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MsMercedes May 2014
Isn't it funny how big this world is
But how small it can be
MsMercedes May 2014
"I've been shot" ,
That's when I pulled the trigger .
MsMercedes May 2014
If I tell you this secret
Do you promise
To tell no one ?
If I whisper this
Into your ear will you
Promise to never repeat it ?
The truth is I'm lost
Unable to see the light
Unable to see any good
I'm a worn out sweater
Worse a dying batterie
I'm an abandoned soul just
Left here to die
MsMercedes Jan 2014
Am i pretty enough?
Do i need to change?
Does my wieght satisfy you?
We are all stuck in an abusive relationship
Because when we free ourselves from society
We are the ones who bring negative words
Whether your beautiful or not someone judges you
Whether it be yourself or
The world we live in
We stay in this abusive relationship becaue
We think theres no way out
And im afraid there's not
MsMercedes May 2014
It's always easier to write about your
Emotions then talk about them
So here I am writing away
Unsure how this will help
But certain I should at least try
I've been confused lately
Maybe I just haven't found myself yet
But I hope I find myself soon
Because I'm beginning to feel ...
MsMercedes Jun 2014
I trusted you
And you showed me off
To your friends
As they laughed at me
I told my friends despite their remarks
That you were my everything
You braged about my body as if I were
A trophy
A simple object
You played me
And I was too stupid to know
You didn't care about me
Yet I was giving you every part of me
I did things for you
I wouldn't for any other
But you took my trust and abused it
Now when you look at me
I feel ashamed
**And now you win
MsMercedes Mar 2014
I laugh at my pain
Because there is
No other way
I smile at my cuts
Because it pushes
Back my tears
I find joy in my pain
And that hurts
Because I looking
For an easy
Way out
MsMercedes Aug 2013
With each memory a piece is shattered
The past slowly walks inside
And leaves disquised as tears
Tears that slowly rush down your face
And leaves you with no emotion
But most important tears that prove
Bad memories dont fade
MsMercedes Jun 2014
I shattered your car's windows
You might think it was pathetic
I broke every single mirror in your house
You might think I'm desperate
But the truth is I tried to find the closest thing
You did to my heart when you broke it
MsMercedes May 2014
Never again will
I love you as much
As I did before because
You broke my heart
And it's been hard
Putting it back
MsMercedes May 2014
When I was little I used to say :
I hate pink!
But now I say :
I love pink!
And although it's not much it shows
How much people **change
MsMercedes May 2014
I stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom
As I wash my hands, when a girl enters
I glance a her and smile and when I look back
In the mirror I stare at myself and think
*I wish I was as pretty as her
MsMercedes Jun 2014
My smile no longer lights up a room
It no longer shines as bright as stars
MsMercedes Apr 2014
I loved you
Over the horizons
I loved you
From the sun and back
I loved you
As much as the countless stars
I loved you
More than life itself
So please,
Dont Love Me Any Less
MsMercedes May 2014
I hate                          
when you

say you                          
love me

and don't                          
mean it
MsMercedes May 2014
I've always had a love for you
Deep inside me I've always loved
Something about you
Was it your smile?
Your beautiful eyes?
Maybe it was that wonderful personality
Either way it made me fall in love
And boy did I fall hard.
MsMercedes Jun 2014
Why is it that you can't look
Me in the eyes when you say
I Love You ?
Why is it that you don't kiss
Me as passionately as before ?
Do you not love
Me like before ?
Do you not long
For my kisses ?
Are you no longer
In Love
Because when I kiss you
I no longer am .
And when I say those three words,
I Love You
I no longer mean it
MsMercedes Oct 2014
One day I love you
The next I don't
But somehow you make me fall
But my balance is better
And I don't want to fall again
At least not in your hands
But maybe in someone elses
Don't put up with it.
MsMercedes May 2014
MsMercedes May 2014
Some poets say "My poems are just poems."
"It isn't like it's really how I feel."
But the pain has had to come **from somewhere
MsMercedes Jun 2014
Each tear I shed tonight is a
So if I shed a thousand tonight
That's a thousand
I spent with you

