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  Jun 2014 chris babjabajb
I can’t tell you why,

Is it when I cry?

To follow in the hate,

When they discriminate,

To the shadows I wonder,

To the crash of thunder,

I hide in fear of what they think,

It’s wrong,

The love,

The hate,

The endless debates,

Over the smallest things,

I can’t quite compare,

To the upper class,

They laugh,

I hide,

They smile,

I cry,

They punch,

They sneer,

To all that is worthless,

And I’m here to take it all,

The hits,

The bruises the leave,

The scrapes they create,

Never can compare,

To the fear the leave,

Unaware inside of me.
  May 2014 chris babjabajb
i really wish
we wouldn't have
******* everything
since we can't
         make up our minds.
hopeless romantics
loving hopeless romantics
is quite problematic.
Center alignment
Gives form
creates curve of words
Making vases from phases
And bottles from words
Even this poem here
shaped like an
ink well
  May 2014 chris babjabajb
I spend my time
just remembering
how to forget you!
I crave the dazzling colors
Twisting together in the early morning
All churned into one image
Pulsing in my dark eyes
Elegantly finding the way
To the gloomiest pit of me.
They make a trail to my heart
Brightening the display
Pumping happiness to every joint,
Every bone structure,
Every muscle mass present.

Was this why I was told to enjoy the sunrise
Every morning as  petite child?
Did they know I would be this now?
They must have.
I just wish they'd stopped me before this
Before I became my own enemy.
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