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6.0k · Jun 2013
mc Jun 2013
streetlights ignite
the darkness after nightfall
setting the shadows ablaze
and, all the while,
remain endlessly
unprecedented unattractive unappreciated and unnoticed
despite their best intentions
and unaltered loyalty to illuminate our nights

without them, nighttime wanderers
would be absorbed by the night
and not be seen til morning
they are the only guides left
when twilight swallows the adventurous whole

so this is a thank you
to the undervalued streetlights
5.7k · Jun 2013
good old days
mc Jun 2013
I wish there was a way
to know you're in the good old days
before they're over

because I always take good things for granted
then regret it
when they're gone
and wish for nothing other
than to have those good times back
5.5k · Sep 2013
mc Sep 2013
I always saw myself
as a mere sunflower
in your world of roses
until the night we were lying in your basement
and you quietly admitted
you thought
were the most beautiful flower of them all

now I'm your sunflower
in a world of roses
4.3k · Aug 2013
summer camp lovers
mc Aug 2013
kiss him while you still have the chance

kiss him
because his love will fade
with the summer heat

kiss him again
because his forevers
will turn into nevers

kiss him once more
because summer loves
only lead to winter heartbreaks

kiss him goodbye and never look back
3.8k · Aug 2013
mc Aug 2013
with his flirty smiles,
charming words,
wandering eyes,
and broken promises,
he seems to have
mastered the art of
breaking hearts.
although his masterpiece
would have to be
kissing me once
then never again,
leaving me shattered
with the only remedy being
his heart.
2.7k · Jun 2013
mc Jun 2013
I'll do whatever you want me to do
I'll be whatever you want me to be
because after all this time
it seems like
isn't what you want
1.5k · May 2013
mc May 2013
I think
I would spend
less time being sad
if I didn't fall in love
every time someone
treated me like
I was
1.4k · May 2014
mc May 2014
and I swear to god,
he is Midas
because the memory
of his hand on my waist
makes me feel
1.4k · Feb 2014
mc Feb 2014
you shine so bright
that the weeds in my chest
grew towards you
and bloomed
into flowers
that couldn't be called
anything other than
1.4k · Jun 2013
mc Jun 2013
I have a crush on a boy
who makes me angry
with everything he does

because everything he does
is without
the thought of me

while everything I do
is laced
and clogged with
the thought of him
1.4k · May 2013
mc May 2013
a boy with
a reputation
for breaking hearts
and a smile
that could bring joy
to even the darkest places
is the most dangerous thing
you'll ever want
1.1k · Jun 2013
happy birthday to me
mc Jun 2013
although I feel like
I'll be the only person saying happy birthday
to me today

I'm supposed to be happy
but all I feel is just
1000 · Jun 2013
mc Jun 2013
I seem to write about
a lot
for someone
who's only felt
someone else's
lips on mine

I guess that makes me
sort of a hypocrite
preaching all this love
when I have never
felt love
this isn't really a poem it's just me criticizing myself I guess
958 · Sep 2013
mc Sep 2013
I thought I loved you
while you barely thought of me at all
926 · Jan 2014
mc Jan 2014
he kidnapped my heart
like it was a scared little child
but soon returned it without ransom,
battered and bruised,
with a tone of disgust in his voice
and a distant look on his face.
I guess his greedy mind
got very bored,
very fast
with my broken little heart in his hands.
917 · Aug 2013
long distance
mc Aug 2013
people always say

“you should stay close to the things

that make you happiest to be alive”

but what am I supposed to do

when the thing
that makes me happiest
 to be alive

lives so far away?
911 · Aug 2013
spring cleaning in the fall
mc Aug 2013
I think it's time to clean out my closets
because I tend to keep
everything that reminds me of
and I'm starting to drown in the memories
of wasted dreams
and shattered hearts.
905 · Aug 2013
mc Aug 2013
I always held you in my heart
   while you held me at arms length

but by the time I forced you out of my heart,
   you finally held me in your arms.

After all this heartache,
   my heart is scarred
and I don't know where to hold you.

