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Mfena Ortswen Oct 2015
I rolled on my back
The room is pitch black
Why can't I sleep?
I know, I really had to ***

I stumbled off the bed
Carrying my heavy head
Dragging my feet
Lazy eyes closed as I ran into a seat

Cold tiles chilling my sole
I couldn't even think clearly
Staying too late was taking its toll
As I reached the toilet missing it barely

A dreary road it was
On my way back to the room
I stubbed my toe but didn't curse
Right before I collided with a broom

Door shut behind me
I go to greet warm sheets
As I melt into the bed beneath
I know I've never felt more sleepy
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2016
I melt like butter
each time his eyes
settle on me

He smiles and waves
like we're buddies
just coursemates

What he doesn't know
is my gallery is full
of his photos

And the last pages
of my notebooks
are filled with poems

For him, to him
Mfena Ortswen Apr 2016
Swept away by the waves of the ocean
I find that I'm in constant motion
Searching for dry land or an island
Water is my companion, holding my hand
It is always with me, all around
My best friend who won't let me find solid ground
Both of us are stuck
In this friendship brought by ill luck
Both of us are stuck
My best friend who won't let me find solid ground
It is always with me, all around
Water is my companion, holding my hand
Searching for dry land or an island
I find that I'm in constant motion
Swept away by the waves of the ocean
Mfena Ortswen Oct 2016
A vision, clad in pink
Arrests my unworthy eyes
I behold beauty in all its curves and edges
Tantalizing my senses

She stands tall and graceful
Smile, like the fullest moon
Bringing light to a night as dark as I
She's the shine on my dark days

I want to see her again
But I can't look
The sight of her will leave me in such torment
Because she's not mine
She's another's
And I can only look

But I look again
I will stand the torment
For she will be a sweet dream
When I lay to rest tonight
My vision in pink
A picture of a girl in a pink dress inspired this one:)
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2015
I gazed at the moon that night
My eyes looked on at that light
A welcoming shine was that sight
The urge to keep staring I tried to fight

Would I miss such beauty of creation?
Not my own wandering sense of imagination
Can create such enchanting beautification
I laughed at my own artistic limitation

Look! There comes those twinkling dots
Little, but amazing in all sorts
They fill my lingering turbulent thoughts
And tales of theirs I write in jots

Darkness engulfs the vast land
Nighttime brings down its hand
The beauties rise in their lovely band
All made and placed by the Creator's hand
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2015
Dear Sun,
 You whipped my brow
 With your lashes of heat
 You made my mood sour
 Your shadow burnt my feet
 So now you owe me
 Good, I'm glad we both agree

 After wearing me out today
 I ask in good faith
 As you go your way
 In your steady gait
 Take this message for me
 To my friend beyond the sea

 Tell him to come back to me
 I miss him so much already
 My smiles have become very few
 And I'm always sad, always blue
 All I have left of him are
 That keep me in constant

 Be kind Sun, be kind to him
 Give him only warmth, don't
 burn his skin
 Don't forget to tell him all I said
 And tomorrow when I get up
 from bed
 I await his reply from you
 And I hope it's favourable too.
Mfena Ortswen Oct 2015
Blue fingernails
Rest on my shoulder
Pushing me forward
Urging me to be bolder

Blue fingernails
Applaud me loudest
Screaming the roof off
"She's the best!"

Blue fingernails
Shakes my hand
I know I did poorly
But in awe she stands

Blue fingernails
Always supports me
Holds my hand
As tender as can be

She's always beside me
And now I love blue
As much as she does
That much is true
Mfena Ortswen Oct 2015
Layers of white clouds
Masks Sunday afternoon's sky
Bright blue barely seen
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2015
I dream at night
I dream in daylight
I can't stop dreaming
It's a part of my being
I'll only stop dreaming
The day I stop living
Mfena Ortswen Mar 2016
I hear wild wolves
Attacking the peace of the night
Howling 'neath forest trees
Kissing the floors of earth
Hunting for the unsuspecting prey

There she sat
Bathed in moonlight
Eyes like onyx
Staring into the dark

He was prey to her innocence
Was enamored with her beauty
The beast had seen beauty
And wouldn't let it go

He carried her
With as much tenderness
As only a loving heart could

And today I saw her
In the dark coves
Being loved
And loving in return
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2015
Expert fingers
Cradling that brass thing
I have no idea how
But it made my heart sing

In an odd unexpected way
My heart was enraptured in its melodious ring
And as it sang its song
With it my body did swing

An unassuming gent
Holding that instrument of wonder
Played it as he sent
My heart to a place so tender

