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Feb 2018 · 125
There is an
A r t  in every
h e A R T
Whichever way
It is the soul speaking
In binary. .
Hoping to find the
Right body
When all throughout
They're in it!

But it still search
For what is  k n o w n
Thinking it's u n k n o w n.

Every art
Is a question but sometines
They are our answers,
Late post July 2017
Feb 2018 · 136
What's Next For Me
I can do things
M o r e  than  these,
But my will has been
Refusing these past few years.
R e d u n d a n c y is killing me.
I am just a form, finding its' substance.

All I know is
I need to be on the same cycle,
Same pacing and same struggles
Of the people around me. .
Or else I will lost the way they are tracing so graciously. .

My happiness resides on the smallest things, but the world is asking me
To be bigger than this. .

Keeping myself interested
In life
Is one of my priorities.
And now, I wonder

*What's next for me?
I hope the skies grant me a wish:
To start my own pace,
To motivate me.
Im tired of all the inconsistencies. .
Maybe something new would come my way
After I finish all this unending *******.

Latepost from Aug 2017
Dec 2017 · 115
Heartbeat #1
Love isn't supposed to be reciprocated,
But I want a love that is. . .
Is it too much to ask for?
I've always said that being in a relationship is not because you have reached a certain age, it is because you have found the one worth spending every second of your life with. .
And for me, love that isn't given back to you is a love not given by you.
Aug 2017 · 356
Special Exclusion
I told myself:

" I need to make this man a poem. "

So here I am, reminiscing an ordinary day. . .

I was one of those,
Who do not care:
University political parties, campaigns
And all the blabbers they make
Scripted promises turned
Public speaking competitions,
And yeah, i t   i s   h e l l !
But that day I heard a voice so deep,
E  c  h  o  i  n g   in space,
pounding through my brain. .
One of the clearest voices
I've ever heard, there he is
Standing for campaign.
And my wrong, he's full of vision
and selfless cause, giving my belief
a  s p e c  i al   e x cl u si o n.

A year has passed, with ordinary days
Lurking by. .

He transferred in our block,
From there I thought:

" I would want to know
              this person more. ."

There was no love, I'm sure.
But there is a jolt of mystery
On his face I'd die to solve.
I exerted  n o   e f f o r t,
but my curiosity is pulling strings,
I got to know him better.

One of the most well-rounded person
I've ever known,
Oozing with confidence
In everything he do.
His  ph il o so p h i e s
deserves a trophy too!
He is someone that
I would want to be
If I were a man, that I am sure!

We competed in a class debate, I won.
And there I thought,
That my achievement is worth
a  no b e l   p r i c e
worth the sought.

There is no love, but there is
f or e v e r    ad m i ra t i on.
To the voice which is not
just a perfect tone,
But has the best echo that deserves
a   w o r l d   c a l l .

There is consistency,
There is substance. .
The only thing I hope for is
May his beliefs not eat him
Coz too much meaning,
Brings sadness on his face.
A face which looks like
He discovered a problem
O u t   o f    w a y s,
Like cancer on its very last stage.
His wits are too powerful,
I see it killing his happiness.

So I wish him the same things I wish for myself:

To think less of what others deem
as   n o n s e n s e .
This is an unpolished poem, Ill get back to this when I have more time.

This is dedicated to a not so close friend.
Who I'm speechless for. This poem is not in anyway romantic, .

He actually won the stud council elections in our college as the VP.
Jul 2017 · 190
Blob blob blob
I am broken into
f  i  s  h  e  s.
Jul 2017 · 393
Just Had a Dream
It sent water
Gushing down
My  c h e e k s
Lacks integrity:
A loved one
Being kidnapped. .
Taken away in an
E n v e l o p e,
And I can't remember how
I am crying
Over a paper.
Yeah, my love one was kidnapped in my dream. And I cant understand how a love one could be a paper I'm crying all over for. A human paper? -_-

This drean is from a minute ago
Jul 2017 · 158
D r  e  a  m  i  n  g*
We immerse ourselves,
In *different reality
And we wake up not knowing
If we already did.
Right now, i just woke up.
Jul 2017 · 194
Mind Mine
I have memorized
the sound of your mind,
And it's like mine.
What a  t r a g i c  sight,
We're totally alike
Dumping poems #latepost2
Jul 2017 · 370
A Leaf's Time

of the grea-
test wonders,
You will ever see,
Is a leaf falling while*
L o o k i ng  so  a l i v e,
W h e r e  the  o n l y
re a s o n they
d i e on that
I s

Dumping poems #latepost1
Jul 2017 · 234
M i g h t
E v e r y d a y
I open my eyes
There are alot of things
I want to say,
Words left unsaid,
Deepest secrets,
Beyond regrets. .

But with every thought,
It seems to choke,
My voice is buried,
Deep down this earth.
I might be thinking
Of the wrong person:

A p p r e c i a t i v e  but
U n d e s e r v i n g

I might be making
the same mistakes again. .

