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Mikayla Francis Mar 2017
She was your moon but,
You were too busy chasing stars
To realize how much,
She loved you.
Mikayla Francis Feb 2017
You've got that sunshine in your soul
that pep in your step
girl you make the music loose control with that
pep in your step
Girl you don't realize
what you doing to me
got that smile that lights up the town
girl I want to keep you around
Mikayla Francis Nov 2015
I remember the day you told me to leave
I remember how your eyes shined with tears
As if
You were doing this for me
I still feel
Every piece of my heart
You broke
With the simple words
You used to make me feel like I was on top of the world
We could with stand anything
Now you can stand to look at me
I remembered when you kissed my scars and convinced me I was still beautiful
I remember the night you made me lay down my fears
I remember everything about you
How my heart would soar
When you held my hand
I remember how I tried to takeaway
Everything you had ever given me
Like it was possible to remove
The heart beating from my chest
And yet you said you would never leave me
You said you would never lie to me
I still remember everything
Every touch
Because some how you made feel like I was worth it
Like I could fly
I leave my heart closed off
There is nothing but hollow ground where you once walked
The field where we once planted our flowers
Is now barren
You were my sun moon and stars
And I am still trying to
Recover the walls I built
You knocked them down only to
Leave me exposed to my demons
Its funny how
You said you would never leave
But now you’re gone
And I can’t breathe
Because you words haunt me
I still feel your touch
I still feel
Mikayla Francis May 2015
Is where your
arms hold  me close
and you whisper
I'll never
let go
  Nov 2014 Mikayla Francis
Amber Dunn
You are not your disease.
You are not depression.
You are not AIDS.
You are not cancer.
You are not asthma.
You are not your diagnosis.
You are so much more than that.
Do not let your disease control your life.
When you look in the mirror
See yourself,
Not your disease.
Do not let your sickness pull you under.
And yes,
swimming at first is hard.
It feels like you are always drowning.
You can’t breathe.
But don’t give up.
Don’t sink.
Keep on fighting.
You are not a slave to your disease.
It is not an anchor
if you don’t let it be.
I struggle with mental illness everyday. I has been hard trying not to give up. But slowly i'm getting better.
Mikayla Francis Nov 2014
Pressure builds
Hearts Race
Your mind is numb
to everything
around you
Can't Breath
Mikayla Francis Nov 2014
My heart crumbles as you
Go head tell me you hate me
I can't                
Fight the
Tell me
Have I not
                you ?
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