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 Oct 2014 MsMercedes
8:40 pm
 Oct 2014 MsMercedes
I want to hold your hand rather desperately.
 Oct 2014 MsMercedes
Luck (10W)
 Oct 2014 MsMercedes

Finding who you wished for,
had wished for you too
 Oct 2014 MsMercedes
Minutes passing
Continual Eyeing
Pulse pumping
Heart Jumping

Fingers Tapping
Clock Watching
Vision Scanning
Anxiety Climbing

Clock Stopping
Sudden Stabbing
Heart Bleeding
Joy Fleeing

Thoughts Cauterizing
Time Healing
Well they weren't worth it
Anyway..............................JMF 10/11/14
It happens to everybody

All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
they say you should find someone to make you love yourself first.
well they were right.
I know this because I love my hips now.
because your hands fit on them so beautifully that I pray they never change even the slightest bit.
you make me love how cold my feet get.
they go completely numb at times but the warmth of your legs shoots through my body and I wouldn't change it for anything.
you make me love my bad habits.
stupid, nervous issues but you notice them and love me anyway.
you make me love all the way down to how I breathe.
If you're anything like me you'd lay on my chest and count each breath, feel each inhale and exhale.
you make me love the way my voice sounds.
I could listen to your name all day, even when it's my own lips it rolls off of.
you make me love my short hair, even when it's grown out too much in spots.
you gave me the confidence to do it and the confidence to wear it every single day.
you make me love me. for every little thing I am.
because I know that you love every little thing about me too.
and something you love will always be worth loving to me too.
 Sep 2014 MsMercedes
I'm sorry?
 Sep 2014 MsMercedes
Sometimes people you've forgiven
do one last ****** thing to you
and you never recover
and you never see them the same again.
Your name
always on my lips

Your face
always there
when I close my eyes

Your presence
always in my dreams

You haunt me
I hate to say I don't care
But honestly life is so unfair
I dare not to say a word of more
Because I literally don't care anymore
Thank you hello poetry for selecting this as the daily poem but as well to everybody else! Hope your really enjoyed the poem!:)
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