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Feb 2021 · 227
The Truth
MsMercedes Feb 2021
Ain’t you beautiful.

Doesn’t that satisfy
Something inside of you
Seeking validation from others
What about you
Needs approval

Ain’t you beautiful?

Don’t you see complexion on magazine
Complexion faker than white ******* cover
That bought it
To be ignorant is to be in a cage
And I refuse to die in a cage
Because I went to school learning fairytales
Instead of history
**** it
I’ll teach myself.
Jun 2015 · 7.3k
Where do I belong ?
MsMercedes Jun 2015
I learned long ago
That we all belong somewhere.
I belong to the Hurt
To the lost
To the broken
To the depressed
To the angry
To the empty
To the hateful
To the hopeless
Who knew one day
I'd belong
To the **healed
Things get better
Oct 2014 · 396
MsMercedes Oct 2014
One day I love you
The next I don't
But somehow you make me fall
But my balance is better
And I don't want to fall again
At least not in your hands
But maybe in someone elses
Don't put up with it.
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
MsMercedes Aug 2014
I once viewed silence
As a cruel thing
I once was scared
Of silence
Thats becuase it never
Spoke to me
Now when I sit
In my room and silence
Is all around me
It speaks
With the sound of speeding cars
Or even the sound of the breeze
It speaks to me
In ways words never could
And the loudest of them all SILENCE
MsMercedes Jul 2014
I feel so safe with you
Which is different
Because you are known as
A heartbreaker
But somehow I trust you
Somehow I don't believe
You'll break my heart
And I hope you don't
But if you do I'll be okay with that
Because I knew the riskes
Yet I still choose to love you
The way I hope you love me
**I just hope you love me as much as I love you
Jul 2014 · 467
MsMercedes Jul 2014
Life seems so odd
Because for the first time
In forever I'm happy
For the first time in a while
I can smile with liberty
I'm finally who I want be be
I'm finally **HAPPY
Find yourself
Jul 2014 · 440
Hidden Strength
MsMercedes Jul 2014
Everytime I'm at at lowest point
Of my life I find hidden strength
At times I wish I had found that strength
When I was at the top
So I could've stayed there
Even if its just a little while longer
MsMercedes Jun 2014
I shattered your car's windows
You might think it was pathetic
I broke every single mirror in your house
You might think I'm desperate
But the truth is I tried to find the closest thing
You did to my heart when you broke it
Jun 2014 · 307
Pretend To Love Me
MsMercedes Jun 2014
May your love
Lift me high
Let it
Bring me joy and happiness
May your love
Not tell the truth
Let it
Be perfect, even if its a perfect lie
Jun 2014 · 947
I Regret You The Most
MsMercedes Jun 2014
What do you regret most in life ?*
The moments I regret the most were you
The moments I shared with you
The moments I wasted on you
The moments I thought about you
The moments I cared about you
The moments I regret the most
Was any moment that has do with
Including every poem
I made about you,
Because you were
The only thing that
Motivated me
I regret it the most

All of it
Mi'Ja <-----    Big help
Jun 2014 · 286
Happy Father's Day
MsMercedes Jun 2014
We've been through a lot
But no matter what you
Will always be my Dad
And me,
Your little girl
All my fears disappear
Because well you take
Them away
So Happy Father's Day
To you because your
A father better than
Any other
Thank you for my
Smiles and Laughs
You've made them
Jun 2014 · 232
I Guess …
MsMercedes Jun 2014
Every chance I get
To be freed
I fall yet again in your trap
I'll Change. I promise !
Isn't that what you would say
Each time with a different excuse
But the blame isn't all on you
Because I was
Dumb enough to take you back
Dumb enough to want it to work
Dumb enough to believe you
Lie after lie
Stupid me,
**I guess …
Don't put up with the cheating, lies, and abuse ! Stay strong and put your foot down ! Enough is enough !
Jun 2014 · 258
Fallen Out Of Love
MsMercedes Jun 2014
Why is it that you can't look
Me in the eyes when you say
I Love You ?
Why is it that you don't kiss
Me as passionately as before ?
Do you not love
Me like before ?
Do you not long
For my kisses ?
Are you no longer
In Love
Because when I kiss you
I no longer am .
And when I say those three words,
I Love You
I no longer mean it
Jun 2014 · 625
MsMercedes Jun 2014
I walked around
In whatever,
Shorts, mini skirts
I wasn't afraid of my scars
But only because
They didn't show
But when I was
Naked in front
Of you I
Felt ashamed
Because it was then
All my scars were
Jun 2014 · 384
MsMercedes Jun 2014
My smile no longer lights up a room
It no longer shines as bright as stars
Jun 2014 · 600
MsMercedes Jun 2014
It's amazing how something
So beautiful can be
So painful
How something
That is used to express love
Expresses hate
Maybe we should all be
Mute and Deaf
So we don't ever have to
Experience the pain words can bring
Jun 2014 · 241
MsMercedes Jun 2014
Each tear I shed tonight is a
So if I shed a thousand tonight
That's a thousand
I spent with you

