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May 2020 · 54
Intuitive Heart
O'Reily May 2020
Down to the last part of the ribbon,
Its type life about to end,
No more can it take the pounding of the steely bite lead,
That tic tac sound onto paper,
Recording each letter of thought!

Thoughts travelling along each line ringing and swinging out a layout letter, better still to turn a leaf on to another paper.
Following a story, a pilgramige of literature pursued by the readers eyes.

It's how it begins and then wondering how it ends?
Plans are a foot!
Its long ardious lovely feel deep in thought and when to signal its drama!
I prefer poetry in motion!
It can be over soon enough!
Once you have that mojo;
A title heading with a logo,
Various descriptions of words that whistle in the wind,
Hearing its whispering voice,
Echoing into your ears in a spiritual language, instructing your mind eyes to layout whatever comes enriching from your mind!

Dont stop!
Write it down what ever it is,
It is so inquisitive like a new pen,
That will tell you when it's at an end.

My instructional manual from my blessed intuitive heart. Content conspire when needs be, then solely to retire frequently to better still, inspire me on.
Apr 2020 · 162
Immediate Power
O'Reily Apr 2020
The Power And Sincerity Of This Energy, Beholds Your Soul
Forever In Eternity.

From The Beat Of Your Heart To Power The Mind,
You Will Feel And Have,

Immediate Power.

Apr 2020 · 58
Never Too Late
O'Reily Apr 2020
Age is just a number,
It's riddled on the skin,
It's never too late to wonder,
So then let yourself begin.

It's the fire from your belly,
Ignited from deep within,
So tying up all loose strings,
So saddled up to then say.

It's Never Too Late to let be known,
Perfected stage and out bring,
From this mantle to your home,
Led on a shoestring to each,
S T E P P I N G  S  T  O  N  E   of belief.

Feel the power and sincerity of this energy, behold thy soul for ever in eternity.
Jan 2020 · 29
A Quick Absorbent
O'Reily Jan 2020
Man chip woodens her chick lip,
Her hair brushed through with his finger tip,
So deep, so wow he pushes in,
Forceful loud considering.
Succumb by tounge each body sweats,
Hands wet, she's considerate,
No more can she stand.
She sits, she kneels to every command,
She holds on to some more,
He breaks, she holds, he soars,
Gently he pierces her very cores.
His goals, he sinks in and they swim,
And in glue they figure in.

Dec 2019 · 134
O'Reily Dec 2019
O'Christmas O'Christmas bring Christmas to all of us,
O'Santa O'Santa deliver the gifts of love,
O'Choir, O'Choir sing out like the angels,
O'Churches O'Churches ring out all those golden bells.

It's that time of the year to stop work now,
It's the Christmas holiday.
When each city, town turns it's lights on,
And to decorate the Christmas tree,
As we praise to our Lord God Jesus,
For the love of our family.

O'Christmas O'Christmas bring Christmas to all of us,
O'Santa O'Santa deliver the gifts of love.
O'Choir O'Choir sing out like the angels,
O'Churches O'Churches ring out all those goldem bells.

When the infants look out for Santa,
But he comes when their asleep,
And the children from the middle east now,
They dont want war they just want peace,
Can we reach out for one another,
To give to those old, disabled and the need.

O' Christmas O'Christmas bring Christmas to all of us,
O' Santa O'Santa deliver the gifts of love,
O' Choir O'Choir sing out like the angels,
O'Churches O'Churches ring out all those golden bells.
Ding **** Ding ****.

Merry Christmas everyone at hello poetry! Iam a poet and i do moet.
O'Reily Dec 2019
I am a prisoner,
Locked up within these four walls.
I can't escape now,
All on my own waiting for the fall.
I do, I do, I do write....

Darling dont go because I want you,
I can explain why cause I need to be,
To be with you....

Time is of a mystery,
Decries an obligutary pleading to a longevity in life of who, where and what may become of it!
Some are lucky,
Some are not be known!
It's not what you know,
It's who you know,
That influence of your wellbeing giving you structure and belief,
Not costing you a pretty penny or to become a thief!
In this moment in time,
Reflection takes an art form of imagination but no takers just,
That life of procrastination!
The people you meet upon that humble street,
Either extra's or destiny spectre's,
Nine times out of ten nothing changes that co-exists and arranges pain!
Or that one in a million that follows that path where dreams are made of!

Three more lines of frustration, that dither and delay obliterates and forgotten, That life of procrastination.

O'Reily 24112019
Mar 2019 · 160
Still Waters Run Deep
O'Reily Mar 2019
Still Waters Run deep,
They never move.
I just want to tap into that pool,
And I just want to say,
How do you feel today?

So I can walk away,
From this whirl.
And wash away unhappiness too.
So how do you feel today?
I fail to see,
As now to adjourn.

A correction of the heart,
From these words to full stops.
In spirit we can sit here,
Just let the clouds drop all my tears.

Still Waters Run deep,
They never move.
Some how I just can't sleep,
And how do you feel today?
It's all I can say,
Still waters run deep.

A correction of the heart,
May it slowly play it's part.
In spirit we sit here,
Just let the clouds ,
Drop our tears.

So many years,
So many tears,
So many fears,
I will always be that whisper in your ears.

Still Waters Run deep,
They never move.
I just want to jump in that pool.
And I would like to say,
Like how do you feel today?
Still rivers run deep,
Forever come what May!

So here me out,
All feels calm and still,
If you are pleased for us to keep,
Still Waters Run deep.

Dec 2015 · 465
Run Of The Mill
O'Reily Dec 2015
Love lies test from a human face,
Hope it stretches its smiles,
Hold on to your ink fable,
Draw lines out and it scars!

Never new just knew it would fade,
Sewn ip and shown jumper,
Washed beneath and so men shone,
Mention all in time!

So what becomes of this bold fate,
Never standing still,
Comprehends and Im so late,
Isolate this run of the mill.

Circular motion intuition exploding,
Caller of faith in2minds it frustrates,
Beggar a bowl of no sun,
Somewhere waits, somewhere hates,
It seeks a plea of redemption!
Low and behold its devil cake eats,
Slicing its part, peeling off its art, pour
Wetting and never forgetting this,  this   run of the mill.

Nov 2015 · 876
Lyricist Ape
O'Reily Nov 2015
Been gone a while,
Some what soul shy,
Can't figure it out why,
Ages since a lyricist ape!

