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Micay K Jan 2015
If you were to ask me how I know I love him, I’ll reply with a simple ‘cause I do.’ And if you think thats cliche, I’ll tell you how its impossible to describe the feeling of pure ecstasy I get at just the thought of him, how my heart screams for him when he’s gone, that the feeling of his lips pulling into a smile in sync with mine while we kiss still sends butterflies through my stomach, how just the thought of losing him is the worst pain my heart has ever felt. I’ll tell you how his smile is more beautiful then a sunrise and how his touch still sends shivers down my spine. I’ll tell you how he truly is the most amazing site for me to see and how he makes me feel more than I ever imagined I could. I’ll tell you that I know I love him as well as I know I am me…because nothing else in the world would make sense if my love for him was not true.

If you were to ask me how I know it's over, I'll tell you "cause I do." And if you think that's not a good answer, I'll tell you how every time I look into his eyes I see the same emptiness I saw the night he looked straight into mine and lied. I'll tell you how it's impossible to describe the void feeling I have when I think of him, how my heart screams for me to let him go, that the feeling of his lips on mine send ripples through my stomach. I'll tell you how my heart screams for who he used to be, or who I thought he was. I'd tell you how his smile makes me cringe because I know behind it is a lie. I'll tell you how I truly can not look at him anymore without thinking of her. And her. And her. And her. I'll tell you that I know I am done as well as I know I am me. Because with him, I no longer am me.
Micay K Jan 2015
If I could put my feelings for you into words they would flow beautifully from page to page and sound something like the perfect soliloquy,
but since I'm no good with words I'll simply leave you with this...
Thank you for being mine,
I beg of you to never leave my side.
  Dec 2014 Micay K
Why do we get happy, if in the end we are going to cry?
Why do we love someone, if that person won't even try?
They say we're too young to say our goodbyes,
but what's the point on living if we're just going to die?  
Why do we think so much about what we want to say?
when the person we say it too will hate us the very next day?
They think we're unexpected, even though we're so cliché?
because to them it matters how pretty we are, and how much we weigh...
why do we try so hard to be something we're not?
because the person you're trying for doesn't care a whole lot.
So maybe we should stop living, give the world a change.
put in a little ugly and watch the pain drift away.
So maybe we shouldn't think so much about what we want to say
and maybe stop rushing, have a little delay
we should focus more on breathing instead of living,
we should stop receiving and start a little giving.
stop trying so hard to be something we don't want to be
because all the reasons don't actually impress society.
  Dec 2014 Micay K
I'll bring you face to face with the mirror
That your insecurities have spent years cracking, shattering
And I'll brush the shards of glass aside,
Remove the splinters from your eyes
In a way that finally shows you
You are beautiful,
You are loved,
You are enough.
Micay K Dec 2014
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
and I'm beginning to understand,
every second without you I'm wishing you were here holding my hand.

And I can still feel the warmth of where you lay in my bed,
I still here voice saying "I love you" in my head...
I'm missing you like crazy.

I'm counting down the days til you return,
but it feels like infinity and it makes my heart burn.

I miss your touch, your smell, your smile, your laugh
and I can not wait for the time to pass.

I still feel your arms around my waist
and I miss your kisses on my face,
I can't wait for you to come home.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
and I'm beginning to fathom
because this distance hurts more than I could ever imagine.
Micay K Nov 2014
Our memories go on forever.
I look back a few years and you were there.
I look by my side and you're still here.
you've grown on me through out the years
and now the thought of ever losing you
is like the pain of a serrated knife through my heart
like gasping for breath six feet under.....
there was a moment I knew
I asked "could you tie my shoe?"
and as you did I looked right at you....
and in that moment I knew....
I knew.
now you're ready to leave
but what could I do?
it's selfish to ask you stay
for my sake.
can we pause this moment?
can you stay?
I spend the hours without you wondering how I can make you change your mind
i never want you to go
baby, you're mine....
Micay K Nov 2014
If I could put my thoughts into words,
they would look something like
a stormy night.
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