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wild child Jul 2019
you broke me.

i cried for days & nights

& then one day
i said no more.

no more checking your social media
to see the new girl you followed
no more sending you paragraphs
explaining my love for you
no more calling & leaving voice mails.

most importantly,
no more crying over someone
who doesn’t love me the way i love them.

goodbye, i wish you the best
heartbreak can be beautiful
wild child Jul 2019
the beginning,
sounds so sweet.

but the end

oh sweetie,

just remember to protect your heart.
& know your worth
love yourself more
wild child Jul 2019
do not be scared to fail

your goal is to succeed right?

the only way to succeed

is getting back up every time
  Jul 2019 wild child
Stained Glass
                ......what the heart can't delete."
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