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 Jun 2014 Natalie R
Sam Temple
million dollar moment
plastic happiness ensues
fantastic spectacle
show for the ages
sage burns raging
cage expands, elastic
free bird sings brightly
feathers flip
gaging currents
torrential downpour
damages pages
sad eyes look at the scope of alteration
alienated, they seek dissuasion
turning from this scene
seeing clean green
thoughts race at the sight
imagination in pre-flight warm-up
raunchy visions flash
as past ***** attempt to crash
the brain plane flying over strange plains
grain fields sway, plainly
painfully I pine
my name is christian
my religion and my name
Pushing away the clouding negativity
Because they belong to
The "minority".
He loves his partner
And he loves him back
Family and friends taken aback.
Suddenly being in love is a crime
Heart's content is criticised.
They're against them holding hands
Branding them names
And a disgusted glance.
Emotions they are unable to curb,
Contemplating if they should leave
And bring everyone peace.
By and by the days drag on,
Hiding inside, left alone
Alone but one
One love
One heart,
Beating together
Creating art.
They show the world
They need not provide
An apology for loving.
Amidst cruelty and hate
They shan't give up.
Take pride in loving each other
*Heart's content is all that matters.
I support gay/lesbian rights. #LGB equality.
A stranger she was
Was it fate or
Was it destiny
That made us meet?
Although never face to face
I see in her amazing grace.
Swiftly she moves
To the rhythm of life.
People trying to bring her down
But she won't bow
To the undeserving.
She is strong
She is beautiful.

Ready to fight the world,
In she will come
Like a whirl.
Assurance is what she needs
And assurance I will give.
"Love, don't be sorry"
Said I to her,
And poured my heart out
Through these words.
I hope she realizes
The strength within,
The power to face the world
And not beat herself up.
Cruelty never dies
It's omnipresent.
But she can conquer the galaxies
If she wants.
I believe in her with all my heart,
Nothing comes above
I will forever be with her
*She is my love
She is my soul sister.
Dedicated to a dear friend and beautiful young girl. <3
 Jun 2014 Natalie R
It doesn't matter If you've fallen
Scars wherever you've seen them
In your heart, in your mind,
Or maybe both with some
On your body.

I'll still be for you
Always be in love with you
Even if, even though
It doesn't matter how many of those
It will still be you. Always.
 Jun 2014 Natalie R
You had me at hello.
You had me with that look.
You have me every time.
Just do what you have to,
I will appreciate even the corniest thing you could ever say.
I will cut our moment from the hands of time
Bury it deep inside my heart.
I'll forever treasure our little time shared.
Just walk right to me, start that talk.
Everything will fade, you'll see.
Everything except you and me.
 Jun 2014 Natalie R
 Jun 2014 Natalie R
All untold
All kept inside
A little, small s e c r e t
Told a lie
And as it was whispered
Right through the lips
Carried by the air
Blown in the wind
Right through their ears
Right out their mouth
The s e c r e t once kept inside
Has now begun to sprout
 Jun 2014 Natalie R
Micheal Wolf
The clock stopped.
It didn't wind down or grind to a halt, it simply stopped.
The ticking could be heard by others,
But not by you.
You were simply transfixed by the notion
Her legs crossed, her foot gently playing. Red toenails beneath nylon, her scarlet lips.
You would follow her to hell and back.
Every word spoken a half lie, and yet you, you only heard truth.
Reeled in like a marlin from the ocean, yet to her flotsam on the sargosa sea
Used for a night and alive like never before.
Then at dawn discarded.
To her a play thing like so many others.
To you?
A cruel and unusual punishment.
A short flash type story.
 Jun 2014 Natalie R
Micheal Wolf
Interwoven through the decades
Like a dream fragmented
Recalling the laughter
Hiding the tears
Small talk, no mention of sorrow
Paths crossed by chance
Yet fused together in a past
Updating the similarities
Glossing over the failures
Not eluding to the passing of love
Love! What of its spoils, it's loss
Now coveting the richness of maybe
The longing for perhaps
To capture a time lost
Then by good grace and fortune
Re start the clock
Like a caravan crossing the desert
To a destination hidden to all but the chosen
Where the weave becomes tied, knotted
The richness of lifes tapestry completed.
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