Slant drive guilt and hide,
Manoeuvring away wild n dry,
A broken connection a lost desire,
Taken solace of a lyricist ape!

Lyricist Ape wake and shake,
No lines covered from a rattle snake,
Slither dose of harden matters,
Taken to a desert polish,
Boniek drew on and went ape!

Never judge a book by its cover,
Don't just look at the pictures,
Always read the words!
He may look fantastic on the outside,
But a rotten egg on the inside with him humming that tune 'One night only!'

Dance yourself dizzy,
Drink yourself fizzy,
Go get them girls,
Get them to buy you drinks,
Put them on a promise and then disappear into the ladies room,
Leaving him along the lines of a lyricist ape!

Home James Home going home empty handed a wash,
Still waiting for destiny to strike him down,
Going off the peripheral scale here!
Ape a Lyricist Ape.

Jul 2015 · 3.1k
Tabloid Mess
O'Reily Jul 2015
Drastic words taken from a manic world,
Have you heard that what they print is labelled on you.
Its over now,
As the sun begins to rise,
Tomorrows world,
Always forgets the man that dies.

Reality later,
Reality later,
Fiction from the truth printed there.
Reality later,
Reality later,
Editorial journalists they don't care cause the paper sells...

Tabloid Mess!

Celebrity taker,
Paparazzi will follow you everywhere,
So you want to be in the paper?
Fame and fortune has its price that will tear.
Sold out now,
This world exclusive news,
Read all about it now,
Aliens land on chrismas eve!

Reality later,
Reality later,
Fiction from the truth printed there,
Reality later,
Reality later,
Editorial journalists they dont care cause the paper sells...

Tabloid Mess!

They deserve it now,
All of those printed lies,
War of words,
From the media moguls!

Reality later,
Reality later,
Fiction from the truth printed there.
Reality later,
Reality later,
Editorial journalists they dont care cause the paper sells...

Tabloid Mess!

Reality later,
Reality later,
Fiction from the truth printed there.
Reality later,
Reality later,
Its all a bit of a joke laugh the press so swindled in you.

Tabloid Mess!

Jan 2015 · 3.2k
O'Reily Jan 2015
I feel your love from a million miles out,
I hear your voice whisper in my soul.
You sing my song from a million miles out,
I hear your voice tone sings it all.

So sincere.... Where are you?
So sincere I see you.

I look in your eyes for the answer,
I took to the skies for the answer.

Utopia I can see your,
Utopia with pictures of your paradise.
Utopia your really up there,
Utopia such a real happy place.

There is no smoke without a fire,
There is no match to strike a light,
Well its a feeling like no other,
Packed with all its dynamite.

So sincere... Where are you?
So sincere I see you.

I look in your eyes for the answer,
I can see in your smile you have the answer....

Utopia I can see your,
Utopia with pictures of your paradise.
Utopia your really up there,
Utopia such a real happy place.

Tune assuming luck!

Jan 2015 · 688
Where Ever On Earth
O'Reily Jan 2015
That fountain of goodwill,
The Lan's last hooray,
Its whisper from its lips,
Where a steely bench sits.

A square of space to its centre,
Stone faced well of good fortune and remember Of heritage, hope of crowds to be as people walk by,
You watch and smile,
some notable but more of who them, than am I?

The bell of the clock from its steeple tower of grace and almighty plays us out churches,  
One hour daily ding **** to what has been till now somewhat silently gone as quick,
you have to catch it or its to quit.

A job it was once here,
A job of selling television, radio, stereo and a couple of light blue sensors!
A shop of not for me than to act out a part brain dead with a badge upon your shirt neck gone to your head!
The importance of customer service but sacked for no badge of a degree in wearing a staff beret!
Where buckle pickle proprietor with no discrepancy,
When that penny must be aired and wherever found.
It was handy knowing that especially on the brink of collapse as now it professes to be a shop of footwear convenience.

To remember back the old man carrying his wooden baton banner high reading the end of the world is nigh!
Years have blossomed upon this earth that be your witness the laugh of seeing something so strange from a boy to a man but in thinking that again.

This entrance sit to the vibrant noise of the market indoor just behind thee,
warm cosy and very principle.
Fruit and veg first on the shelf,
To a double glazier seller handed out his job leaf selling gilt,
Left or right a wall splits apart to mark a labyrinth of stalls and what's next in store.

Walk on by on that day,
Coffee on the terraces and all that hear say,
Mushy peas and ******* was the order of the day then we meet up on a middle square with a fountain of people jolly resting or been vaguely aware,

Outside it feels so cold wind sheets flapping the wind of noise of the sacred sight of the outdoor market,
Paintings of art or prints and figurines on table boards all going for a song or a shaky tambourine,
The selling shouts of two for a pound,
The second shout louder than the first
all in one big bustle of a flooded feature shopping dynamite experience.
Clothes to clone socks, bags and jewellery in front of all mason shops!
It rolls out the rugs and the magic carpets at the end on a bend of I must have that as you get what you pay for at the final gate spend.

All towel dried some pick 'n' mix,
Aisles too many and very wide,
Large Poster girl and Poster boy,
Especially for you then Troy,
That pop song ringing up the tills of records you can pick, sleeve and buy,
Those were the good old days running through the park to watch cricket and play pitch right up until dark!
Where statue of legends who once lived here
In Grace of its land and song for its country to which I pay homage and home.

Ghost Town shops boarded up and disarray,
Its wonky streets chimes of life abandoned on a precinct flattened now and gone away,
No calm of seagulls screech speech lifts its sodden place sky,
Is there no welcome here?
Kind of arms mystifying its chair,
For no more market shouts as the bubble has burst its very domain,
Its gone only with a silent pointy prayer.

Jan 2015 · 562
I Don't Think, They Like Me
O'Reily Jan 2015
Prolong the intro,
Secure its simple harness,
Inject a bit of colour,
Bring light out of its darkness,
Still I don't think, they like me.

Each morning is silent,
The wind no more less violent,
Acres of space that walk divines,
Walk on by it passes off time,
But still I don't think, they like me.

Afternoon bakes without purpose,
Standing in a queue street bustles,
Next please the black dressed ref whistles,
When something dozen align,
I don't think, they like me.

All that energy used up from a curVe nostril,
A smoke screen tunnel home a miracle,
I'm surplus to need in quarantine I just feel,
Another day lost with keys on the table,
Intuit style I don't think, they like me.

All these thoughts became an Ariel view,
So fresh from a melon the last picture of you,
Loves July and December,
The flower of summer, the snowdrops of winter,
They walk on by and still I don't think, they like me.

