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 Mar 2014 mc
June 2013
 Mar 2014 mc
In June 2013 I made fun
of you because your beard
was scraggly and patchy, but
you smirked and told me to
wait until your birthday,
because by then it would
be there. Well, your birthday
has come and gone and I anticipate
your pictures on instagram waiting for
that cold to strike me down, but you really
do have a beard now.
(c) Brooke Otto 2014
 Mar 2014 mc
Covered in Ivy
 Mar 2014 mc
These old wooden floors shake with each footstep
Cold air seeps through the cracks in the walls

Dust has settled on the piano
These keys haven't been played in far too long

My mind is tired
My dry skin aches
Everything was easier when you were here

I don't remember the last thing you said to me
But I know it wasn't goodbye

What will we think when we look back on this
 Mar 2014 mc
i need you to know
 Mar 2014 mc
you were beautiful
when he whispered it into your ear
in the backseat of his car
with salty lips pressed against your smooth skin

but you were also beautiful
before he told you so
My best friend, cameron, thought of the title for this poem. She is the one who reminds me of this all the time and helps me stay myself  when i forget who i am.
 Mar 2014 mc
Before our time
 Mar 2014 mc
Pure lust hidden behind a crumbling facade
White lies and all the torment they have made
Against the shadow of our past
Before our future was cast
We struggled with ourselves
We struggled by ourselves
We struggled so we might last
 Mar 2014 mc
I didn't admit this to myself until
now but the last night I was half
asleep while we were watching
Harry Potter on my laptop, you
tried to kiss me while i recorded
the pattern in your the way your
chest rose and fell but I pushed
you away because my breath
smelled bad. I can't tell if that
simple act of self-preservation
  was really that---
preservation or self...ish.
(c) Brooke Otto 2014
 Mar 2014 mc
lost among the leaves
 Mar 2014 mc
The sky used to be bright
but now the clouds conceal the sun  

Climbing down from the highest branches
the wind urges me to let go
My wandering mind would soar to the clouds
while my fragile body fell to the ground

I took aim and fired
but my arrow was lost among the leaves
 Feb 2014 mc
a quick thought
 Feb 2014 mc
your mind is a forest, and i
want to carve my initials
onto every tree
 Feb 2014 mc
his fingers dance across
my shoulder blades and down
my arm until they reach my
hands, where they trace patterns
on my palm

you're safe with me, i
he says

                             and i believe him
[ or piano notes you used to play?
whatever it may be, you are filling the
holes in me with something
beautiful that i cannot explain ]
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