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mc Jan 2017
and when i looked at you
i saw the kind of forevers that people swear don't exist,
that people dream about
mc Jan 2017
perhaps it's true
that our memories are built like cities inside us
all skyscrapers
and bright lights
and blind idealism
mc Jan 2017
it's like our skin is magnetic
only attracting the other's
hands and
elbows and
always brushing
skin against skin
forever chaste and accidental
mc Jan 2017
we didn't know each other
but the way he smiled at me made me feel like we did.
all teeth
and gums
i wondered if he could feel my heart
fly out of my chest
and land firmly
in his back pocket.
mc Sep 2015
I scribbled down "*******" 80 times that night
with tears in my eyes and anger in my chest
when no one was looking
I still haven't figured out
if the ******* was
to you
for not being there
or to myself
for still wanting you to be
mc Sep 2015
i'm learning to be less of a thunderstorm
mc Sep 2015
so I lay completely still,
staring into the pitch black that almost seemed to be swallowing me,
and was soon greeted by sleep
rather than the tears I was so sure would come
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