Nov 2014 · 682
O'Reily Nov 2014
Written shots come in all shapes and sizes,
Size matters like size six, eight or fourteen.
Fortune braver the first line alternates the second so on so forth.

What becomes sizeable?
What's your size?
Little antidotes from a measured eagle size flies,
Weighs it all up from a prolific mind blasted out its circumference,
Two lines make three so on so forth.

In size short or long corridors open left and write,
Rooms of poetic justice words escape its meaning of pride,
Trying to connect its versatility,
Weighing up all its options to a third eye so on to the forth.

High five thinking outside a sizeable box,
A perfect band meets five,
Your five a day fruit flavoured squashed for you,
Drinking your rainbow colours that your taste buds acquire,
For then be hit for six.

Six like **** curves figure dressed up in  silk hanged up with a second coat,
There's a cat amongst the pigeons,
A cricket high score,
A winner catches it all out from a wicket duck 0.
A severed chase far from Devon.

Sailing on the seven seas on a ocean boat ride reach so wide,
Beckoning on a horizon with the world looking so flat but at your feet,
Never reaching the edge just for evermore,
No deck of cards would collapse or fall from this fate.

My great mate who I now hate as late as it goes round and round in a figure of speech,
Rate this of the eight wonders of the world,
Paradise monuments globalisms tournaments under and over a bridge we go and we go.

Nine I'm not taking no for an answer, upside down to the left six had it all,
Too much size from those verses,
Saliva grown twitch es,
A centre forward scores a goal,
The last but not least single number,
Einstein a rocket launch..

For then ten let it be impeccable when circling around next to its dolby one den,
Fur marks of a Lion gathered round a pack of clubs five odd and five even,
Doubled up figure of been odd but really been even Steven or maybe roughed up down in Nuneaten nine mine.

Nov 2014 · 279
Any Verse Say
O'Reily Nov 2014
Happy forty six Birthday to me O'Reily!

Oct 2014 · 520
O'Reily Oct 2014
I'm what's better known as a versatile utility singer. I can sing backing, middle and up front too. I do a cracking JDB on particular songs and I say particular as the rest of his exquisite  collection of songs  goes into top gear and are very hard to drive in particular at fast top speed and with power of voice.

Bono to Boy George Keane to O'Reily its Do they know its christmas with Holly Johnson!
I was everywhere always on the move driving it on as long as I could start when I want to and finish when I want too!
I don't know if you recall when I was a little dut at all, I got up and sung Silent Night in primary school in front of the whole class like Aled Jones eating a quaver.

Even back then it became override peculiar like a sandwich in a cake!
On your own performing courage of a christmas carol only one verse long.
I loved the sound of school the playground was awesome and cool,
A place to hang out and carry out your hobbies of football until that horrid bell rang or latter due to modern technology of a whistle which became the brain wash sound form of musical statues and then quickly line.

It was somehow meant to be that I would become later in life a utility retired singer, driver and even a writer on the side, in good old O'Reily fashion of an own goal.
Side on face on come on! The roads are paved with gold or a cut throat final signature tune on a silent night over looking the horizon and into a bar going up and then down with each empty glass fortune.

Learn, work and school life as in no sooner along comes a wife, a chain reaction next to your comment hence a full stop.

O'Reily 27102014
Oct 2014 · 468
O'Reily Oct 2014
Other days draw to an end,
Another one opens A'Demain.
Solders talking the talk,
Tomorrow they walk the walk.

As one day closes,
And darkness falls

What a day! What a song!
Life in a day,
And then it goes on,
As the french would say,


Tomorrow hits another light,
Tomorrow waits for no man,
In a shang a lang,
Tomorrow becomes a'demain.

Morning dew wets its appetite,
Ship shape worms that snail awakes,
In glory days bigger and bright,
Birds fly on board their usual daily flight.

Whatever brings tomorrow,
A life to live, absorb and embrace,
As yesterday leaves us without a trace,
Only memories of this golden race.

A'Demain A'Demain as the french would say,
A'Demain A'Demain, tomorrow's another day,
Each day warning of tomorrow's global warming,
Climate changes but the world stays the same with different changes.

Tomorrow gets me older.
Oct 2014 · 931
Bossa nova
O'Reily Oct 2014
Bossa nova, Barcelona, Box and two weeks over,
Music to get hold of,
Newly weds to Right said Fred,
Calypso spot light sun beams down a twinkle baked shoulder to strike a pose.

Bossa nova, what's on, record it,
Promote It with some guile,
He She who stole it,
With limelight their staged arena owned it,
He She dished out the smiles,
They clapped as the show survives,
They danced to each others beat,
Bebop a lula its jive came unique.

Accapella, Bossa nova, Hosanna from the highest,
Bossa nova, a rock n roller, a ballad till midnight,
Encore if you got through the night in hindsight,
Stage Fright had this moment,
What is going on?
Bingo numbers,
Feathers a house!

Bossa nova it aint over till its over as for a starlight it may strike the board with a star face in the sun.

Now maybe, maybe not that's a Bossa nova!

Sep 2014 · 487
A Blustery Old Day
O'Reily Sep 2014
How can I forget thee?
How can I write?
Memories written on an iceberg,
Cool drink taken, shaken and not stirred.

How can this moment be here and then let gone why?
How sleep sweet surrender with no other visiting pilgrimage in sight,
How when never at this moment right here with me tonight!

Tear my heart out,
Pull on those strings,
No waving arm when she leaves and it fills,
No sunshine,
No border line that had been straight that ease that be line define difficult,
Mean swabs of a tongue undresses me,
Confessed me of how no more on a blustery old day.

Not to be revered but to be inspired,
Not to live as in bluster not to fly or forget at all,
but to inspire us all,
Earth O'hallows them and me to be or not to be?

Sep 2014 · 431
Closed Soul
O'Reily Sep 2014
What do I do when I'm feeling lonely?
What do I do when your not there?
What do I do when songs surround me?
Where is that reminiscing healing prayer?

Where is that light upon this table?
Where is that night that's gone tonight?
Where is that happiness? Not sure I can speak of it,
Were it perhaps I've been told..

I'm a closed soul!

Feeling oh so closed cause I am a closed soul,
Bearing a few trying not to forget,
I am a closed soul,
Surrender hands on a silver locket,
Feelings as all to shoulder the blame,

I am a closed soul.

