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 Jun 2014 mc
i hate you
 Jun 2014 mc
i'm not pushing the shift key
because there's nothing left to capitalize
tantalizing thrones of angry kings
their names synonymous with imperialize

i hate you, and you hate me
one of us is lying, and i won't admit it's me
'cause you're everything i wanted
but you're nothing that I need

hollowed bones and quiet whispers
fill what's left of this tired skin
lonely lovers with lost lives stand in line
and await their goodbyes

so as i smash the space key and i silently brood
i hate the way your eyes flicker, the way you say my name
you claim that nothing is wrong between us
but your expression remains the same

i'm not afraid to tell you i hate you,
i'm afraid of what will proceed
the tyrannizing looks of saints and sinners
all believing i have, indeed, gone insane
for a boy who's afraid of everything
 May 2014 mc
Joahne Lee
 May 2014 mc
Joahne Lee
Why is it,
amongst the cosmos,
the dying stars,
the consuming black holes,
and the never ending galaxies,
I sit here alone,
and think and think.
Of you and you alone:
one person amongst
it all.
 Mar 2014 mc
 Mar 2014 mc
what is love
to someone without
a heart.
 Mar 2014 mc
 Mar 2014 mc
it seems so foolish to write about you
 Mar 2014 mc
for once I want to
dream of me in your
head get trapped in
your nets, see you
pull me from the
seas with your hands
your eyes, your mind
see me, see me, am I
a siren in your thoughts
a beautiful thing in your eyes
caught in your hands, your
mind , see me,
see me.
(c) Brooke Otto 2014
 Mar 2014 mc
i wish i could figure out the
person you've become so i could
stop expecting the old you
to show up at my door.

(by now it would feel
like seeing a
 Mar 2014 mc
when all your scars
fade, will you pretend
you never had them
in the first place?
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