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O'Reily May 2020
Down to the last part of the ribbon,
Its type life about to end,
No more can it take the pounding of the steely bite lead,
That tic tac sound onto paper,
Recording each letter of thought!

Thoughts travelling along each line ringing and swinging out a layout letter, better still to turn a leaf on to another paper.
Following a story, a pilgramige of literature pursued by the readers eyes.

It's how it begins and then wondering how it ends?
Plans are a foot!
Its long ardious lovely feel deep in thought and when to signal its drama!
I prefer poetry in motion!
It can be over soon enough!
Once you have that mojo;
A title heading with a logo,
Various descriptions of words that whistle in the wind,
Hearing its whispering voice,
Echoing into your ears in a spiritual language, instructing your mind eyes to layout whatever comes enriching from your mind!

Dont stop!
Write it down what ever it is,
It is so inquisitive like a new pen,
That will tell you when it's at an end.

My instructional manual from my blessed intuitive heart. Content conspire when needs be, then solely to retire frequently to better still, inspire me on.

— The End —