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Matt Shao Jun 2019
M. E. Shao

An Ode to the Letter “A”

A picture says a thousand words
At least that’s what they say
Although they can’t describe a thing
As well as the letter “A”
“A” means that there’s others
As if there’s two or three
And if there was just only one
“A” would become “the”
An Ode to the Letter “B”

Behold! A letter that can be
Better than numbers one and three
Because it sits quite neighborly
Between it’s buddies A & C
Boldly standing faithfully
Barely used the same you see
Bugs will spell it differently
But one less E and then it’s be
An Ode to the Letter “C”

Can you guess what letters next
Clocking in at number three?
Careful how you use it now
‘Cause it confuses frequently
Certain times it’s overlooked, like
Chief – the “I” before the “E”
Can’t use “I” that same way though when
Coming after “C”
An Ode to the Letter “D”

Dare I try letter four
Daunting as it may be?
Duly note this verse might prove as
Drab and dull as me
Don’t say there’s other letters of such
Deep complexity
Desire to speak in a past tense?
Dread not! Just add a “D”
And Ode to the Letter “E”

Ere I forget I said I’d commit
Ever mindful I shall be, and
Execute my promise, my Oath
Elegantly thanking thee
Eyes see so much wisdom
Ears hear so much glee
Every single word of love
Ends, with letter “E”
An Ode to the Letter “F”

Finally a letter without a long E
For those are easy to rhyme
Frankly it’s fun to come up with a pun
Fresh from out of the mind
Forever I wonder, over and under
From bottom to top, all the time
For a bold new way to come out and say
F this…but with no moral fine
An Ode to the Letter “G”

Goodness gracious, golly G!
Gifted writers inspire me
Gernsback, Goddard, de Graffigny
Grouped in glory’s category
Guiding words with paper and pen
Grandeur achieved by all of them
God bestowed them minds of gold
Goals to emulate when I’m old
An Ode to the Letter “H”

Heavens hopeful, but all should know
Hell awaits for heathens below
Havoc, hatred, halls of stones
Heated seats on hopeless thrones
Helping mortals foster love
Hoping for the gates above
Hearts are kind for constant fear
Horror and nightmare might be near
An Ode to the Letter “I”

I love the vowels for how they serve
In bridging letters, creating words
Insanity comes, ’cause if not for them
Illegible messes that none comprehend
Idle time attempting to read
It’s pointless were it not for these
Irked by consonants, throw in the towel
If you want a word…just buy a vowel
An Ode to the Letter “J”

Jack and Jill went up the hill
Jogging straight up and down
Joking and playing, having a thrill
Joy till he broke his crown
Jumping in fear, Jill looked around
Jolting across the way
Jeering, she returned and scooped him up
Jill’s stick was shaped like a J
An Ode to the Letter “K”

Knobbed in darkness, twisted wood
Knuckled as can be
Kinks and dead spots all around
Knotted is the tree
Kindling yes, our God will need, as its
Key for making day
Kind, He brightens nights with knights by simply adding
An Ode to the Letter “L”

Little, little, did I know
L is oh so great
Like the time I drank that wine and
Lulled a pretty mate
Lords and ladies, boys and girls
Like all, must pay the well
Lay respect to that which lets us
Love – the letter “L”
An Ode to the Letter “M”

Middle of the alphabet
Molded like a gem
Most will say there’s nothing worth
More than Letter “M”
Maybe M hates W
Malice with a frown
Mercilessly mocked by him when
M is upside down
An Ode to the Letter “N”

Naughty naughty little N
Never helping me
Nothing useful ever comes from
No and never, none and nor
N is oh so rude
Neighbors M and O must want to
Nix that attitude
An Ode to the Letter “O”
Over, under, bottom, top
Odes to letters never stop
On the day I get to Z
Old and wrinkled, I may be
Or young and youthful, hopefully
Only time will tell, you see
Our lives are short, we need to grind
Otherwise we’re wasting time
An Ode to the Letter “P”

Paper, pencil, pen and ink, in
Prose I’ve grown to speak and think
Public platforms, message boards
Poetic guide of rhythmic chords
Poems are pretty, I think it naught
Pretentious such as some have thought
Pious I shan’t think it so
Poetry shall help me grow
An Ode to the Letter “Q”

Quiet! I must concentrate
Q is hard to satiate
Quarrels make me want to quit
Quirks in words which don’t quite fit
Quorum comes when all are here
Quickly now, our quest is near
Quantify a love for two
Q is married, to the U
An Ode to the Letter “R”

Regal existence, loved from afar
Reality dictates we need Letter R
Rigid and rugged it’s straight and it’s curved
Reading is easy when Rs are preserved

Rallying troops or driving a car?
Really won’t work without Letter R
Reason without one, your point is moot
R runs the game, expect the boot
An Ode to the Letter “S”

Supposed vision we are told will
Save the world today
Sorry if I disagree
So many told to stay
Spite and harm are currently
Sawing through the way
Someday hope for peace and love
So hate will go away
An Ode to the Letter “T”

There never was a letter
That can do as much as me
Think about it really hard and
Thank me when you see
The other letters hate me
Though, because of jealousy
They say it’s not fair that I rhyme
That super easily
An Ode to the Letter “U”