King and clown so lost then found,
So in-between a gentle much,
So nice and clean avec no in-betweens could ever find that light warmth touch,
No jealous minds yeah but so and so,
Sparkle in my life agree oh no!

I am a closed soul.

Secrets out what with a scream and shout,
Finished off with a clout,
But a clout is what I deserve,
For not seeking happiness,
Only un doing more sadness,
Been riddled and asking forgiveness,

No more keeping on,
As ever a man at his mother's want,
Shadow dusts along a sooty coal,
Falling and dicing off a loaded wheelbarrow,
Sealed the vainly cracks around these darkened eyes skin pleasure I'm not surprised.

I am a closed soul,

Closed Soul.

Sep 2014 · 205
O'Reily Sep 2014
Speak words of peace and forever,
The language of this time.
In light of what we may remember.

Sep 2014 · 902
Tomorrows The Day
O'Reily Sep 2014
Tomorrows the day when it all begins,
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrows the day.

Tomorrows the day like my very first day,
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrows the day.

Tomorrows the day when my heart will sing,
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrows the day,

Tomorrows the day like they always say,
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrows the day.

Tomorrows the day like maybe change,
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrows the day.

Tomorrows the day like if I'm alive,
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrows the day.

Tomorrows the day when I go for a drive,
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrows the day.

Tomorrows the day put behind a wheel,
Tomorrow's the day,
Tomorrow's the day.

Tomorrows the day like yesterday's hier,
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrow's the day.

Tomorrows the day when we sleep, wake and cheer!
Tomorrows the day,
Tomorrows the day.

This time tomorrow I'll be saying it all over again.

Sep 2014 · 504
O'Reily Sep 2014
Why are all poets best remembered AD?
A Dead Poet Society?
A numerous?

Political talk no shine from a clock,
Witches past their poetic hour and knock,
No turn of the glass no stone left un turned,
Its mason house stored with an unpredictable mouse.

So tell me why our best poets are all ways remembered dead?
For a king and queen then bed,
Crown jewels a steeple tower read.
For long live the king and queen.
Said lurch from the munch kin fed.

Basically fallen through the mind full hands,
Teaches goodness my good friend stand,
Breath in your goodness from thy warmly hand, be deliver thy truth fullness beyond any command.

Speechless written creatures what's with me now,
Oceans deep be sea oceans waves high above the cloud line,
Blue clues can be lie so deep in this long everlasting numerous sleep.

Aug 2014 · 447
Louder In The Centre
O'Reily Aug 2014
Its Louder in the centre,
Enter my nucleus centre,
Blood soak soul with graffiti on its wall,
A wall of sound,
A beat so neat with some emptiness that quakers a note hard to speak.
Whether loud or clear it sometimes shows its neatness, its politeness silences its weakness like war is about to begin.

But louder in the centre come closer, Sense its bullet proof soul listening out for a linking which way road out where.
How dare these intrepid molecules of sound bite words blood flow soak and leak my outer shield,
If all things hidden surely they won't get far but mainly quietly written with out a doubt coming louder from the centre.

Oh but when's this circus to commence?
This circle of life drowned from each day without a change,
No need to sit and crumble no calls for sin.
But louder from the centre you will hear the echo's of its sitting begin.
Not leaving yet no faith from a patriot
A divided wall of large and small, good versus evil with some sort of escape from it all.

Louder from the centre words fog form from a vice versa,
Forming this epicentre a true understanding copied from whatever is on the agenda.
Small leaf's clover covers it all gathering its mud blood dust from this voluminous mess,
Louder in the centre.

Sweet eyes ride upon these lines,
Providing its goodness re energised its epicentre which comes from within to be
Louder in the centre.

Aug 2014 · 6.1k
Doctors Orders
O'Reily Aug 2014
Always a man to believe,
Always a man to dream a dream,
Always a man it seems and it seems Always a man he breaks out,
Takes his chance Always a man.

Always a man significant,
Always a man he's brave and decent,
Always a man who haves and havenots,
Favours his chances Always a man

Always a man who believe's that he can't,
Always a man a deep thinker then shalt,
Always a man in no shadow of doubt
Always a man pours out sensible,
Learns his rights Always a man.

Always a man a gambler he can,
Always a man lived life and he won,
Always a man risk, twist, stick craps up his tricks,
Always a man watches his mind all about,
A beat to his dance Always a man.

Always a man Sinatra he sang,
Always a man with a dodgy plan,
Always a man that's for sure,
Always a man short sharp ponders out,
In any circumstance Always a man.

Always a man peaceful and proud,
Always a man targets his pay,
Always a man working harder each day,
Always a man in with a shout,
To no shadow of a doubt Always a man.

Always a man he drinks lemonade,
Always a man look what he made,
Always a man with his masquerade,
Always a man with his dollar and bill
Send him on as Always a man,

Always a man not paid what to do,
Always a man to figure a fool,
Always a man safe safe and he saved
Always a man in an ocean of shout.
Sailing calms a human Always a man.

Always a man with a God given skill,
Always a man with a will and a will,
Always a man who leads a private suitcase,
Always a man with a bit of clout,
Then angel shy silence 'Always a man'

Doctors Orders.

O'Reily Aug 2014
Money can buy you the best proof taken amid all this rest!
Next taken is to experience et!
Dream about it,
Think about it,
Living it,
That's the problem spotting et...

When love takes its chance,
Football when football teams a family with
Kids and a dog,
Utopia raises its curtains,
God breaths a certain light on a table we had been risen,

Money can buy you the best,
Missile box sui generis,
Of its own kind,
Summa *** laude!
In all of its trenches,
Moolah lie deep and it stench es,
But dreams you may find et....

Cry me on silver,
Lime, dime and a sapphire glass river,
Streams a strengthen nugget gold,
Work hard, watch as it sieves, watch as it pours and watch as it gives,
Some where plays and draws you out a revealing point!

It Scratches a sale to a victory,
I like to see it,
Short cut luck no more staring into the abyss buck,
Seeing that face and still believing it,
Hard change knuckle of hours,
A super match set in sky mystery,
Finish off your money to be thy very best O'Reily mystery!

Messi Mason living life in some spiritual occasion,
Still breathing on average abundance of work smiles an ironed shirt and no creases as he plays,
Just don't stop till you've had enough!

Enough, Enough and Enough...

Dreams are shot but are never broken!
Aug 2014 · 270
In Creatures Us All
O'Reily Aug 2014
In creatures such as us all,
We learn to swim, crawl walk then we fall,
Sometimes it hurts sometimes at all.

