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He unsheathed his sword
And you retreat,
. . Stepping backward . .
Tears fell from his cheeks
As he surrendered,

*"Your doubt, it hurts."
1.2k · May 2017
Let's call it a "DAY"
Is an ordinary
24-hr ticking clock.

The only thing
That made it different
Was when I started
To look forward
Knowing you.

But after knowing you,

Is an ordinary
24-hr ticking clock.

Late post from Jan 2016
1.1k · Apr 2016
Her eyes sent asteroids falling,
Like gravity possessed space.
Lines from my old poem "Planet-Jumper"
989 · Mar 2016
Hm hm hm (10w)
You are an old song
I'm still trying to remember.
983 · Feb 2016
Metaphorical World Of Pizza
The world is like a pizza.
Circle w/ a crust.
Pepperoni rocks, tomato water
Leaves of pepper greens
Some pineapple trees
And land of cheese!
The core of pizza saver,
Mountains of Olives!

The rain of saliva's
Coming in!
And some tornado stomach
Striking free!

Please deliver the world to me!
The brochures, it's making me hungry!
When other's already got
A slice of it.
While some,
Are now tired of it.
859 · Apr 2016
How to forget (5w)
While unknowingly
Leaving it.
840 · Mar 2016
S(t)aying Goodbye
For all the things
I try to say,

Why do "goodbyes"
Always slay?

Cause not even once,
Did you insist,
To stay.

I said a word,
With pure,
762 · Mar 2016
Bye Now
F e e l i n g s
All that
M a t t e r,
I should've done many things,
B y   n o w.
735 · May 2016
Who's the MAZE VICTIM?
It's a   m  a  z  e   we're solving.
I've always seen the way out.
But let's just say, I ignored it
To play this game with you,
To spend time knowing (you),
How strategic you can be.
But I end up losing time. . .
Time, I should have spent
O u t s i d e  this crazy box.
And somehow, I've been imagining
Seeing the ends of your eyes
Always looking at me.
Hmm, might be wrong with that evil smirk!
This is a   l e t t e r   I'm shooting to the sky
In jet planes, clouds as ink.
So. . Look up! :

"  I     J U S T   G O T    O U T . "

*PS. I'm wondering till now, if you've also seen the exit all this time. . XO
695 · Jul 2016
Unrequited Poetry
Because my poems led you to a
D i s b e l i e f ,
When it meant to bring you
*C l o s e r   t o   m e .
668 · Mar 2016
Unfounded (10w)
I actually don't know,
If what I feel is* **valid.
631 · Apr 2016
~ ♡ ~
How I hope,
It never gets old.
The   l  ♡  v  e   inside,
That's never been told.
629 · Jan 2017
I said:

          Love is without  e g o  . .
   but it comes with  s e l f   r e s p e c t.

And so, I said it.  
Just to defend my ego. .
We are but the same,
So do not weep
Even a single tear,
Or a single sigh
We'll just call it  " q u i t s "

This is not love, indeed.
618 · Feb 2016
My Grandma is Spide-y!
She is spide-y
Grandma's just hiding!
I saw her making web
Criss cross, made a blanket!
But her reflexes,
Hmm, just too confusing.
Fell on the ground,
Never standing.

"  Oh! Grandma, tell me you're spidey!  "
617 · Mar 2016
With Me
Every tick,
my clock drips,
my eyes leak,
with heavy lids.

Yes, I was sick. . .
and they left me,
when I was weak.

The friends I thought,
were for real,
only spend time for chills.

I'm not cool,
but never a fool.
I just want this life's
better piece.

To give me someone
who never kills,
a heart so frail, as me.

A man,
a lifetime friend.
My missing puzzle piece.
That everlasting kiss!

Who could promise:
"  *In sickness and in health with me

But in all of these,
I know, 
God is with me.

" Always giving . . .    
. . . always watching, "

**Making a better backstory.
To my HP friend Arianna Joseph :)
This is her story.
609 · May 2016
S p a c e
I wanna go to
O u t e r    s p a c e ,
And hold every planet's
S u r f a c e .

I wanna lie afloat the
U n i v e r s e ,
And slide my way through the
B l a c k  h o l e .

If   g r a v i t y  hits space,
Would I even hit "a" ground?
What would fall from the highest point above??

A blinding imagery,
Of what's beyond that sky. .
Now, is it all just a lie?

*Humanity will end,
Without even coming near,
The truth that is hidden
In our darkest fears.
589 · Jun 2016
No one could ever touch
the  s u n  's  surface.
No one could ever embrace
the whispers of the  w i n d ,
& the depth of the s e a s.

But they could . . .

The sun even from a faraway,
sheds rays of light,
The wind that tingles our skin
in a cold night,
And water that drowns us,
from head to toe,
soak us. .