      (all I know is that your arms feel like home)
892 · Mar 2014
mc Mar 2014
I've begun to hide
the memory of his smile
between my bones
so I can still feel him
fill my empty spaces,
even when he's worlds away
835 · Jun 2013
silver lining
mc Jun 2013
can you find me
a silver lining
cause all my life
they have been hidden away
in the darkest corners
of the night
far beyond my reach
and even far beyond yours

all this searching
led to me thinking that
perhaps I do not get a silver lining
maybe everything is meant to be
and my searching
was for nothing

after all this time lost
with no reward
I have come back to you and
I have realized
I was misguided
this whole time
because you are my silver lining
you have always been a beacon
of sunshine and hope
on my dismal little life

I know I have spent
all my days and
all my nights
for something that has been
beside me
all this time
781 · May 2013
mc May 2013
I can picture us fitting together so nicely
my fingers interlocked with yours
and your intoxicating smiles meant only for me

you’ve been dominant in my heart for so long
I’m not sure how anyone could take your place
and I don’t think anyone ever will

some days my overwhelming feelings
give me a few seconds of courage around you
but then I get scared and can’t manage to say hello
and avoid the eyes that so regularly fill my dreams

we could be perfect
but I can’t bring myself to let you know
770 · Jun 2013
I won't miss missing you
mc Jun 2013
you can only miss someone for so long
before that grievance for their absence
turns to resentment for their presence
and you start to feel
like missing them
isn't so worth it after all
757 · Aug 2013
mc Aug 2013
As the rain drops splattered my face,
I remembered that glorious smile you gave me
while our soaking clothes dripped
and you pulled me into your wet embrace.
Despite the cold,
I think that’s the warmest I’ve ever felt.

As the rain drops splattered my face,
I searched for you in the crowd
and my heart sank like lead
when you were nowhere to be found.

As the rain drops splattered my face,
tear drops quickly followed
because you are gone
and I will no longer be running into your arms.
this is super old and i just found it and liked it so here it is
732 · Jun 2013
mc Jun 2013
when my demons take control,
casting their darkness across my life
and I am left to wander through
the never-ending twilight
you find a way
to shine through the dark
as the lone streetlight
in a world of burnt out bulbs
and burnt out hope
686 · May 2013
mc May 2013
maybe the reason why
I can only write at night
is because that’s when we
were truly us
you first held me in your arms
and nervously kissed my lips
in the faint light of the stars
and now that you’re gone
the light of the stars
illuminates my will
to fill the hole you left
with anything I can
like words of my affection
for the boy that is no longer mine
682 · Mar 2014
since us
mc Mar 2014
and I swear
I could tear my rib cage to shreds
if it meant I'd finally feel something again
*(nothing's really felt like anything
since us)
676 · Jun 2013
I want
mc Jun 2013
I'm tired of only being able to write
about love and heartache

I want to grow
and expand
and mature

I want to learn
about the world
and all that it holds

I want to be my own person
away from the infactuation
and obsession

I want
to be
m o r e
669 · Jun 2013
no such thing as forever
mc Jun 2013
you whispered the empty promise of forever in my ear
and I drank it up,
let it fill my lonely soul

the persuasive ways of lust made me believe everything you said
and that we weren't going anywhere soon

but look where we are now
I haven’t heard your voice in months
and you seem content with your new life without me
without even the thought of me

you’ve taught me that
lasts forever
658 · May 2013
summer afternoons
mc May 2013
everyone always admires

the stars

and the rain

but what about

the sun

on those summer afternoons

where it’s just a little hot

but the breeze cools it down

where you don’t need a sweater

or a bucket for your sweat

where it's easy to be overflowing with joy

instead of complaints about being too hot or too cold

these are the times 
when life is truly lived

the perfect weather

for the perfect memories
650 · Nov 2013
heartbeat (10w)
mc Nov 2013
my heartbeat
has begun
to sound
just like
your name
642 · Dec 2013
subway transfers
mc Dec 2013
it's almost scary how fast
we went from
to subway transfers littering my bedroom floor
from the night that everyone was there
but you

I can't let go of little pieces of paper
with your city
scribbled all over them
because all I have left
is memories of you
635 · Jun 2013
overwhelmed with you
mc Jun 2013
everything I write
has started to sound the same
because its all
for you
about you
because of you
635 · Oct 2013
sick (10w)
mc Oct 2013
I will be sick
if i spend
another night
621 · Jun 2013
happy birthday
mc Jun 2013
happy birthday to the boy
who receives the same gift
(my heart) every year
and who every year
refuses to accept it

happy birthday to me
in 48 hours time
a simple 2 days from now
a simple 2 days from him
a simple 2 days apart

maybe this year he'll realize
that all I want for my birthday
is for him to accept my gift
with all of his heart
and we can live the only day of the year
when we are no longer the same age
with our hearts
intertwined into one
615 · Jun 2013
mc Jun 2013
I've come to hate who I am
because it's not who I wish to be
or who I could be
if I tried

there's so much I want to do
and could do
but I can't
and I won't
because I'm me

I set up all these boundaries for myself
based on nothing other than my discomfort
and my distaste
for change

