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 Apr 2016 Nymeriari
Let me dance into your lullaby
While you say your beautiful goodbye
I will smile 'til I breakdown and cry
For tomorrow I won't believe in your lies
And I promise I'll be over you soon
For I swear you are up to no good
Another beautiful goodbye, my love..
 Sep 2015 Nymeriari
I Love You
 Sep 2015 Nymeriari
You are my light
That shines so bright even at night
My world you turned from black to white
I love you even if I lose my sight

If challenges would try to break us apart
I will fight, for I will never break your heart
Loyalty and faithfulness will guide our way
I love you no matter what they say

I cannot abandon you even if there is a million reason
I will always find a way, for my love has won
I do not have to count years, because it will never be enough
I will just treasure the memories that you and I have

But, darling, things may not be in our favor
Just like the failed relationships before
I vow to the gods and goddesses
That nothing can tear us apart
Our love is tied with vicious kisses
I love you from the bottom of my heart
Constructed for less than an hour (Phil Lit course)
 Sep 2015 Nymeriari
it's always different seeing someone for yourself
compared to knowing them through someone else.
i don't know how to run
so i  crawl

while you keep running

i hope you will stop running
so my knees will stop bleeding

— The End —