But if I shed none it's because the
Of you and I no longer exist
Well not in my head
But forever in my heart
Jun 2014 · 750
She Wasn't Okay
MsMercedes Jun 2014
She was always happy
She never complained
She always had a smile on her face
She made others around her happy
So how could you be on the phone
With Me now
Telling me she took her own life
How can you tell me
She's gone
Just yesterday she was
Laughing like there was no tomorrow
Just hours ago she was happy
Was she ?
I never asked
It never even crossed my mind
And now it's too late
Let me ask you
*Are you okay ?
Jun 2014 · 2.5k
Love Hurts
MsMercedes Jun 2014
It was a hot summer day
And as we brushed pass eachother
I couldn't help but think
I wish he were mine
That way I could show you off
Tell the world I'm in love
Tell everyone I found the one

And that day you approach me
With all kinds of silly things
We exchanged numbers
And what a fool was I
Because I wasn't ready for love
Turns out love isn't as
Kind, Loving, and Gentle
As I thought it would be
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Nothing Can Change The Past
MsMercedes Jun 2014
Here I sit in tears
Here I live with regret
Why did I do it ?
Was it worth it ?
Maybe Yes
Maybe No
Either way **nothing can change the past
Jun 2014 · 832
And Now You Win
MsMercedes Jun 2014
I trusted you
And you showed me off
To your friends
As they laughed at me
I told my friends despite their remarks
That you were my everything
You braged about my body as if I were
A trophy
A simple object
You played me
And I was too stupid to know
You didn't care about me
Yet I was giving you every part of me
I did things for you
I wouldn't for any other
But you took my trust and abused it
Now when you look at me
I feel ashamed
**And now you win
May 2014 · 760
My Love For You
MsMercedes May 2014
My love for you**
Is greater than any love
There is
May 2014 · 1.5k
Im Fine.
MsMercedes May 2014
There your body hung
And all you left was a note
And all it said was *I'm Fine.
We are NEVER okay. There is no such thing as "I'm fine."
May 2014 · 738
MsMercedes May 2014
I** like to
Make believe  of
A world so magical
Gracious and beautiful
It exist
No matter where, just
A world
I can escape to, somewhere
Over the rainbow, somewhere
No one knows exist
May 2014 · 629
From Somewhere
MsMercedes May 2014
Some poets say "My poems are just poems."
"It isn't like it's really how I feel."
But the pain has had to come **from somewhere
May 2014 · 696
MsMercedes May 2014
Listen and
I** will tell you
Excellent things and make you believe
Some of it was true
May 2014 · 1.9k
MsMercedes May 2014
Isn't it funny how big this world is
But how small it can be
May 2014 · 1.7k
Why ? Why ? Why ?
MsMercedes May 2014
I just feel that the only way  
I can release my pain is through writing
I write my heart out in hopes
That it will bring me closure
Maybe some answers
Like why ?
Why is life so cruel to me ?
Why is it that when I lay in bed all I want to do is cry ?
Why is that I seem to mess up everything ?
Why is that everything seems to go wrong?
**Why ? Why ? Why ?
May 2014 · 731
Broken Hearted
MsMercedes May 2014
Never again will
I love you as much
As I did before because
You broke my heart
And it's been hard
Putting it back
May 2014 · 610
MsMercedes May 2014
May 2014 · 541
I Believe In Love
MsMercedes May 2014
I believe in love**
Even when love is silent
May 2014 · 501
I Love You
MsMercedes May 2014
If I say
I Love You
Please say it
May 2014 · 516
Only If
MsMercedes May 2014
I wish I
Have made
As happy as
You need to
Be to be
With Me.
May 2014 · 736
Daily Insecurities
MsMercedes May 2014
I stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom
As I wash my hands, when a girl enters
I glance a her and smile and when I look back
In the mirror I stare at myself and think
*I wish I was as pretty as her
MsMercedes May 2014
Society says* I'm ugly
But I say I'm beautiful
Society says I'm dumb
