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  Nov 2014 Margaret
Everyone is fake.

*I just want to find someone real...
Are you real?
- - -
(If you get the title, I love you.)
Margaret Nov 2014
Hey redhead! Redhead redhead! Cherry!
He likes you!
A day in the mall with friends yesterday.
But teenage boys though... :) haha
Margaret Nov 2014
When I was in 4th grade
I wanted to be beautiful
So I put on eye shadow when
My mum couldn't see
In 5th grade, I wanted to be thin
Have long skinny legs
And a flat stomach
And pretty hair
So I curled it
and I straightened it
In 6th grade
I wanted to be popular
and all the popular girls were pretty
So I tried to look like them
So I could meet the new kids
At middle school
In seventh grade
I wanted sleek shiny hair
and a smaller
and pretty eyes
Whiter teeth

And in eighth grade
I wanted to be me

And in ninth grade
I wanted to be free
Margaret Nov 2014
He wasn't always this way
A life  of smoke and ash.
He's A burned house
Only ash remains.

" He wasn't always this way"
I declare.
Not knowing his past.
But knowing no one starts like ashes.

No one starts like the ruins of his old home
Which was burned down
While his mother was still inside
No one starts like his mother ended.

He wasn't always this way.
Now he lives in ashes.
He lives for smolder. Lives for smoke.
Lives for ashes.

With every cigarette he has
Every drug he sells.
He lives in smoke.
Smoke and cinder.
His teenage lungs up in smoke.
His brain fiery addicted.

He said he didn't care.
A life in smoke.
A young life... tossed before the flames

They lick up his soul
He is.

Cindering, smoking


Cauterize the wound.
Obtain life again from the ashes
That were the death of you and your mother.
Like a Phoenix be reborn from the rubble
Smoldering and roaring
You are a beautiful flame.

Obtain beautiful flame.
Not searing flame
So I then I won't have to say
He wasn't always this way.
Margaret Aug 2014
Strum chords
Very urban

Hair in bun
Strum strum

music stops
Forehead creases

I have to go now.
Says Into microphone
If Jillian is on the street, I am on the street. The music man is on the street.
Message me If you want clarification on the meaning of this poem.
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