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 Jan 2015 Marquis Hardy
I refuse to follow a trail
Where others,
carelessly crush
their individuality firmly
into the ground,
willingly hush their hopes and dreams
so they no longer make a sound,
bury them so deep,
they no longer can be found

You do as you please
but darling
listen to my hopes
bellowing below the seas
listen to my dreams
echoing in the breeze
because me?
i'll be blazing a trail so bright
it'll dull the suns light and
bring the trees to their knees.
When his lips met mine,
When I gave in to this other guy,
it all felt wrong.
His skin burnt my skin,
my hands burnt in his grip.
it all felt wrong.
There was nothing there anymore,
nothing there for me to want.
I thought maybe I could get over you.
I'll do to him what you did to me.
But it didn't turn out that way.
Because I wanted to tell him no,
to tell him I'm in love with someone else
to tell him he can go to hell.
But I realized something.
I realize that no matter how many times I say that I love you,
that I'm in love you,
that I want nobody else to know me how you do,
that none of it changes the way that you feel.
How you're never going to love anybody ever again.
How you don't want to love me,
how you want to deny me.
And no matter if I see that you do love me,
you'll deny it.
So when his skin burnt my skin,
I let it burn.
I did not try to extinguish it.
Because you wouldn't care if he had me or not.

But once he left, I fell into my own arms.
I fell into my own arms, and I cried.
Because he will never matter to me.
Because no matter how badly he wants me,
I do not want him.
I want you.
My tears fell, and I held myself.
Because you weren't there to hold me,
and you never will be able to.

— The End —