And as he played with passion
I was overwhelmed by a sweet sensation
In that moment I did bask
As he played the sax.
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2015
She was strong
He was weak
She was young
He was a freak
She was Miss Popular
He was a pauper
She dined with Oprah
He stole for supper
She met him at a bar
He had seen her in Nepal
They had a one night stand
In hotel La Grande
She never wanted to see him again
He couldn't bear the pain
She gave birth to their child
He committed suicide
Mfena Ortswen Nov 2015
Hold me close, it's so cold
Make the first move, I'm not that bold
This cold weather do I loathe
So with your warm skin clothe
My covering tonight
No honey, let's not fight
Arguments do us no good
Be it about money or food
Hold me tonight
Hold me till the morning light
Mfena Ortswen Oct 2015
The day will be light
Darkness will be night
The wind will blow
While rivers flow
The sun will glow
As night creatures lay low
Why trouble incessantly
With what happens tomorrow
As long as earth remains earthly
All will come and go
Mfena Ortswen Jan 2016
At times I forget what love is
But you remind me with your tender kiss
You hold my forehead to your lips
And plant that glow I would not miss

You draw me close into your embrace
And on your chest you place my face
You whisper in my ears loving words of grace
And in that vein my heart starts to race

Your eyes are a bottomless well of promise
And your beating heart is my assurance
That though trouble may throw everything amiss
Our love will remain, true and unending
Mfena Ortswen Oct 2015
"Go to sleep, my sweet
Just close your eyes
I know that you're beat
So ignore these pesky flies
I understand your bed is wood
I know that you're hungry
But Father is bringing us food
And water to drink and do our laundry
I can't sing your lullabies like Mother
I won't even try
I don't want my voice to be a bother
I know it'll make you cry
These little rascal rats
Won't do us no harm
They only care for the cats
That run around the farm
You know Mother had to leave
She was kind, never mean
She always told me to believe
Have faith and never commit a sin
Remember she left that dark night
Promising to be back at first light
But nemesis caught up with her said Father
As he ground her thin bones to powder"

Don't be afraid, my sweet
Father promised not to hurt us again
He locked away his tools in a kit
He will cause us no more pain
He took down Mother's skull in good will
And gave us a warm blanket for the night's chill"

I wish I could say these words to you
But alas! I have no tongue
I know my odd sounds will make you blue
So I'll just keep humming this song"

Oh! Father is home again my love
And in his hand is a whip
A dagger and what looks like a sword
He looks like a predator poised to ****
No worries, whatever happens I'll see you soon
In Paradise, far above the moon
Goodnight my little skeleton sister
Talk to you when all this is over."
Mfena Ortswen Dec 2017
Tell me in whispers the things you fear
I'll bless you with kisses and wipe away every tear
I'll hold you close to my heart and show you what true love is
I'll take you on a journey of unending bliss
Mfena Ortswen Nov 2017
I used to dream
Day and night
Dream of him
In all his might

I used to love
His fiery glow
The gentle curve
Of his little toe

I used to think
Love is forever
But in a blink
He found another

I used to wish
Upon the stars
For his kiss
Even upon Mars

I wish no more
I have found mine
Yesterday he did call
But I had moved on
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2015
It takes two to make a pair
It takes a just judge to be fair
It takes real guts to dare
For life, I'll have you my dear
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2015
Raindrops on my phone
Sitting out in the open air
Have to change my ringtone
Or write a poem and share

Raindrops on my phone
Have to go in now
Still about that tone
What about the mooing of a cow

Raindrops falling outside
More and more
What if it causes a tide
That won't happen I'm sure

Cold seeping into my bones
My blanket is near
About these tones
There's none I prefer

Rain has stopped falling
I'm out in the open air
No one is calling
I'll write a poem and share
I wrote this when I was really bored. Don't take it too seriously.
Mfena Ortswen Mar 2016
The clouds are racing over my head
I am still woozy just getting up from my bed
My dad and brother are roasting yam
Under the Frangipani tree close to the farm
I stagger to where they are
Father stirs the yam ensuring it doesn't become char
My sister emerges from inside
With a knife and plate by her side
There, we divide the morning meal
Everyone eating a fair share to their fill
Mfena Ortswen Nov 2015
A meal for one
Is an unhappy meal
For a meal of fun
Two's the deal!
Mfena Ortswen Dec 2017
The fragrance of your own perfume
Is now a layer of skin on mine
I wear your shirt and jiggle to a tune
I act silly to pretend I am fine

I miss the best and worst of you
The little insecurities and your confidence bordering arrogance
I haven't seen you in a year, more than two
All I have is your shirt, the memory of you
A reminder of my betrayal
For love found and love lost and love reminisced upon.
Mfena Ortswen Nov 2015
Eyes heavy
Mind dull
Body weary
Weak sure

Bed comfy
Pillow fluffy
Sleep now
Good... zzzz.
Mfena Ortswen Dec 2017
Your lips trace kisses along my hairline
You are cooing a nursery rhyme
I thought you may want to channel your inner John Legend
But you tell me the better things in life
Are simple, unforced, innocent
Like seeing through the eyes of a little child
And that was how you loved me
In pure devotion
Mfena Ortswen Oct 2015
Taken by conviction
Taken by belief
This is an admission
There is no relief

Till your will is pleased
Forget about bliss
Till yearning is ceased
Constant pursuit it is