When inches from your kiss, to touch your hand in case you might have missed,
Believe in what you have its oh so bliss.

In creatures as us all,
Thy proximity seems to be caving in like my city war torn road barriers us all,
The world at peace for here maintenent some eerie silence of leaders coming to town,

In creatures that plan for this, Thy Generals who make the call, who pray on peace or has it as God whose got them all.

Aug 2014 · 237
Press Place And Find
O'Reily Aug 2014
Tomorrow leaves keep floating on.
Pleasure with ease the wind keeps blowing them on,
On and on till thy kingdom come,
Thy Golden Brown to a solid sound, Where will they rest? When will they be found as compost to the ground.

Love lost the star in bar heaven he done,
Spirit behind all drank up in one,
One led to another you can do the sum,
A trail of which all drunk up and with no such fun,
Marching a front to everyone who can.

I live silent dreams in a palace so far that it seems,
Notoriety played a special scene into far I could dream,
Tremendous limitations breathing in light to complications,
So sweet did I just sleep.

Money talks bulls hit walks,
Craven has its ability to fly,
Never a hard days work thy will be done, that to put a sock in to it and to move on as one.
Where will they rest? Whenever shall it be done,
Sky less written only to press place and find...

Aug 2014 · 2.0k
I Am Me I'm Honesty
O'Reily Aug 2014
Didn't listen to a word they said,
Don't let it go to  your head,
No sweeter than a siamese cat,
A pillow soft to follow that.

I am me I am honesty,
I am me to be honest highly modest,

To dress you up not incorrect,
As I lead you on that subject txt,
No sense of cure no maintenance here,
No in betweens to acetate fewer.

I am me I'm honesty,
I am modest to be honest.

To the people on the street,
In all my work friends up all week,
And in glory you appear,
At night you disappear.

I am me I'm honesty.
I am modest to be honest,

In private times asking this big question,
Its easy to sell in one direction.
A give or take its hard to make,
Give me one more big suggestion.

I am me I'm honesty,
I am modest I do promise,

I am me I'm honesty,
I'm getting away from my O'Reily office.

Aug 2014 · 725
O'Reily Aug 2014
Inside the wilderness of the deep dark Landraw wood forest,
Its bread of heaven.
Trees as if I'm in the Amazon,
Firs covering thy right shenanigans,
Trees branched out separately given me a hidden view inside and out.
Their conifers begin thirty feet high,
Given an all ground hidden breathless beauty view with all shadow of a doubt.

Enchanted forest a wood pecker gives off an intermittent peck of the wood,
Slowly as music to my ears one bird whistles conveys the other birds to join in like whistle in the wind.
A loud motor travels up the dirt written track,
I duck like I'm on the run,
Privacy is my number one with solitude to write this one.

I can see bits of the huge impressive opposite valley through the labyrinth of the trees.
To my left it is much clearer but to my centre right it becomes all fudge hidden from distant trees.
Little gaps of not knowing where you are,
This is where the squirrels start to come down to play and nut.
That eerie silence now,
no wind with every thing standing still just as I had found it in principal.
The echo tweet is down to one,
Its like a waiting for darkness falls like he's the last bird standing keeping a safe eye on it all.

If heaven laid an altar my God then this is it!
Fern furnished with a ready made block of firewood,
Broken down trees ready for chopping wood,
That wood pecker starts again on a slant wonder of its peck,
The mossy dry ground provides comfort but only in season,
The oldest bark laid to rest with a cushion of moss provides a shelf sound for a trumpet
Scattered bits of holly and the ivy,
Small young trees protecting its arrival in a back drop,
Only the wood can show off its colours of unity.

I hear chit chat someone is coming!
In all sudden I'm on the run again...

In this wooden area of land I can lay on my front and back,
This really is a big relax would be spot,
With all its mother nature Landraw it has the lot!

I've just seen the smallest bird that I have ever seen,
It shows himself to me perched upon a branch.
I think he's telling me to leave with a constant nagging bad whistle.
I can see the head of a runner running by,
There's no way he's spotting me or so he should,
Free here in Landraw wood.

Jul 2014 · 703
Yes Or No?
O'Reily Jul 2014
Yes or No? What's it gonna be?
Beleaguered answered.
So what's it gonna be?? Yes or No?
Inside a be dazzling question.
An activity piranha snapping, flapping and oozing its spelling so dam daring its riddle per using up with indeed feeling.

Prisoner scope or a good look out?
Sweetness so high from a daring feet
But it left without a motive,
Sang from a tree top notice,
Smiled and softly spoken wild but no oak had been twisted or broken,
But Yes or No? If hath think so,
So down with that special forsooth!

Sun shaded the happy go lucky raided,
The bass faded.
Into a room so wonderful,
The eyes they confided,
The lips they collided,
Peter Stokes not neccerssary connected!
So Yes or No? Tell me Yes or No?
Speak out of it now slow,
Let tender nous grow,
In a world so far away stars appear and star fade to disappear,
But there en lies what to know,

Will it be Yes or No?

Choices! Choices sea sand of knowledge,
Yes or No? Its time counts its seconds and in just a sec....
Rolex or to make a wrist chain Switch? To a time back to there of not forgot,
Not too haste and not to which,
Bare in mind that freedom not until what not of the walls could crumble down direct or like dark grey clouds suffocating, squeezing from a life its very existence.

But Really Yes or No?

Jul 2014 · 388
Old Oak&Idylic Sweet
O'Reily Jul 2014
As I write underneath the midnight clock,
Its tick tock strongly held upon the old oak mantle piece block,
Sandwiched between a bed rock table with twig let sticks scattered beneath my feet,
Made from that old oak&idylic sweet.

My hand nervously shakes the feathered pen slow, beginning to peruse all control as a master piece endeavours,
A fine wine so lip tip fruity and measured,
Oh but that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth,
His whiskey breath hanging on to a ginger rusty nail,
Gingerly he walks away,
She's heartbroken by his imp articular silence just a groan from a Dibley clown male.

Now there's a fly in his soup and cut ten doorstep loaves that crumbs the suit.
A hue and cry,
Sanctioned and absconded a meteor rock has landed,
Rock ash plumes fuels the late night skies,
Away from paradise she weeps and then she cries,
From her small cabin seat lost above the clouds staring down at the abyss land full of creeps and clouded pillow puff vales that slowly passes her way,
She stares on her motionless flight heralds.