I know I could be so much more
but being this person
who doesn't ever try
is easy
590 · Nov 2013
any kind of love
mc Nov 2013
courtly love
compassionate love
fatuous love
tragic love
romantic love
I'll take any kind of love
over the emptiness
of unrequited love
588 · May 2013
consequences (10w)
mc May 2013
You have got nothing
to lose
except for
this is my first attempt at one of those 10 word poems and I'm pretty sure my poem viriginity shows
575 · Jun 2014
mc Jun 2014
on the days
where you're still worlds away
and I can feel your absence everywhere,
even inbetween my bones,
I find salvation
in the thought of us even existing
in the same lifetime
and how lucky I am
to be able to love
someone as captivating as you
553 · Sep 2013
mc Sep 2013
the thing I fear the most
is the feeling in the pit of my stomach
when you smile
544 · Mar 2014
mc Mar 2014
somedays he is a snowflake,
and small
and pretty
and solitary.
others, he is a sunset,
and warm
and beautiful
and unique.
but day in and day out,
whether sunset or snowflake,
he is nothing but himself,
and special
and mine.
524 · Jun 2013
38 days 6 hours 26 minutes
mc Jun 2013
take me back

back to the warm sands
and shady trees

back on the water
in the sails boats and canoes

back to the crimson sunsets
and smoky campfires

back with you
where I'm happy

take me home
this isn't really a poem I just miss camp
515 · Sep 2013
princess of wisdom
mc Sep 2013
I once won an award for being wise
everyone clapped
and my friends cheered
and I graciously accepted it
although I'm still not sure
why my name is scrawled
underneath a word
as beautiful
as wisdom

I am everything but wise
in fact, I'd say I'm rather foolish
because after
of broken promises
and shattered hearts
I still looked for you in the crowd
when I received the award
and felt my heart ache
when you didn't
cheer and smile
along with everyone else
499 · May 2013
soul mates
mc May 2013
I don’t think I’ve ever believed in soul mates
that there’s a person out there whose heart beats only for mine

but then I met you

and you smiled that terrible smile
laughed that horrible laugh
and promised me the whole **** world

making me fall in love with

I think you’ve taught me that soul mates really do exist
493 · Jul 2013
heavy heart
mc Jul 2013
I was sure you would be strong enough
to carry my heavy heart
but in time,
you proved you couldn't bear the weight
and now you've left me
with a heart
twice as heavy
as before
487 · Jun 2013
perpetually unrequited
mc Jun 2013
I want to stop
the fluttering in my stomach
whenever you walk in the room
and the ache in my chest
whenever you talk to her

because if you truly wanted me
(like I wish you did)
you would have gotten me
by now

I realize now
that this unrequited love
is going to stay
I just need to get this off my chest and maybe get him out of my heart
485 · Oct 2014
like oxygen
mc Oct 2014
as time went on,
all I wanted was my lungs
to be filled with
because you made me feel alive
in a way oxygen never could.
but, the fact of the matter
is that you can never truly fill your lungs
with the same air twice
so you were there
and then you were gone
and I've been gasping for you ever since
465 · Aug 2013
heartbreaker (10w)
mc Aug 2013
he seems
to have
the art of
breaking hearts
this is an excerpt bye
464 · May 2013
mc May 2013
the afternoon warmth dissipated
but mine did not
when you walked pressed up against me
through the sand

the sun hung low
while my heart soared high
with your fingers laced through mine

a cool breeze raced across the water
as the sky turned a brilliant red
just like my cheeks
when you leaned in to kiss me

the day was coming to an end
but our love was just beginning
463 · Jul 2013
twins (10w)
mc Jul 2013
I think your soul
and my soul
may be
457 · May 2013
mc May 2013
I wrote a poem on a bus
about me
and you
and what used to be us
while driving through downtown Paris

you were back at home
wrapped around her
and your mind
empty of thoughts of me

so I guess
nothing has really changed
I'm still wasting my time pining over you
and you still couldn't care less
despite the miles between us
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