Pure LOVE Jun 17
Is twisted
It has been since forever
Every president ever
Every politician currupt
When your own government
Makes you believe your free
While they kill you and your family
Flying planes into buildings
And blaming those who have something they need

That isnt free its bullshit to me
While they lie through the media
To make you believe their lies
Causing wars against the other
To condone their kill
How totally disgusting they are
To me
These people work for us not the other way around
And its time to let them know
Were not playing games
These people are insane
And those who still believe
Or trust in these creeps
Need to wake up into whats real
And whats not
We have been robbed to the point
Of living in the streets
This is why they hate
Our President
Because its over for them
If only they would lock
These people up for their crimes
We could prosper for the first time
In our lives
Everyone not just a select few
But we must fight this fight
Me and you
Im in are you?
Pure LOVE Jun 9
The internet may kill us,
Or it can save our lives,
Messaging far reaching,
All around this world,
Unlike on television,
Where every message
Is controlled,

We can reach the masses
Before they complete
Block us from doing so
These power hungry
Mongols that have a
Sinister plan
They want to be like
Pinky and the Brain
And take over everything
All we do and say
Most of us have not been effected
By their bullshit games
Smart enough to use common sense
And not believe what people say
We are the ones they fear
The ones exposing what they have done
We could all be rich and living the dream
If these stupid bastard
Had not rob you and me
And pocketed the money and lived
High on the hog
All they while lying about
These people need to be locked up
And not in PC
Pure LOVE May 13
Headed to North Carolina
To meet my new Grandson
Never flew before
It might be fun
Hope my arms don’t get tired
It’s quite aways away
But I must see my little guy
Before to much time pass by
He has become the apple of my eyes
Wish he was closer cause
A short seven days
Will go by so fast
I’ll wish I could stay
But thats just how life is
And though they always say
Life is short, and time flies
When your far away from
The apple of your eyes
Pure LOVE May 12
The stories told
So many, so different,

Whom could really the
Differance from the truth and the lies?

All so confusing, and purposely
So, we should forget it,

We should not live in the past
It only will take us back

Some people think of the past
And become enraged

Thinking that it is their right
To proclaim

The hardships of their Ancesters
Its kind of lame

Everyone has suffered in the past
And dragged through hell

But without anyone seeing for themselves
Who can say whats the truth?

I think we should live
Through the heart

With loving and kindness
And just,

And chalk up the knowledge
As lessons unknown and beware

Things are different now
So who cares

We must move forward
And not back

Love is the answer
To all of that,

I send hope and love and
Abundance to you

I hope that some can follow suit
And live in purlove

Sent to you
From up above
Pure LOVE May 8
Dear friend of mind
My heart is broken
At this time
For what you are
Your suffering and pain
My heart bleeds for your
So you must get better
Right away
I cry and pray in frustration
Wish there was something
I could do
I would trade you places
In a hot minute too
May the Lord in heaven
Reach down and make you new
Please God hear my cry
And restore my friends health
Because we all need her here
For more laughs and memories
I believe in your healing
Your grace and mercy too
I will stand in faith
You know what to do

Pure LOVE Apr 27
You read it online
Don’t mean it is true
As a matter of fact
Let me explain it to you
Right now there is so much
Hate being spread around
Through bullshit stories
Made to look like news
These crazy people
Don’t have nothing to do
But to spend every second
Of their day for the past
Nine months
But to try and destroy
Donald Trump
Some people may think this
Is normal or even okay
Well its their only way
To decay the unity
That we all once felt
We worked hard to
Get there
And far we had come
And all was destroyed
Because the
The behavior of these
People who supposedly care
About our well being
But gotten no where
All the crimes that they
Have commit
It about time someone
Or many pay for it
Pure LOVE Apr 24
Ever come that I am
No longer here
There is somethings
You should know
If I do so Dear
One is that I loved you
More than words can say
And that my heart missed
You every single day
To me there was no one as beautiful
As my precious girls
And how much I regret
The fate that life so
Unfairly hurled at me
And took you from my world
If only I had chose to fight
Instead of giving into
The drug that numbed
My pain within
Then maybe life would not
Be so hard to face everyday
I cannot help but to feel that
I am only standing in your way
Why has this life been so cruel
To me this way
I mean what sin did I commit
At the age of eight
That sealed the scroll of my life
That has rectified my fate
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