombings and the shootings
The weather and the storms
All seem so fake to me
Because they say they happen
Yet I never know
One single human who confirms it
And as I paid close attention
To them report the hurricane
Head towards North Carolina
The reporter on the screen
Held onto a tree
Acting as if she had to or
She would get blown off the scene
But in the background right
Behind her were three kids
Riding bikes not one of them
Struggling to save their life.
I found this disturbing
To see on live TV.
Now I dont believe
Anything I hear
And only half of what I see
Pure LOVE Nov 30
For me this year
I cannot afford
the cheer
Or to even pay my bills
All of this is fine
Life is different
At this time
Never thought
I would be alive
To see
This end of times
That lies in the balance
Shining so bright
For all to see
Warning us of what
Will be
Pure LOVE Nov 20
Once again
The times that were magicial
When I was a kid
Forever lost
To this sold out world
The midnight mass
The family affair
Gone forever
Lost in stares
At a screen
Held in our hand
Now has no meaning
Heart breaking
To know
They will never know
Just how simple
And precious and
Times use to be
Before they were robbed
By technology
Pure LOVE Nov 12
Made us blind
Taught us how to be unkind
Filled our sole with a hate filled curse
Everday it get worse and worse
I had no clue that my fellow man
Could behave this way
I just don’t understand?
All I know is what I have been told
Action speak louder than words
And the actions I see
Against one another
Truly scream
Your not my brother or sister too
I wear a mask and a hood to hide my face
Because I don’t have the guts
And I do this for money
Isnt it kind of funny
Pure LOVE Oct 17
All along
To pull us out of reality
Into this virtual screen
To numb those who
Fall so easily
Into the traps they set
All the devices
Amazing as they are
Have turned off our hearts
Those whom believe
What ever they hear
Are a danger to
This Country
That use to have laws
But for some reason
Not anymore
Watching these masked
Angry youth blocking
Traffic destroying things
As the cops stand there
And do nothing!
Pure LOVE Oct 13
Or are we all lost?
Confused are the masses
That hide their face
But show their *****
Protesting violently
For what?
They don’t even know!?
When asked what they are
So angry about
They give no answer
Just scream and shout!
“Bigot, racist, white man,
Homophobic etc.”
Each one of these untrue
Unaware their being lied to
And incouraged by fear
By those they should
Fear themselves!
Blinded, combogulated
Demented fans
That root for their own demise
It is the most vile thing
And its going to far
You know what I mean
To pay these people to
Commit these violent acts
Is against the law
But without no order
From those in the seats
There is nobody there
To contain this machine
Of hate and distruction
All over the place
The media a mob
So right in our face
How they work there
Is beyond understanding
Are they programed
What about their kids
Are they out there too?
The things not being
Done by the police
Standing there and doing
Nothing as they watch it unfold
As the mayor orders them to
Stand down!
These are shameful times
And I believe it was bred
By the extreme left
In power to long
Feeling as king
Lost their control
And turning so green
With mold and rotten
To the core so sad
We didnt realize before
They were exposed
But since 9/11
Ive known in my heart
They are using use as lab rats
Learning how to control
An intire nation
As we watch it unfold
People so fearful to
Show any support
While the Clintons run free
Thinking they can get a foot
In the door
Haha so pathetic
And the Hollywood elite
Try to tell us how to think
When they live in a virtual world
Unlike you and I
They think they will never die
They have died many times before
But only on screen
They are not super heros
Or idols or best
They are the blood they
Encourage to let
Run through the gutters
From all of our chests
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