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May 2015
Wrap me up and save
me. I'm drowning in God's
seas again. The waves
are hard to escape. I can't
breathe as the water is filling
up my lungs again. People
gathered to watch my
miserable life end. No
one offered me a hand.
You were the only man
willing to dive and take
the swim. You dragged
me above the waves. Held
my head up and cried in
pain "Please don't do this
again". "Breath in breathe
and out". "Breathe in the
words trembling from my
mouth" "Breathe in these
words of I love you and i'll
always do till the very end"
he said as he dragged me
to the sea shore. Where he
laid my body down. Kissed
my lips and neck. Where
he picked the seaweed
off my golden coloured
dress* ~
Written by
Carolin  Egypt
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