Pure LOVE 15h
Comes with gratefulness
For everything
Good and bad
In life
So when you are grateful
You are brought to
A higher state of
The more aware we become
The more grateful
We are
Leading to
Whom we truly are
Which manifests
Into the ability
To access
Our hearts
Who live this life
Without many things
And give what little they have
Just to see a smile or because
They cannot bare thinking of
Someone going without
Are they folks who know
What this journeys all about
Feeling others pain is a
Blessing and a curse
Which keeps one humbled
But never at their worst
Television is our
The internet
Our demise
Tools used to
Divide us
Building hate
Yet to this very day
I love all of you
And will
Forever more
Can stop me
From Loving
I feel as if the love
Is bursting at the
Just wanting to
Show the world
We are loving
Human beings
Pure LOVE Sep 14
Life never ends
And the light you see
When you die
Is actually your being
Born again?

I can’t even
Pure LOVE Sep 13
Spinning towards
The place where my
Children live
I have no fear
Because they will be safe
From this storm
That some say
The deep state create
And the way things have been
Or the way they make them seem
Creating chaos on our screen
I would not doubt it
Just one bit
I mean look at our world
And whats come of it!
May everyone be safe
And survive it through
And pull together
Once its done
And the sun shines
I know we just all want to live
In peace and love
We must stand strong
Not apart
Do everything
From the heart
Pure LOVE Sep 13
What we can only remember
How he thinks he’s so clever
Satan has been roaming around
Planting himself in ever town
Every city, every state
Bet he thinks he’s really great
He has only proven that
Has given him his chance
To test each and every man
To draw those who we have
Chose to lead, drawing them close
For his evil deeds
Its the only explanation for
Whats on display
Wreaking havoc on our lives
Puppeteering all they say and do
Which only proves just how
Weak they are
So blinded by his greedy flames
Making them think they have
Power & Fame
And they shall all be slaughtered
For their deeds
He will destroy our lives as we know it
But in the end he shall fall
Into his pit of firy hell
Beggining and pleading
The Most High
To please oh please
Have mercy on him
But when he claimed
That he would take Gods throne
And sit upon it as his own
His fate then sealed
And cast him out
God had no fear or doubt
He knew already what
Would come about
May he have mercy on
You and me
But never hear the screams
Of those who chose
To sit with the devil
Here at home
Pure LOVE Sep 8
To escape
From this place
I hate
I don’t want to feel
Whats for real
I know the truth
But I’m still
Not free
Free from this

How one event
Has changed
Life’s course
All I want now
Is a divorce
The human race
Such a disgrace
In the face
The more I see
The less I want to know
Where is that rabbit hole?
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