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Dave Williams Aug 2020
don't mistake my kindness for weakness
and please don't take me for granted
you'll know the difference
accept nothing less than what you see
you see
we all have a burden
and sometimes we could all do with a br ea..k ..
someone to talk to
someone who'll listen
it makes all the difference
between being taken for granted
and being that kind of weak

you're never alone
but you don't always know it
i know how you feel
but you don't always show it
Dave Williams Aug 2020
the last time anyone
shone through my soul
it burnt

the last time i trusted anyone
and shone a light through their soul
i learnt

to be careful
and wary
and think twice
about doing that again
because it hurt
Dave Williams Aug 2020
congregations of people rock up
and tell you they're all out of L..
hundreds of people
lovely to see you
hey, how you doing, whassup!

i never really know what to say
because nobody ever gives a F..
hundreds of sinners
loads of beginners
hey, how you doing, okay!

rynard was right, when he told me that night
when there's nothing to say, there's no need to say it
when there's nothing to give, don't give it away
keep it for that rainy day

when pessimists are living with you
and tell you that everything S..
hundreds of reasons
so much malfeasance
hey, how you doing, schweet bru!

i don't want to start up a fight
but please can i borrow a few B..
until i recover
i'll go find another
hey, how you doing, alright!

christine was right, she showed me last night
when there's nothing to say, there's no need to say it
when there's something to give, don't run away
don't ever let it drain away

what i can't do is negotiate peace
when i feel like the cause of the war
i'm not going to do it, capiche?
i don't wanna do this anymore

because my home is sacred, as all are
fragile at best, as we all are
sensitive, even as we all tend to be
my home is an extension of me

so please respect it
don't turn my home into a turf war, it will get loud and nasty and ugly, and i'm not going through this again
Dave Williams Aug 2020
i sometimes feel like i'm a bit too sweet
that enacts in everyone the 'go away' effect
though i'm shy
and indiscreet
and tasty? i think

but these days i feel like i'm a marshmallow
that enacts in some of us the 'hey' effect
good to meet you
melts on your tongue
doesn't it? i think

and the more you let it melt away
the lonelier it felt, and today
was exactly that rapport
so when can i get some more
Dave Williams Jul 2020
in another time i might have been a superhero
and someone else would be called the heroine
we could have watched a movie called less than zero
i mean who does that right
no, wait... cut cut cut cut, let's try that again

oh thank you daveman, you saved us
(she says with a grin)
oh thank you
(she winks)
you're pretty hot
(she thinks)
there's danger, let's ****

and then i woke up
Dave Williams Jul 2020
of course he's a leader
people follow him
whether he does it well enough
depends on where you are

it could be behind him
it could be in front of him
it could be the other side of the planet
who knows

there are people that teach
and there are people that do
the quality of a leader depends entirely on you
leadership is earned, not given, never forget that
Dave Williams Jul 2020
time is a thing and it's useful
instead it becomes an excuse
a tree as a thing can be fruitful
everything down to the root
scars are a thing and they whisper
secrets from under the whisp
i always try to be truthful
but it gets in the way of my youth

some scars are severe
some indelibly permanent
some can be dangerously near

but what happened that year
has been pretty persistent
and yes, i wish you were here

yes, i wish i had nothing to do with it, and i wish i'd never have met you, but that's not true, i followed it through and i'm all for the better, umbrella, the shade from the sun that you shone that left sunburns that scream and cry and shame me for hating and scraping and flaking and breaking and making and hurting and trying to buy my way out of this...

but i can't, because otherwise it wouldn't be a scar, right?
i do miss her #getoveritdave
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