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Mary Alexander Sep 2017
She wanders.
Her soul and body,
Always searching,
Never ceasing.
The waves in her
Soft blue eyes
Roll and crash in
A continuous cycle
Longing for something
More. Always something
Bigger than what
She's given. For
It will never be enough.
For a friend
Mary Alexander Jul 2017
I want to sprint through
Cities with him
Until my heart bursts.
Mary Alexander Jun 2017
The one I lost
Not long ago,
Whose eyes were burdened
Like heavy snow,
Whose heart was closed
And rigid,
Who could not seem
To sleep at night,
His pain-filled eyes
Would smile and grin
And so no one saw
The true pain he was in.
I tried to reach out,
But his ice froze my hand,
Biting right through me
Till I could no longer stand.
About a past love that still confuses me
Mary Alexander Mar 2017
Bright lights are deafening
And sounds cloud my vision.
Voices are magnified and
Spaces are enclosing as I
Gasp for breath, as I
Muffle small cries.
Faces. So many faces
Blurring together and I
Grab at the air, begging it
To quit it's fighting with
My stubborn lungs.
It's incredible.
All this noise, all these screams,
And I haven't moved an inch.
Inside the mind.
Mary Alexander Mar 2017
I could spend days
Months, years,
Trying to figure out
What to say
To you.
But you see,
No amount
Of time
Will help me
To decide
What this feeling is.
It's a mess. An amazing, beautiful mess.
Mary Alexander Mar 2017
His eyes are like the sea.
Filled with a sense of otherness,
Tormented, calm, beautiful, and dangerous
All at once and
I am breathless in return.
its fine im fine
  Feb 2017 Mary Alexander
Bo Burnham
I almost forgot about you today. A sizable
spill of coffee shot me to my feet, holding
up my mocha-soaked notebook like an
unclaimed child. A dozen eyes found
me at once---a security measure meant
to bring shame to a klutz breaking his
social contract. Attention for **** living.
When the pain receded I stood in place
and imagined you brushing your teeth.
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