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O'Reily May 2020
Down to the last part of the ribbon,
Its type life about to end,
No more can it take the pounding of the steely bite lead,
That tic tac sound onto paper,
Recording each letter of thought!

Thoughts travelling along each line ringing and swinging out a layout letter, better still to turn a leaf on to another paper.
Following a story, a pilgramige of literature pursued by the readers eyes.

It's how it begins and then wondering how it ends?
Plans are a foot!
Its long ardious lovely feel deep in thought and when to signal its drama!
I prefer poetry in motion!
It can be over soon enough!
Once you have that mojo;
A title heading with a logo,
Various descriptions of words that whistle in the wind,
Hearing its whispering voice,
Echoing into your ears in a spiritual language, instructing your mind eyes to layout whatever comes enriching from your mind!

Dont stop!
Write it down what ever it is,
It is so inquisitive like a new pen,
That will tell you when it's at an end.

My instructional manual from my blessed intuitive heart. Content conspire when needs be, then solely to retire frequently to better still, inspire me on.
O'Reily Apr 2020
The Power And Sincerity Of This Energy, Beholds Your Soul
Forever In Eternity.

From The Beat Of Your Heart To Power The Mind,
You Will Feel And Have,

Immediate Power.

O'Reily Apr 2020
Age is just a number,
It's riddled on the skin,
It's never too late to wonder,
So then let yourself begin.

It's the fire from your belly,
Ignited from deep within,
So tying up all loose strings,
So saddled up to then say.

It's Never Too Late to let be known,
Perfected stage and out bring,
From this mantle to your home,
Led on a shoestring to each,
S T E P P I N G  S  T  O  N  E   of belief.

Feel the power and sincerity of this energy, behold thy soul for ever in eternity.
O'Reily Dec 2019
O'Christmas O'Christmas bring Christmas to all of us,
O'Santa O'Santa deliver the gifts of love,
O'Choir, O'Choir sing out like the angels,
O'Churches O'Churches ring out all those golden bells.

It's that time of the year to stop work now,
It's the Christmas holiday.
When each city, town turns it's lights on,
And to decorate the Christmas tree,
As we praise to our Lord God Jesus,
For the love of our family.

O'Christmas O'Christmas bring Christmas to all of us,
O'Santa O'Santa deliver the gifts of love.
O'Choir O'Choir sing out like the angels,
O'Churches O'Churches ring out all those goldem bells.

When the infants look out for Santa,
But he comes when their asleep,
And the children from the middle east now,
They dont want war they just want peace,
Can we reach out for one another,
To give to those old, disabled and the need.

O' Christmas O'Christmas bring Christmas to all of us,
O' Santa O'Santa deliver the gifts of love,
O' Choir O'Choir sing out like the angels,
O'Churches O'Churches ring out all those golden bells.
Ding **** Ding ****.

Merry Christmas everyone at hello poetry! Iam a poet and i do moet.
O'Reily Dec 2019
I am a prisoner,
Locked up within these four walls.
I can't escape now,
All on my own waiting for the fall.
I do, I do, I do write....

Darling dont go because I want you,
I can explain why cause I need to be,
To be with you....

Time is of a mystery,
Decries an obligutary pleading to a longevity in life of who, where and what may become of it!
Some are lucky,
Some are not be known!
It's not what you know,
It's who you know,
That influence of your wellbeing giving you structure and belief,
Not costing you a pretty penny or to become a thief!
In this moment in time,
Reflection takes an art form of imagination but no takers just,
That life of procrastination!
The people you meet upon that humble street,
Either extra's or destiny spectre's,
Nine times out of ten nothing changes that co-exists and arranges pain!
Or that one in a million that follows that path where dreams are made of!

Three more lines of frustration, that dither and delay obliterates and forgotten, That life of procrastination.

O'Reily 24112019
O'Reily Mar 2019
Still Waters Run deep,
They never move.
I just want to tap into that pool,
And I just want to say,
How do you feel today?

So I can walk away,
From this whirl.
And wash away unhappiness too.
So how do you feel today?
I fail to see,
As now to adjourn.

A correction of the heart,
From these words to full stops.
In spirit we can sit here,
Just let the clouds drop all my tears.

Still Waters Run deep,
They never move.
Some how I just can't sleep,
And how do you feel today?
It's all I can say,
Still waters run deep.

A correction of the heart,
May it slowly play it's part.
In spirit we sit here,
Just let the clouds ,
Drop our tears.

So many years,
So many tears,
So many fears,
I will always be that whisper in your ears.

Still Waters Run deep,
They never move.
I just want to jump in that pool.
And I would like to say,
Like how do you feel today?
Still rivers run deep,
Forever come what May!

So here me out,
All feels calm and still,
If you are pleased for us to keep,
Still Waters Run deep.

O'Reily Dec 2015
Love lies test from a human face,
Hope it stretches its smiles,
Hold on to your ink fable,
Draw lines out and it scars!

Never new just knew it would fade,
Sewn ip and shown jumper,
Washed beneath and so men shone,
Mention all in time!

So what becomes of this bold fate,
Never standing still,
Comprehends and Im so late,
Isolate this run of the mill.

Circular motion intuition exploding,
Caller of faith in2minds it frustrates,
Beggar a bowl of no sun,
Somewhere waits, somewhere hates,
It seeks a plea of redemption!
Low and behold its devil cake eats,
Slicing its part, peeling off its art, pour
Wetting and never forgetting this,  this   run of the mill.

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