She touches down on a threnody reminisces Brecon coffee hardy,
To which it blew a tear to her eye.
No more her engine seizes it breakers off,
Her demeanour has her tight fist heartbroken heart shattered into pieces of glass,
Her love is filled only in a half glass,
Still full of Love just one too many bruises causing frustration beneath her calm posterity,
Only someone somewhere can see what she can see,
Under that old oak&idylic sweet.

Torn on apologies no affection but long term miseries,
No lessons in love from the free bird that flew so high,
Selfish caters only for him who can't leave the past behind,
Can't communicate his problem and not keeping for keeps but misses her lovely radiant smile and Eire she speaks,

Her laugh as an acorn falls from the old oak and it hits him as a reminder of what's to come in such winter deep,
Autumn golden brown leaves falling, blowing in the wind to rest only on a large vacuum left devoid ed and unheard ed for him to weep and sweep.

When the wind ruffles thy feathers and the birds they do tweet,
I'll promise to keep this poem for you under that old oak&idylic sweet.

Jul 2014 · 607
Bang On The Vingt
O'Reily Jul 2014
Bang on the vingt a round of liquor with a flavour of talent,
Submerged in an atmosphere with warm friends spirited by a Sunny Benidorm.

Sonny Jim, beach bar bikini slim,
Music from the seventies&eighties;,
Sun beaming a view of a rock horizon
wedged in a silver cloud lining,
Wide-screen panoramic source by a Kopparberg.
The cool tip of an ice berg,
Sun burst that if only time could stand so still,
That mixed fruit cider below a mountain glass of ice that could never melt a feud of alcohol sworn in to your mouth,
Echo voices a speed boat speeding around #by a coated bannana boat of dare makers predicting a riot,
Now I leave this and go with my mind dripping, resting, sitting here in Utopia Benidorm addressing peace and quiet.

I never thought but I always assume that a perfect moment in your life could be so memorable I think that goes with any special poem you write.
O'Reily Jul 2014
Money friends tie up all loose ends,
Disappeared no trace, no song,

Coastal strips calm sea hits,
Seagulls screech the sky.
Sun shade cliffs the landscape lifts, Mother I do love to be beside the seaside.

Interesting accusation haunted by the mirror on the wall,
So singled out for nothing but all because of something when rumour had it all,
The blinks blinking quicker,
The eyes roll cry me a river,
Nor can't keep still, gone lost forever.

An acrimonious fate slides in to deep,
California is far to far away for all us to seek.
In its language fallen from grace my accent shelved the night,
Talks about sequential topics that changes a different colour white.

Darkened was I,
As my eyes laid shut in all tranquil,
Resting in places,
In cases more often than not,

In Graves end thy shall meet,
Sleep in a tomb with just no body, no soul only bones skull to feet,
Lying there still, cold, dark till focus not shattered a bone leaf sleep and thy worship prayer done for that harvest feast.

Jul 2014 · 1.1k
O'Reily Jul 2014
Comfort is in what you've got,
take what comfort you've excelled a lot!

Stay close to me, so close to me,
Dance with me, then chance with me,
Sacred to my heart.
A meteor struck the very start,

If its difficult for you then please say no.

Take solace and let it grow, take light of all situation flows,

Stay close to me, so close to me,
Talk with me, so talk to me,
A second thunder of an attack.
As the lightning struck my very back.

If its difficult for you then please say no.

What's the story baby?
Where's that sun shone diagram?
For hours, a second lately,
Sleep then wake its just began.
Too many other stories,
Too many outcomes one
Has it for reeled me baby?,
sender out and comfort one.

Oh she says,
And she prays,
Oh she comes like the ocean,

Just are you in it for the long run?

Take comfort in what you got, its comfort is that what you for got.

Stay close with me if not with me,
A breath in and all its neatness,
Fiction or Fact,
The ending hasn't lacked.

If its difficult for you then please say no.

Jul 2014 · 369
A Life Little Less Ordinary
O'Reily Jul 2014
Life is relentless there's no more time to live,
One foot off the gas and no more time to give,
When you wake a little motivate it takes some time for me to operate,
I know what's coming I await patiently it waits

Strung along  I reappear back to the same spot where I ordinary belong,
Riding through the night,
Driving home before daylight,
Every street with a different score until I want no more.

Engine switches off the bodies tired relaxed to a tee,
Imagination wanders off,
Luck brings back a crete of creativity, like a mind in an ancient box,
It springs to life like a chip of the old block,
It ticks and it talks silently experiments those dictionary words that can express gain and loss.

A little cure to this fear its all I know,
It doesn't come near, quilt covers all and it shields,
I'm never coming out but neither can I sleep concious dreaming with a banging heartbeat.

So let me sleep in all this wilderness,
Let me feel the love of happiness,
I promise to keep the next day I repeat this more often than not with a life little less ordinary.

I'm still waiting for this change like all my life its how I behave,
True to the word of fate it hides its destiny seal and it frustrates.

As if that was all meant to be,
Nothing unusual just a life little less ordinary and a bit more of me.

Jul 2014 · 330
Like If I Do Not
O'Reily Jul 2014
Like if I do not have your sympathy,
Like if I sure know how to fall,
Like if this was all made out for me like a bit part symphony,
Like no where to shout and to call,
Just a simple evaluation,
Like Sunshine on the common
That brush that moved the heaven
Like more and more adore, so simply on line once more,
Like more and more like never before,
Like more and more what belies and what bestows.

How can this be the answer to our prayers?
How can this be so far away?
How many times, how many times have we crossed,
A future apart from me,
How not so long ago how the reel to real splits and it slows, it breaks it spin, stops to a halt,
Re wind the film again, memories swift and bound my friend,
Film flicker like a butterfly started with an amazing smile, to the eye as we kissed each others lips, caressed thy waiting body finger tips,
Like snow white is gleaming like if I do not know.

Like if I do not know it,
Like somewhere of the past,
Like perhaps they called me Daisy,
Like if I'm in a driven world that's fast,
Like if it is driving me crazy,
Like if in no other pearl,
Like a spirit of devotion,
Like I'm in a separate world.

Like if I don't have your sympathy,
Like if your waiting for the fall,
Like if this was made out from my own symphony,
Like if an orchestra played it at all,
Like know my wonder,
Just like a plain old simple evaluation, Like words to send whispers in scriptures rolled up of thunderous line pictures, described like no other verse at all.