Ever chasing
Never waiting
There's no pacing
Only moving

Till your will is pleased
Forget about bliss
Till yearning is ceased
Constant pursuit it is

When satisfaction comes
Rest still eludes you
For a new venture beckons
And the circle starts again
Mfena Ortswen Nov 2015
All I am allowed to be is a purse
Looked for to be held underarm
My existence made into a curse
Like grass in your tidy farm

I take your name, your identity
You own me, and I am your property
My words means nothing, like jingling keys
I am like a dog kept to stay on a leash

I wait on you like a servant
Prepare your bath and wash your clothes
When it comes to my needs you are adamant
I do not count, I am a necessity you chose

You purchased me from my parents
Now I owe you my life and existence

Our children are yours
But mine to look after when crawling on all fours
When they do good, you take credit
When they fail, your accusations I merit

I become a shadow moving in your patriarchal world
And you wield the authority as a warrior's sword
You don't protect me with it
But stab my heart continuously until there is left no beat

And in the end
I am nothing but the carrier
Of your seeds that
Populate the earth
This piece touches the experience of women in societies that are patriarchal and a woman's place is disregarded. She's looked down upon and not allowed to have an opinion even in her own home. Unfortunately, this is the plight of the women in the society I grew up in. One would expect that civilization and advancement in the state of mind will curb this, but no. Modern day women are still very much oppressed.
Mfena Ortswen Oct 2015
Low lies Mr. Leopard
Locking eyes on his prey
Licking slowly his upper lip
It's antelope for dinner today

A yelp of pain carries across the land
One more antelope is dead in the sand
This hungry leopard feeds to his fill
Tearing apart the flesh of his tactful ****
Mfena Ortswen May 2016
I once saw a man with a lot of hair
Hair all over, hair everywhere

Just so much hair he could be called furry
I didn't take time to stare, I was in a hurry

But I glimpsed some hair on his ears
Though I spent no second pondering how he hears

Some around his nose and
some around his eyes
Much encroaching his mouth as if to say, don't tell lies!

His fingers had the most hair I've seen
I promise I'm not exaggerating just to be mean

As I glanced at the painting of the man with so much hair
I wonder if the artist's creativity was meant to stir fear
Mfena Ortswen May 2016
I lost my innocence in a battle of wits
Over a dinner of boiled rice and fried meats
His debate ground my overrated intelligence to bits
But it wasn't time, I wouldn't call it quits

We went on to the starlit, moonful park
We weren't sightseeing, I had to hit my mark
Everything I said was turned down with a reasonable reason
The more I tried to win the more I kept losing

We walked and talked and I realized
That our supposedly romantic dinner had been politicized
As we stood on my porch and called it a night
His lips touched mine, I didn't put up a fight

I laid a final claim in regards to our banter
His keen eyes widened I'd given him something to ponder
Later that night, I received his call
He asked for a rematch, I smiled, there'd be another date after all
Mfena Ortswen May 2016
Your words flourish like a flower before my eyes
Oh, poet, dear poet, is there an end to the sweetness you bring forth
Now share those endless rhymes with me
Let the essence of your heart through your words live on in my head forever
I've been reading some awesome poems on here and they inspired this spontaneous piece. This is dedicated to all the poets on this site. Keep writing!
Mfena Ortswen May 2016
If you follow the crowd
You'd get lost in it
Become one with it
Thanks to Jim Timonere for that inspired last line.
Mfena Ortswen Mar 2016
Aren't we praying enough?
Has our love gone cold?
Why is there so much heartache?
Why is peace rare like precious gold?
Mfena Ortswen Mar 2016
Home is a lazy day
With earphones on
Sometime in May
When rain has come

Home is a warm bed
And a soft, cozy blanket
A waking yawn at twelve
When morn and noon meet

Home is in the midst of friends
Talking boys or latest trends
Where there is no bad blood
Only love's abiding bond

Home is in my dreams
Buried in faraway things
Things I never had
And might never will
Mfena Ortswen May 2016
When wobbly ***** began to dance
Everyone and everything goes into a trance
How is he able to move his wobbly legs to fluidly
And make those buttery hands move so quickly

***** the Wobbler stunned us all
When he got accepted to a university offshore
He's wobbly feet carried him to the plane and away
My Dad declared, "that boy will do great things, I say!"

Four years later ***** returned home
No one recognized the dark handsome bloke
We watched as he rode the roads in his ride
Each of us wishing to be chosen as his bride

No more uncontrollably shaking or stammering
The new ***** went on to marry Irene
The only girl who had since showed him regard
His best friend, the girl who won his wobbly heart
Mfena Ortswen Mar 2016
Once when my world was blue
You came and turned it anew

You painted it a sunny yellow
And turned goodbyes to hello

You turned my gloomy frowns
Inside out and upside down

My life was a chaotic mess
But now I'm happy and blessed

You turned my head and my world
With your sweet, sweet love
Love you :)

— The End —