But I say I'm intelligent
Society says I'm fat
But I say I'm the perfect size for Me
Society says I have too many flaws
But I say they make me who I am
Society kills me
But I remain alive
*Society says but I say different
May 2014 · 1.8k
Rather Try Than Lose It All
MsMercedes May 2014
Im afraid of commitment
Im afraid of losing
Im afraid of losing you
Because I won't committee
May 2014 · 623
MsMercedes May 2014
I hate goodbyes
They always seem like forevers
I hate goodbyes
They always seem so depressing
I don't like the idea of letting go
Maybe it because it feels like
Giving up and
That's not exacally my thing
May 2014 · 2.1k
MsMercedes May 2014
I've always had a love for you
Deep inside me I've always loved
Something about you
Was it your smile?
Your beautiful eyes?
Maybe it was that wonderful personality
Either way it made me fall in love
And boy did I fall hard.
May 2014 · 1.6k
You're Perfect
MsMercedes May 2014
You're* so different to what I know
You're so different to what I like
You're so different to what Im used to
You're so different to what Im in love with
But You're different is *
May 2014 · 1.7k
Im That Girl
MsMercedes May 2014
Who am I ?
Im that girl you
See with a smile on her face
Im that girl you
Always assumed was happy
Im that girl you
Didn't know existed
Im that girl you
Passed in the hall and never noticed
Im that girl who you
Saw around school
Im that girl you
Used to be friends with
Im that girl you
Called names
Im that girl you
Never expected to pull the trigger
**I'm That Girl
May 2014 · 1.6k
I Want To Be Different
MsMercedes May 2014
Not many people understand me
And that's okay because
I don't want to be understood
I don't want to be a
Basic picture I want to be
A complex painting
I want to be unreadable,
**I want to be different
May 2014 · 1.4k
MsMercedes May 2014
When I was little I used to say :
I hate pink!
But now I say :
I love pink!
And although it's not much it shows
How much people **change
May 2014 · 1.4k
MsMercedes May 2014
It's always easier to write about your
Emotions then talk about them
So here I am writing away
Unsure how this will help
But certain I should at least try
I've been confused lately
Maybe I just haven't found myself yet
But I hope I find myself soon
Because I'm beginning to feel ...
May 2014 · 472
The Broken Girl I Really Am
MsMercedes May 2014
I fake a smile and carry on with my day
No one questions me not even a bit
No one asks me if I'm alright because
They assume my smile says it all
But when they ask I say 'I'm fine' and
Move on with my day
I'm always relieved there are no follow up questions
But there are times I wish there were
There are times I wish someone cared enough
To know the real me
Not the happy girl everyone sees
No more like **the broken girl I really am
May 2014 · 2.2k
911 Whats Your Emergency
MsMercedes May 2014
"I've been shot" ,
That's when I pulled the trigger .
May 2014 · 602
MsMercedes May 2014
To many bad days
Enormous wet stains
All because of you, let's
Restart and pretend we never
May 2014 · 1.5k
Now I Know
MsMercedes May 2014
I put up with your lies
Your *******
Your abuse
Your criticism
Your stupid stories
Your hurtful words
But thank you because now
I know what not to look for
To ;  the strong women out there.
May 2014 · 1.6k
MsMercedes May 2014
I loved you
And you loved me too
But for all the wrong
May 2014 · 1.4k
Abandoned Soul
MsMercedes May 2014
If I tell you this secret
Do you promise
To tell no one ?
If I whisper this
Into your ear will you
Promise to never repeat it ?
The truth is I'm lost
Unable to see the light
Unable to see any good
I'm a worn out sweater
Worse a dying batterie
I'm an abandoned soul just
Left here to die
May 2014 · 1.1k
Do You ?
MsMercedes May 2014
I hate                          
when you

say you                          
love me

and don't                          
mean it
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