Just how unfair
That there would always be things
That can  t o u c h  us,
K i l l   us. .
But we can't.
588 · Mar 2016
Confident - ial (10w)
You've degraded
My meaning of love,
To something,
  S E L F   C O N F I D E N T I A L
*. . .
One line
573 · Apr 2016
" So they say that time,
Takes away the pain,
But I'm still the same."
From a song by One Ok Rock
544 · Mar 2016
T  r  u  e       l  o  v  e  
Could subsist,
Without a hug,
Without a kiss,
Just two hearts that co-exist.
534 · Mar 2016
I lose that side of me
Because life has its way,
Of making us forget,
How special was

And later
We shall regret
The mess we've made
And that's when
We'll look back.

.A mere flashback.
And that's the most painful thing.
500 · Jan 2016
Hai na ku
Just realized that
I'm truly not capable
Of falling in love

Because if I am
You should clearly know by now
After I said so

But look, I left you
Coz one day I just woke up
Saying, "whatever".
486 · Dec 2016
Once You Found me
I'll give you the letters
For all the seasons
Not spent together
Coz my heart found you
Long, long ago
When I started to beleive
That soulmates exist.
Mar 13 2016
481 · Dec 2016
C l o u d e d
'Coz everyday
I die another day,
With moments
*C  l  o  u  d  i  n  g     b  y .
475 · Feb 2016
I lost my heart.
Somewhere in between,
Measely word games you play.

But you do not know,

How I also twist my words,
Just to portray,

That every talk is just
A commemoration of an
**April Fools Day!
Im quite skilled in word games u know
475 · Mar 2016
Come & Go
Im just waiting . . .
For the right person to come.
To prove to me,
That you're really,
*Not the one.
470 · Feb 2016
Social Hierar-Kill

The cloud's been crying,
          Like some tuna fish dying.
Field's been flooded,
          Like a superstar in market.
Ground's been shaking,
          Like someone icy chilling.
Wind's blowing,
          Like a laborer snorring!

They are dying in hunger and poverty,
And you were like,

       *" It's the ******* social hierarchy! "

And everyone's just looking
Like it's ******* nothing!?

      "Come to me nature!
                              While I do the killing?

Are you kidding me?
Is this a drama I'm watching?
Is the *madame villain
Oh, Cmon! What a film-producing!
461 · Mar 2016
Alone, all along
Maybe, all this time
I was feeling this,
A l l    a l o n e .
. . .
This is not a poem,
But what I feel,
A l l    a l o n g .
460 · Mar 2016
I was standing,
Feet landed on different planets.
But slowly, they've been drifting.

Apart, they are going.

And so I was left,
With one decision to make.

Is it to jump?
Or to choose what to take?

My eyes sent asteroids falling
Like gravity possessed space
Then, I decided to jump
But your jupiter rings

Saved me.

Eventhough you know,
In your planet,
I cant survive freely.

You saved me!

But you took me back
To planet Earth.

*And it hurts me.
456 · Feb 2016
I started to save
Too many  drafts
Too many* crafts
Left unpublished,
While my heart's
At **painstake cramps.
448 · Jan 2016
Disguised Poets (haiku)
Sometimes, Freedom is
Our words, this piece. Unknown to
Your dear beloved.

To kindle thy hearts
Of carbon souls, who loves but
Chose to be hidden.

Cause slicing thy hearts
We know, the angst of losing
What little we have.

Hoping, that feelings
Befall, we remain numb as
We pen our hearts out.
448 · Mar 2016
To be someone,
who's loyal by heart,
when I say:

". . . it's through"

439 · Jul 2016
Moving on is when
You started losing a debate
Against your
L o g i c a l    s e l f .
But still receiving
A prize called*
" L  I  F E "
. . .
Life from the "healing of ones ILL-logical self"
When the clock turns 12
I'll end this fairy tale then
Run with both shoes on.
I headed on the wrong ball. It's not even a prince or a man I met.
Lemme go to the 1st page again.
417 · Apr 2016
G a p
Ran out of ways,
T o    f i l l    t h e   g  a  p .
Now you're  trapped.
Would you jump?*
Or, wait till
Steps can pass?
410 · Apr 2016
You'll stay in my heart
But maybe, not in my life. .
394 · Jul 2017
Just Had a Dream
It sent water
Gushing down
My  c h e e k s
Lacks integrity:
A loved one
Being kidnapped. .
Taken away in an
E n v e l o p e,
And I can't remember how
I am crying
Over a paper.
Yeah, my love one was kidnapped in my dream. And I cant understand how a love one could be a paper I'm crying all over for. A human paper? -_-

This drean is from a minute ago
390 · Mar 2016
One day I was seating,
Looking at the sky.
Oh, how it felt like
I got that realization,
That my life could end
In an   i n s t a n t   today.

And  H E R E   I    A M,
With my unfinished businesses.
Wondering if life always end
In the middle of thinking:

" What could've been my life, if I chose this. . . "

. . .brought tears to my eyes,

I am free. But,
I feel utterly **helpless.
Or am I really just lazy?
383 · Feb 2016
Pedestrian: Im still ALIVE
I cried,
When I realized
This could be love,

Too unfounded.

