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 Feb 2018 Eternal Threshold
I find you in every word
Every promise made
In every story I've heard

You, the light of every shade
Were born from my dream
From love undefined
From visions ever blurred

You're the moment's Infinite
The eternally unwritten
The meaning in absurd

You're the poem I couldn't read
A symphony of a heart
That still remains unheard

& is there love
More touching
Than the one
That's never found?

Is there music
More beautiful
Than silence
Behind the sound?

Inspired by a poem my friend wrote, it contains certain references & ideas from the original write, & a lot of meaning drawn from it.
I glanced into his eyes from across the table.

I used to drown in their ocean,
Diving deep below the surface,
Allowing the current of his gaze to drag
My heart along with the tides.
I used to see a haze of desire
As he etched my face into memory.
I used to hold my breath as he blinked,
Instead of gasping for air
In the flicker of a moment between drowning
And lusting in love.

But now,
I see a tired gaze.
Worn from reading the lines of our history,
Sore from the dust that once settled on the pages
But now dances in the air between us.
Now there is exhaustion,
For you have learned so much yet nothing at all.
Now, I breathe easy as I've learned to swim against the tides of you,
And I am not sorry.
I came home one night,
Expecting my family at the table,
Instead, I was given a fright,
With no warnings on the label,

My mother was there,
Lying on the floor,
Blood soaking her hair,
I could not bear the gore,

I knew not what to do,
So I called 9-1-1,
But in came a man,
Carrying a small gun,

I ran out the door,
From which I had come in,
Sprinting across the yard,
Hiding behind the garbage bin,

I prayed he could not see,
Which direction I went,
For I was defenseless,
My energy spent,

But soon I could hear,
Sirens in the distance,
The man was near,
Yelling in this instance,

I peaked out behind,
Seeing him leave,
His car pulling away,
Now I could breath,

The police had arrived,
Only to find,
My mother was not breathing,
and I began to cry
Dito tayo sa istorya
Na ako ang may akda
Kung saan tayong dalawa
Oo, tayong dalawa
Tayong dalawa ang bida

Dito tayo kung saan tahimik
Na ngiti mo lang ang dinig
Dito tayo sa aking panaginip
Kung saan ikaw ay akin
Kung saan ikaw ay akin
Gumising ka....

Inspired by autotelic's gising
Trying hard sa tagalog poetry
 Nov 2017 Eternal Threshold
Strange place, strange ways, each stay away!
Then why are there two roads to take?

The maps and paths, and followed tracks.
And Google, Waze, we trust their facts.
Turn left, turn right we let it steer.
To miss a turn, we start to fear.

Across to tolls, collect control.
Like little soldiers, do as told.
Planned flights and crowds, comfort in traps.
Are we confined in our skin wraps?

Some lost, pretend to just be found.
Some found, act lost, pretty profound.
To take that step, the unprotected.
To turn towards, the unexpected.
A wasteful plan, we must forget it.
Insane repeat, and do we test it?

Misdirection, to find us love.
Misdirection, to find us trends.
Misdirection, finds ideas.
Misdirection, to find us friends.
Misdirection to free in stress.
Misdirection leaves no regrets.

Let one misdirection find you.
Let one misdirection guide you.
Let one misdirection define
And be the reason, you are you.
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