Like strawberries,
Like honey bees,
Like garden pots,
Bits and bobs,
Its the story of my life,
Like no more sender of my fall.

Jun 2014 · 323
The Recipient
O'Reily Jun 2014
Mainly to you I speak un founded,
To take a glimpse, a staring eye not knowing how you felt or how you sounded as the recipient of this.

O'Reily 03062014
Jun 2014 · 298
Skip Stone
O'Reily Jun 2014
He threw his stone at the lake,  I watched his stone skip 5 times as it kept awake. From the twist of his hand to the magic he makes,
to a skip stone I could never repeat!

His hands like shovels I like the way he scribbles,
Self taught instructed by the heart exceptional he built his habitat,

O'Reily 03062014
Jun 2014 · 308
Paul Parish
O'Reily Jun 2014
Sale of heart,
Expiry date unknown.
Feels like a lost soul on a river boat,
Heading on with just some hope be known..

The glass kept moving on the ouiji board,
Spelling things of question shall be bought,
Faster its power,
Faster it tips over,
Faster it crashed,
Since the curse of Paul Parish!

Life has never been the same,
That building gone nothing remains,
The death of Paul had come on sudden,
A week after I saw him a friend had told me.

The glass kept moving fast on the ouigi board,
Spelling things of question that shall be bought,
Faster its power,
Faster it tips over,
Since it has smashed,
The curse of Paul Parish.

Squalid tips on the neighbour hood,
Truth it hurts all the days that had judgement adjourned,
Let fate take it and so it should, scratched in reputation on a no un certain path of life with all your best ambitions,

O'Reily 0306201
Jun 2014 · 1.7k
War Path
O'Reily Jun 2014
The calm before the storm,
Wake up and it's gone,
The right arm of the law,
It scrubs out what we ignore,

As one by one we fall,
As General's make their call,
Its never the twain,
As all it's never the same,

As time had stood so still,
On a war path for its ****.

She's on a war path,
Blitz cleans up those,
She's on a war path,
Her defining trumpet blows.

The War as if it's over,
She cleans up all distress,
The last post to the wake,
The cuddle toast of her handshake,

Time waits for no one,
No one he believed,
Just one more circumstance,
To Face the music and concede..

She's on a war path,
Blitz cleans up those,
She's on a war path,
Her defining trumpet blows,

She's on a war path,
She's on her war path,
You know her war path,
Please stop your war path!

War path, she's on a war path broom!

Jun 2014 · 537
Easily Read Easily Said
O'Reily Jun 2014
I wrote a poem two days ago! I meant to put it on here yesterday,
It was called 'easily read easily said'!
It was O'Reily a special moment for me and of the rhyme it took to be complete.. When you end in terms of a poem with rhythm, balance and in written cliché de par example; don't look back in anger,
To O'Reily when he wrote Easily Read Easily Said..

My name is Kevin Egan I'm a poet of do I know it?
But you can call me....       'O'Reily'!,                                                      ­A Pseudonym name, you said,  you read or maybe you pointed north, the other way like an order of the day to forget and carry on with your daily push.

I copy and paste... Hails Mary Grace,
I then, once finished proceeded to paper it on @here when suddenly, instantaneous not famous not loud but proud my poem disappeared,  My hesitant scream along with a crack on my screen it appeared with Order Order!!
A poem running round me like flying words and getting away in my house,
Soundings like the swear words that had ludic in finding order like a cat chasing the mouse..  

Up it appeared Order Order under my need,  
My post title of Easily Read Easily Said the last of my poetic disorders lost in my trivial complicated head showimg its nemesis!
Like a head master out rages his dandy lip orders, ripping them up in to tiny little pieces and discarding the energy of thy work..

But no, with no saving grace it was Easily Read Easily Said!
6 long verses gone forever!
All that was left, all that maintenance to reflect,
It Was its title and you readers now taking the michael.

After a work all day, with a bed,
sleep  mammoth on my head,
I slept away.
Hours later I woke up refresh and up  getting ready to write and work on something and somehow often mesmeric,
but not touched by the dead poet in my attic.  

If anyone you know who forgets what he wrote and its burnt out in the fire smoke,
Erased from its first gibberish sketches of ambience,
If they're remembrance of each detail word, each written birth mark and of going back over with a certain cert,
Then he or she would then be an O'Really remarkable poet,

and that's not me.

In honour of the pen writer
The technology forget me fighter,
The dip in the ink calligrapher!

and dit, well is that it? Finished!

If ever I had a collection of poems for a title then O'Reily! I would call it Easily Read Easily Said!

Just need 50 more collection of poems or lyrics or is it 100?
I have burnt, learnt my lessons now
I wont pinch myself over that or lose sleep over it either thank you very much.
That is i before e except after O'Reily

Jun 2014 · 3.5k
Letter From A Deadman
O'Reily Jun 2014
Letter from a dead man,
His souls up where is he?
Letter from a dead man,
To Heaven or hell he will see.
Letter from a dead man,
To where at can he be?
Letter from a dead man,
No more food can he feed,
Letter from a dead man,
His life's up as you read.

Scared so scared like the millions heard,
Scared of death and me,
Food for thought like the old man said,
An innings of eighty three,

Letter from a dead man,
Stand up remember thee,
Letter from a dead man,
His hymns sheets of real cacophony,
Letter from a dead man,
Sing up and let it be,
Letter from a dead man,
Switches off his life machine,
Letter from a dead man,
A celebration of his legacy

Buried treasured no mans land
In the hills of this cemetery,
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Just remember him when he leaves.

Letter from a dead man,
To the point of its will,
Letter from a dead man,
No good when he's lying still,
Letter from a dead man,
No more laughs his body chills,
Letter from a dead man,
After he takes his last sleeping pill,
Letter from a dead man,
In Forever credible.

Disappeared no land frontier,
Tales to wander now,
Tears for fears after all these years,
Distinguished with a crown.

Letter from a dead man,
Shall he spell out to you now,
Letter from a dead man,
More ups than been downs,
Letter from a dead man,
Snarl bites from a vicious hound,
Letter from a dead man,
Safe grace under ground,
Letter from a dead man,
Not safe as it sounds.

Worry, Worry, Super Hurry,
To the day that they bereaved,
Money, Money not so funny,
Something changes as he leaves

Letter from a dead man,
Its with you that he thanks,
Letter from a dead man,
A new change of circumstance,
Letter from a dead man,
Sons&Daughters; admirals,
Letter from a dead man,
As love has a chance,
Letter from a dead man,
He's happy with its deliverance.