Now, I believe
That love is
Like crossing a street
With confidence,
A face steadfast.


There's a sudden feeling
Of almost getting hit
By a speeding car.
And it happens
Every second.

From there,

You felt like,
Never crossing
The line again.

But still,

To reach the other side,
You remain there
Hoping you can move on.

And as,

Courage strike
You take a step
Secretly hoping
To get hit head on.
And now, FOR SURE.


No matter how much
Time you take,
All you see
Is a car
Waiting before
Pedestrian lane.

"Go out, please. Go get me. ."


beep! *beep! *beep!

You run ahead
Looking at that car
Who just speed ahead.

You overthink,
If he wants you safe
Just playing safe.
So you cross
Again and again
Because I see no reason

And it has become my poison.
             .        .        .­       .  Lost in motion

I killed myself by treason

Maybe it's not yet my season.
*Someday, i'll make a reverse rendition.
380 · Mar 2016
The moment I stop guessing
Is the time I ended *caring.
374 · Mar 2016
Nobody's Fall-t
You cannot stop yourself from,

Until you hit the
**G R O U N D.
370 · Jul 2017
A Leaf's Time

of the grea-
test wonders,
You will ever see,
Is a leaf falling while*
L o o k i ng  so  a l i v e,
W h e r e  the  o n l y
re a s o n they
d i e on that
I s

Dumping poems #latepost1
369 · May 2016
Mind Escape
It's been too long
since I   p l a n n e d     
**e s c a p e.
It sometimes scares me, that our mind is the only thing we can't escape. Even planning it, involves it. Always caught red-handed.
368 · Jun 2017
L i v i n  g   i s  
K e e p i n g   y o u r s e l f
I n  t e  r e  s t  e d .
356 · Aug 2017
Special Exclusion
I told myself:

" I need to make this man a poem. "

So here I am, reminiscing an ordinary day. . .

I was one of those,
Who do not care:
University political parties, campaigns
And all the blabbers they make
Scripted promises turned
Public speaking competitions,
And yeah, i t   i s   h e l l !
But that day I heard a voice so deep,
E  c  h  o  i  n g   in space,
pounding through my brain. .
One of the clearest voices
I've ever heard, there he is
Standing for campaign.
And my wrong, he's full of vision
and selfless cause, giving my belief
a  s p e c  i al   e x cl u si o n.

A year has passed, with ordinary days
Lurking by. .

He transferred in our block,
From there I thought:

" I would want to know
              this person more. ."

There was no love, I'm sure.
But there is a jolt of mystery
On his face I'd die to solve.
I exerted  n o   e f f o r t,
but my curiosity is pulling strings,
I got to know him better.

One of the most well-rounded person
I've ever known,
Oozing with confidence
In everything he do.
His  ph il o so p h i e s
deserves a trophy too!
He is someone that
I would want to be
If I were a man, that I am sure!

We competed in a class debate, I won.
And there I thought,
That my achievement is worth
a  no b e l   p r i c e
worth the sought.

There is no love, but there is
f or e v e r    ad m i ra t i on.
To the voice which is not
just a perfect tone,
But has the best echo that deserves
a   w o r l d   c a l l .

There is consistency,
There is substance. .
The only thing I hope for is
May his beliefs not eat him
Coz too much meaning,
Brings sadness on his face.
A face which looks like
He discovered a problem
O u t   o f    w a y s,
Like cancer on its very last stage.
His wits are too powerful,
I see it killing his happiness.

So I wish him the same things I wish for myself:

To think less of what others deem
as   n o n s e n s e .
This is an unpolished poem, Ill get back to this when I have more time.

This is dedicated to a not so close friend.
Who I'm speechless for. This poem is not in anyway romantic, .

He actually won the stud council elections in our college as the VP.
350 · Jan 2016
Heart Recovery (haiku)
I shall pick my heart
From the ground and leave the blood
Spilt out from its fall.
347 · Sep 2016
You are in love when
You write conversation scripts
In your phone's memo.

But then, that moment
N e v e r    h a p p e n e d .
A single antipcipated question
Was never asked. .

And it turns out
That nothing works
According to your plans.

You ended up,
Embarassing yourself.
Then you write again
But now, a defensive script.

And it turns out,
You are just making a big deal
Out of things.

You are in love,
When nothing works according to your plans. .
Coz its always your plan
To show the best side of you
And you realized there is
N  o  n  e .

So you fall into depression.
Thinking you are never enough

Love is not suppose to make you feel
  **L  E  S  S
347 · Apr 2016
I knew,
From the 1st time I saw you,
That I will lose everything,

and none of it will matter. . .
346 · Mar 2016
There are things
I cannot admit to myself,
Lines I couldn't spell.
How far would this go,
I never know.

My heart is*  constricted,
**I      AM    C H O K E D.
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