And those words so precious,
Will just  d i e   on   a i  r ,
Then, I might lose the will
To spell it again,
To the right person,
Who's not here
Y e t .
Messy construction hehe
A      s t ro n g   g r i p
Will   s u r e ly   h u r t. .
Jun 2017 · 143
T h a n k Y o u
The only words
I wanted to tell you is:

T h a n k   Y o u

Coz that's what we're
W o r t h  of .
It is relieving to give thanks. You get to compensate for the things you haven't done, and makes the receiver feel good about it.
Jun 2017 · 142
Some people really
Have that
u l t i m a t e
Su pe r h u ma n   p o w er

To reduce our
A w e s o m e n e s s
By "a" percentage.
This is for my hs friend who always tell me he's way too awesome. Keep it up! ><
Jun 2017 · 367
L i v i n  g   i s  
K e e p i n g   y o u r s e l f
I n  t e  r e  s t  e d .
Jun 2017 · 128
Every word spent,
Lingers unto my throat:
Speaking of happiness,
Crying of joy.

But at sun dawn,
Dark clouds start
To suffocate me. .

Like a big part was
o v e r    s h a d o w e d
. . .

Somewhere between
. . . C o n v e r s a t i o n s . . .

Somewhere beyond
. . . C o m p r e h e n s i o n . . .

There are times,
I seek to be alone.
And I
Will always
That part

That part,
**F e e l i n g   l o s t .
May 2017 · 238
"I love you more.."

A love with a *dash of pain
degrades my side of the scale. .
Now, what do your words entail?

Should I give you more or
Should you give me less?

"I love you too.."

Would be best.
May 2017 · 1.2k
Let's call it a "DAY"
Is an ordinary
24-hr ticking clock.

The only thing
That made it different
Was when I started
To look forward
Knowing you.

But after knowing you,

Is an ordinary
24-hr ticking clock.

Late post from Jan 2016
Apr 2017 · 240
Almost is Enough
My heart almost fell
Between the  g a p s  of our fingers.

What we pursue in life,
Is definitely two worlds  a p a r t .

It is what you do that I admire.
Those digital art,
Those vivid sketches
Transpiring before my eyes. .

Thats why I said:
It "a l m o s t " fell.

But I caught it when they said,
You are someone who prefer
Grinder, over Tinder.

Then, *Will you be my bestie?
This is a story of a girl
Who likes to sketch
Who saw someone do it better
Oh no, let's term it "best".

This is a story of a girl
Who works very hard..
Who saw someone do the same
He even sleeps later than she can!

This is a story of a girl
who likes someone else
Who thought she can never notice other else
But eventually she did. .

And eventually she failed.

This is a story of a girl.
Jan 2017 · 628
I said:

          Love is without  e g o  . .
   but it comes with  s e l f   r e s p e c t.

And so, I said it.  
Just to defend my ego. .
We are but the same,
So do not weep
Even a single tear,
Or a single sigh
We'll just call it  " q u i t s "

This is not love, indeed.
Dec 2016 · 286
Leaving Being
I close my eyes,
I     s e e    y o u
But I need to open them,
Coz that's what living
Is all about,
*Y o u
L e a v i n g
I guess you re my leaving being
4 11 2016
Dec 2016 · 254
Have you tried to exist
With a twist?
A little garlic
and some cheese?

I call it
G a r l i c  P a r m e s a n
Chicken Wings!
Dec 2016 · 486
Once You Found me
I'll give you the letters
For all the seasons
Not spent together
Coz my heart found you
Long, long ago
When I started to beleive
That soulmates exist.
Mar 13 2016
Dec 2016 · 191
All for democracy. .
W e  f o u g h t
History has turned its records
Blood spilt on every pages.
Journey long forgotten. . .

All for democracy!
Majority wins. .
So when majority is wrong,
Dec 2016 · 275
Are   m o r e   c o l o r f u l
When painted on your lips,
My little darling!
I'll show you how
To make the world blossom w/ dandelions
With a  g e n t l e   k i s s !
I'll teach you how to send it flying,
To reach boundaries,
Not even spaceships can reach.
I'll give you millions of it,
C o u n t l e s s   as the stars,
Lasting like the skies.

As years leap in harmony,
Those lips, will sing
Music not even heard of.
But I will keep it in tune.
Make it a curve
Like a  s m i l i n g  m o o n !
I'll make it as many as
Your favorite gumball machine.
Cause I will be your witness
And I shall  n e v e r  f o r g e t
Those lips
That called me in a name
I'll die to  p r o t e c t . .
I write this for my friend and her daughter
Dec 2016 · 481
C l o u d e d
'Coz everyday
I die another day,
With moments
*C  l  o  u  d  i  n  g     b  y .
Sep 2016 · 345
You are in love when
You write conversation scripts
In your phone's memo.

But then, that moment
N e v e r    h a p p e n e d .
A single antipcipated question
Was never asked. .

And it turns out
That nothing works
According to your plans.

You ended up,
Embarassing yourself.
Then you write again
But now, a defensive script.

And it turns out,
You are just making a big deal
Out of things.

You are in love,
When nothing works according to your plans. .
Coz its always your plan
To show the best side of you
And you realized there is
N  o  n  e .