In days gone by I took to past,
Reflected on happiness as if to last.
So many wondrous days, jolly, quiet, crazily loved been raised.
In many parts chapter arts, like as youngsters we drove our racing carts,
I pinned a bullseye dart with an eye to target the centre of my whole being. Teenage days of bad school days to my first pint with the Trin! Laughter and such worked harder as much for the shackles I threw away!
Up, Up and away my off spring played with hay, did me proud as they made their way! Middle age to this very stage to people I've met. In love, friendship, peace and loyalty to you I will never forget.

Letter from a dead man,
Insane or nice you may think, but with a life time guarantee.
Letter from a dead man,
With r.I.p love from me..

Jun 2014 · 516
Order Order!!
O'Reily Jun 2014
I hate order, order it gets in the way like a bad odour its conscientious all in one.
One for the master one for the dame and one for the little boy who was ordered down the lane.

Order! Order! I can do without sense and discover that's what's all about. Compared pomp parade twisted display in ceremony in their little cars of today.
Like a spanner in the works I replay

Order! Order! I can smell it I can sense it like at primary headmaster face mask he wears it! So anguish to a play learn to love and written for every day. I can't say sway like the order of the day.

Order! Order! He cries gentlemen in every Bethlehem same sugar coated wheat display. So men with everyone if I can't finish what I've begun then as order comes along like a single shot to obey.

Order! Order! Your lyrical power gives off a speechless tremor from a pointed out finger so delay me your order rescue me a wonder like a freedom ride and stop been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

O'Reily 03062014
Jun 2014 · 970
Decadent Office
O'Reily Jun 2014
Super holds this breath of fire,
It laden out this mythical spire.
On trenches far from silent here,
Lay body mud under green hill moor.
As history allows us to play,
Forgotten spats not here to stay.
In all qualms said and done,
The preacher man recites his only son.
Promises are my main concern,
I will be there yet may not return.

O'Reily Jun 2014
Different atmospheres,
Different souls appear,
Different nights to where it belongs.
They're Making happy noises,
I hear laughter, a voice its of the room you become familiar and smarter.
I see that sweetness gaze,
In a modern maze,
Staring at me with full of praise.

It digs at me!
I'm so blind to see its attitude somewhat in me.
After all of this, It kicks up dirt,
Like I knew it would,
Dust clouds cover all,
As a sunlight from the window sill,
Apparition smoke makes a floating Holly Grail,
'Till it will.

Tell a tale in the end,
A hard book tale to the end,
Chapters of life to comprehend,
A swimming tale fish you wear my friend,
Like mermaids we swam round and under again,
We fished out our hearts sun summer,
It'll tell a tale in the end.

No Agenda third party cross,
The atmosphere it hadn't lost,
So silent to the news of your letter lost,
Still in the post,
Postage never forgot.

It'll tell a tale my friend,
A lick turning page a pen,
It'll tell a tale again,
It'll be a sale some when,
It'll be a tale of them,
It'll be a tale of then,
It'll tell a tale in the end.

Jun 2014 · 885
The Clue
O'Reily Jun 2014
A secret is an instrumental with each note clue,
A tone of human nature and what it could do to you,
A spiritual essence, a recipe addresses,
A method in its madness, an ounce of its...

The clue.

A headache switching over, while your mulling read things over,
Through your eyes take a wander read its just for you.
Cliché layers binding what else can she be finding,
Bureaucratic red tape riddles all sewn up start fiddling for...

The clue.

Puzzled by the clue she walks on up to you,
'Tell me what's the clue?'
A secret all for you.
She said, 'I'll listen to your tune, your clue instrumental in what you do'.
Speak up and at last she sings so class so fast her body starts to swing,
She holds on to task for another word so she can find...

The clue.

For your eyes only come think of it as first.
In true best of me we can make it work, Each clue of maybe is written on my shirt, each button represent each undoing separate hurt.
Slip slide on to me she hunters me the rest,
Slowly shows me her trinity for its her fetching best,
Her hands, her touch and her last request not before her sweet caress,
If only she knew, maybe she did knew, only to know this life...

The clue.

Concentrate don't hesitate not ready to make the fall,
Pump frustrate her loving wait scream out to it all.
Decorate the body sweet crying out to you,
My word is my word on all that you've heard as she is still waiting for....

The clue.

Tantalising he's providing, energising the clue.
Shackle up in en twine as most we both enjoy the view.
Sweet nourished your constant stares as you look for the clues up stairs.
Our lips, our kiss and my fingertips all clued up to tickle you.
For somewhere's lies...

The Clue.

Curled up here for hours making more home brew, hot so wet it crawls not interrogated as here it all lies stew,
The bed sheet covers over ours still without a clue.
For waiting midnight hours for as long as we can snooze.
She questions no more answers she leaves a pretty play and then more she dances if only she could stay.
I can go on for hours each minute of the day,
the clue for in which it matters shows in every single way,
My heart pumps...

The Clue

I'm lost, she's lost,
I'm lost, she's lost,
we both have fought a loving cross.
I'm lost, she's lost,
I'm lost, she's lost
In two we have both come across,
To sea to land,
To shore to sand and that we demand,
Inside and out it feels too soon,
Until he reveals out what's all of...

The Clue.

You can tell by her answer,
its you she wants,
in all come chancer in self confidence,
So soon she will answer in my president.
Her smile, her laughter and her quaint elegance,
So sweet surrender in the clue forever, fresh skin and bone so soft and so tender,
In to life's golden wonder!
To be everything In love with...

The Clue.
Jun 2014 · 606
O'Reily lot for now
O'Reily Jun 2014
Wasting writ scribble then flip,
Waste bin paper full,
Some lay here forever,
At present widely unknown.

Is that a ***** in your armour?
How blessed are we!
For in the name of the father,
And for I O'Reily!

That is i before e except after O'Reily!
Who may you ask?
I'm not here to answer don't be daft,
I'm just here loitering with intent,
With thy verses I invent.

Speak out of it now I beg of your interest desire,
At this moment in time I'm on my own hot wire,
When it flows from your lips, rhymes and it sticks,
Hiatus ends its box of tricks.

If ever word gets out piano my supplier,
A highly smooth lit warm spit crackle read at a cosy log fire.
Squash bottle of pop
Its so nonchalant,
Cherry top pow and that's your O'Reily lot for now.
O'Reily 06032013
All good things come to an end for now!

— The End —