But if I shed none it's because the
Of you and I no longer exist
Well not in my head
But forever in my heart
MsMercedes May 2014
I hate goodbyes
They always seem like forevers
I hate goodbyes
They always seem so depressing
I don't like the idea of letting go
Maybe it because it feels like
Giving up and
That's not exacally my thing
MsMercedes May 2014
With age comes wisdom
I'd rather not know anything
Than have to experience the pain
I rather be ignorant
Than be all knowing
Why ?
Because when you don't know anything
All you know is **Happiness
MsMercedes Jul 2014
Life seems so odd
Because for the first time
In forever I'm happy
For the first time in a while
I can smile with liberty
I'm finally who I want be be
I'm finally **HAPPY
Find yourself
MsMercedes Jun 2014
We've been through a lot
But no matter what you
Will always be my Dad
And me,
Your little girl
All my fears disappear
Because well you take
Them away
So Happy Father's Day
To you because your
A father better than
Any other
Thank you for my
Smiles and Laughs
You've made them
MsMercedes Jul 2014
Everytime I'm at at lowest point
Of my life I find hidden strength
At times I wish I had found that strength
When I was at the top
So I could've stayed there
Even if its just a little while longer
MsMercedes Aug 2013
Darkness is full of surprises
Many are hiden by her
As she takes who she wants
She leaves them with froad
But she cant fool me
Im the only who can take her strength
As she tries and tries
I never fright because
She will never succed
I am light
MsMercedes May 2014
I believe in love**
Even when love is silent
MsMercedes Mar 2014
I cry out for you
For when I'm lost
For when life brings its trouble
For when I cant continue
For when I feel hopeless
For when my heart seeks you
I cry out for you
MsMercedes Jun 2014
Every chance I get
To be freed
I fall yet again in your trap
I'll Change. I promise !
Isn't that what you would say
Each time with a different excuse
But the blame isn't all on you
Because I was
Dumb enough to take you back
Dumb enough to want it to work
Dumb enough to believe you
Lie after lie
Stupid me,
**I guess …
Don't put up with the cheating, lies, and abuse ! Stay strong and put your foot down ! Enough is enough !
MsMercedes Mar 2014
I hate the night
Because once my room is dark
I cant control what happens
My thoughts run free
My heart races
I hate the night
Because thats when my fears
Come to life
Where being alone isnt
An option
Where my weeping sounds are
Not heared
I hate the night
Because it makes me think
Of you
Of our laughs
Of our smiles
Of our every moment
I hate the night
MsMercedes Jul 2014
I feel so safe with you
Which is different
Because you are known as
A heartbreaker
But somehow I trust you
Somehow I don't believe
You'll break my heart
And I hope you don't
But if you do I'll be okay with that
Because I knew the riskes
Yet I still choose to love you
The way I hope you love me
**I just hope you love me as much as I love you
MsMercedes Dec 2013
I hope for things that cant come
I dream for things i cant reach
I wish for things i cant have
But when laugh
I laugh at
The little hope
The pointless dreams
And the stupid wishes
But when i frown
I frown at the lost chance
Of my hope, dreams, and wishes
So when i hope, dream, or, wish
I laugh
And frown
MsMercedes May 2014
If I say
I Love You
Please say it
MsMercedes Mar 2014
I run from my fears
As they chase me
At one point in this
Im trapped in a one way street
Forced to face what brings me to shame
Im afraid of my own fears
Im afraid of loving and losing
Im afraid of pain
Im afraid of silence
Im afraid of darkness
**Im afraid of being afraid
MsMercedes May 2014
I** like to
Make believe  of
A world so magical
Gracious and beautiful
It exist
No matter where, just
A world
I can escape to, somewhere
Over the rainbow, somewhere
No one knows exist
MsMercedes May 2014
There your body hung
And all you left was a note
And all it said was *I'm Fine.
We are NEVER okay. There is no such thing as "I'm fine."
MsMercedes May 2014
Who am I ?
Im that girl you
See with a smile on her face
Im that girl you
Always assumed was happy
Im that girl you
Didn't know existed
Im that girl you
Passed in the hall and never noticed
Im that girl who you
Saw around school
Im that girl you
Used to be friends with
Im that girl you
Called names
Im that girl you
Never expected to pull the trigger
**I'm That Girl
MsMercedes Jun 2014
What do you regret most in life ?*
The moments I regret the most were you
The moments I shared with you
The moments I wasted on you
The moments I thought about you
The moments I cared about you
The moments I regret the most
Was any moment that has do with
Including every poem
I made about you,
Because you were
The only thing that
Motivated me
I regret it the most

All of it
Mi'Ja <-----    Big help
MsMercedes Jan 2014
I've come a long way because of you
And all though im succeding without you the thought of
Wanting you to see me be better, happier is whats keeping me going
I am no longer with you but my heart still is
It calls for you in the lonely hours when i lay in bed
It calls for you in the stressful days when i wish you were with me
It calls for you when i know i can do better
Although i am no longer with you my heart is
MsMercedes May 2014
Not many people understand me
And that's okay because
I don't want to be understood
I don't want to be a
Basic picture I want to be
A complex painting
I want to be unreadable,
**I want to be different
MsMercedes Apr 2014
When I laugh
My pain goes away
So why not laugh
A little longer
MsMercedes May 2014
Listen and
I** will tell you
Excellent things and make you believe
Some of it was true
MsMercedes Jun 2014
It was a hot summer day
And as we brushed pass eachother
I couldn't help but think
I wish he were mine
That way I could show you off
Tell the world I'm in love
Tell everyone I found the one

And that day you approach me
With all kinds of silly things
We exchanged numbers
And what a fool was I
Because I wasn't ready for love
Turns out love isn't as
Kind, Loving, and Gentle
As I thought it would be
MsMercedes Dec 2013
Your told lies and expected to
Tell the truth
We say we rather have the truth but
We can never handle it
We say lies tear us apart but
Truth can more
We lie to protect so
Maybe secrets are good
Maybe life is better off with
Some lies but too much
Brings us here to the horrible world
We live in now
MsMercedes Mar 2014
A tear flows and another follows
Im numb to the pain
Day and night i hear
The angry chants
The so helpless young love that
The nights are worse and
It makes me think
Was it real love
Maybe just a fantasy
Was it a crazy dream that
We thought was possible
Maybe it was a silly thought that
Kept us going
But there are times when i think
Maybe it was real
Maybe our love is real
MsMercedes Feb 2014
Sometimes i wonder what it will be to love again
Because theres times i dont think i can
My heart no longer loves but instead hurts and longs
My heart cries for the feeling i had once before
It yells in search of the lost love
And if its never found
My heart will wait
MsMercedes May 2014
My love for you**
Is greater than any love
There is
MsMercedes May 2014
Actions speak louder than words
When they pushed you
You kept a straight face
When they made faces
You laughed
When they pointed
You smiled
But when they said
"No one likes you"
You were mad
When they said
"Your ugly"
You became insecure
When they called you names
You cried
Because those words were starting to sound
A lot louder than their actions
Be careful what you say affect others !
MsMercedes May 2014
I feel angry
But never
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