So you fall into depression.
Thinking you are never enough

Love is not suppose to make you feel
  **L  E  S  S
Jul 2016 · 694
Unrequited Poetry
Because my poems led you to a
D i s b e l i e f ,
When it meant to bring you
*C l o s e r   t o   m e .
Jul 2016 · 439
Moving on is when
You started losing a debate
Against your
L o g i c a l    s e l f .
But still receiving
A prize called*
" L  I  F E "
. . .
Life from the "healing of ones ILL-logical self"
Jun 2016 · 296
"Romance is just an extra in life
It's okay to have one . .
But I decided not to chase for it. "
A line from some good watch.
Jun 2016 · 588
No one could ever touch
the  s u n  's  surface.
No one could ever embrace
the whispers of the  w i n d ,
& the depth of the s e a s.

But they could . . .

The sun even from a faraway,
sheds rays of light,
The wind that tingles our skin
in a cold night,
And water that drowns us,
from head to toe,
soak us. .

Just how unfair
That there would always be things
That can  t o u c h  us,
K i l l   us. .
But we can't.
Jun 2016 · 343
1.) Describe life:
Life is made out of
T r i a l   and   e r r o r .
And you always do have a say on
What to try.
Jun 2016 · 317
Vampire (haiku)
Your fangs are too sweet,
I might be an accomplice.
Who's our next victim?
May 2016 · 326
D e e p e r
I'm the same crumpled being,
In the midst of a river.
Floating beneath the midnight skies,
Under the shade of the moon,
I closed my eyes.
Letting myself sink
*D   e   e   p   e   r .
May 2016 · 735
Who's the MAZE VICTIM?
It's a   m  a  z  e   we're solving.
I've always seen the way out.
But let's just say, I ignored it
To play this game with you,
To spend time knowing (you),
How strategic you can be.
But I end up losing time. . .
Time, I should have spent
O u t s i d e  this crazy box.
And somehow, I've been imagining
Seeing the ends of your eyes
Always looking at me.
Hmm, might be wrong with that evil smirk!
This is a   l e t t e r   I'm shooting to the sky
In jet planes, clouds as ink.
So. . Look up! :

"  I     J U S T   G O T    O U T . "

*PS. I'm wondering till now, if you've also seen the exit all this time. . XO
May 2016 · 609
S p a c e
I wanna go to
O u t e r    s p a c e ,
And hold every planet's
S u r f a c e .

I wanna lie afloat the
U n i v e r s e ,
And slide my way through the
B l a c k  h o l e .

If   g r a v i t y  hits space,
Would I even hit "a" ground?
What would fall from the highest point above??

A blinding imagery,
Of what's beyond that sky. .
Now, is it all just a lie?

*Humanity will end,
Without even coming near,
The truth that is hidden
In our darkest fears.
May 2016 · 367
Mind Escape
It's been too long
since I   p l a n n e d     
**e s c a p e.
It sometimes scares me, that our mind is the only thing we can't escape. Even planning it, involves it. Always caught red-handed.
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Her eyes sent asteroids falling,
Like gravity possessed space.
Lines from my old poem "Planet-Jumper"
Apr 2016 · 572
" So they say that time,
Takes away the pain,
But I'm still the same."
From a song by One Ok Rock
Apr 2016 · 410
You'll stay in my heart
But maybe, not in my life. .
Apr 2016 · 347
I knew,
From the 1st time I saw you,
That I will lose everything,

and none of it will matter. . .
Apr 2016 · 631
~ ♡ ~
How I hope,
It never gets old.
The   l  ♡  v  e   inside,
That's never been told.
Apr 2016 · 859
How to forget (5w)
While unknowingly
Leaving it.
Apr 2016 · 416
G a p
Ran out of ways,
T o    f i l l    t h e   g  a  p .
Now you're  trapped.
Would you jump?*
Or, wait till
Steps can pass?
Mar 2016 · 544
T  r  u  e       l  o  v  e  
Could subsist,
Without a hug,
Without a kiss,
Just two hearts that co-exist.
Mar 2016 · 461
Alone, all along
Maybe, all this time
I was feeling this,
A l l    a l o n e .
. . .
This is not a poem,
But what I feel,
A l l    a l o n g .
Mar 2016 · 390
One day I was seating,
Looking at the sky.
Oh, how it felt like
I got that realization,
That my life could end
In an   i n s t a n t   today.

And  H E R E   I    A M,
With my unfinished businesses.
Wondering if life always end
In the middle of thinking:

" What could've been my life, if I chose this. . . "

. . .brought tears to my eyes,

I am free. But,
I feel utterly **helpless.
Or am I really just lazy?
Mar 2016 · 374
Nobody's Fall-t
You cannot stop yourself from,

Until you hit the
**G R O U N D.
Mar 2016 · 762
Bye Now
F e e l i n g s
All that
M a t t e r,
I should've done many things,
B y   n o w.
Mar 2016 · 446
To be someone,
who's loyal by heart,
when I say:

". . . it's through"

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