Usually I’d try her number
Unfortunately my hearts asunder
Used to love her, used to hold
Useless now, attempts are cold
Until things change for now I’ll be
Under this cloak of melancholy
Urging progress, longing for more
Unable to close the heart wrenching door
An Ode to the Letter “V”

Very strong, vivaciously
Voltage high, tenaciously
Veer this verse, voraciously
Vaulting over prose you see
Violence in these words you read
Viking frame of mind have we
Vibrant in philosophy
Verbiage is our currency
An Ode to the Letter “W”

Well, here we are
Woe is me!
Winding down, finally
Wrapping up this poetry
We’re almost done, from A to Z
Writing alphabetically
Won’t be long, but wait! We’re not free
W was easy….X will not be
An Ode to the Letter “X”

X can mark the spot I see
Xanax needed this entry
Xi is Greek, it’s fourteen
Xeroxed words, all randomly
Xystus too, as I mentioned Greece
Xebecs sailing open seas
Xerosis I suffer cerebrally
Xenial X was not to me
An Ode to the Letter “Y”

You may think these odes of mine
Yawn-inducing, wastes of time
Yet I attest validity
Yes they’re written passionately
Yesterday I couldn’t show it
Younger me was not a poet
Yearn for greatness, one day bestow it
Years from now, I hope you know it
An Ode to the Letter “Z”

Zealots desired to bless my soul
Zilch is my energy left
Zoned out, these odes have taken their toll
Zoo in my mind, though ’twas deft
Zip up this project, my brain can now rest
Zero letters now lie ahead
Zephyrs now soothe me, caressing my chest
Zodiac today – time for bed
Matt Shao Jun 2019
As we sit here, looking
Across the plains, the sea
One looks at the other
And the other looks at me

He says "Hey, my goodness gracious,
That lady needs a room"
She says "I know, she surely needs one,
This weathers looking gloom"

And as I sit observing
The clouds, they start to rain
The lady pulls her pockets
Naught a penny to her name

Frowning, I sadly watch her
How helpless she must be
To try and find a shelter
That will take her in for free

Then my dreary gaze shifts
To the hill beyond the tree
As the Monster in the Mansion
Stands on his balcony

As he looks upon her
She says "I'll give you all I've got
Please save me from this weather
I ask not for a lot"

Laughing, loudly scoffing
The Monster tilts its head
"Why give my hard earned money?
You should get a job, instead"

Ironically, I'm thinking
As this lady begs and crawls
That the Monster made his fortune
Off of peasants, so he calls

I sigh and cry, just watching
This Monster; not a care
And realize how disheartening
That this life is so unfair
Matt Shao Jun 2019
I ask myself, exactly how
Did I not see as I do now?
What things went on in yesteryear
To blind what I can now see clear

Perhaps it is with every age
Our lens grows sharp with each new page
Time, it makes us wise and true
And strips naïveté from you

The young, the old, we’re all the same
Just wand’ring souls in life’s bored game
We drift and dwell and dream and drink
And hardly ever stop to think

It is the way we’ve always been
‘Twas even said when we’d begin
It will not ever change, I fear
I long for what’s lost: yesteryear
Matt Shao Jun 2019
If you want truth, then look no more
For it is knocking at your door
The hardest thing to think about
Is that which causes us to doubt

You’re wrong. I’m sorry, but it’s so
The question you must ask now, though
Is do I admit that which is right
Or keep on putting up this fight

See, no one likes to admit fault
We treat it like a wound with salt
But if you could just come to term
You’d be shocked at just what you’ll learn

Pride, it sets back you and me
As does it’s partner, vanity
The day you realize this is true
Is the day you’ll meet the real you
Matt Shao Jun 2019
Twenty-twenty, ‘tis said to be
Yet now, so clearly do I see
Hindsight views such times, now lost
To go back I’d pay any cost

Things I wish I’d done, or said
To those who’ve drifted, or lie dead
I wish, so dearly, for the chance
To change what’s now my circumstance

So much sorrow
So much regret
No more tomorrow
They’re gone, and yet

All that’s left to do is clear
I cannot dwell on yesteryear
My choices give no other choice
I’m left with nothing, but my voice

So now I speak the best I can
I try so others understand
What matters can’t be weighed in gold
Its finding those who’s hand you hold
Matt Shao Jun 2019
A raindrop has one chance to fall
To land where it might fulfill all
As do dandelions sway
They, just once, will drift away

Breeze will carry, gently now
The seeds of life that they endow
No second chances, no regrets
One life is what each person gets

Do not be nervous
Feel not afraid
Destroy doubt’s wall
And barricade

Live your life as you want to
Do the things you want to do
Boldly tell the one you love
You’re meant to be and not scared of

Embrace the world as you see fit
For time, we don’t get much of it
Make the most of what you’ve got
Live and laugh and love, a lot
Matt Shao Jun 2019
You ask me why I’m like this
I’ll tell you best I can
Some things have happened in my life
That made me who I am

I used to see things one way
But that way got turned to two
And then I started seeing things
From all these points of view

Everything around me changed
‘Twas different than before
The world revealed itself to me
As it drug me ‘cross the floor

It showed me everything it made
It showed me that I’m lost
It showed me that there’s many more
Who feel the same exhaust

And then, it softly spoke to me
It told me to be strong
And if you let your weakness win
You’re right where you belong
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