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Portland, ME    nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands
New York    I think I've overstayed my welcome.
Spencer Craig
new york    i am a 16 year old guy just looking for a way to leave my imprint on this vast world. i know that is a ...
Justin G
A poet's poet    Love is aphotic. Brilliance is luminous. In order to grasp either one must sacrifice the many colorations of joyfulness.
A P Taylor
Melbourne    Business type who stumbled upon writing poetry by accident. First a pass time, now somewhat more. Still learning, as no formal training, so all advice ...
28/M/india    Instagram community: @writeweird
🇸🇬    Wield them proud for they are your own. Words are yours to cast in stone. Unsheathe them with reason and rhyme. Reveal them so they ...
Marquis Hardy
Peachtree Corners, GA    Hmmmm... I guess if you read my poetry you'll know more about me than I would have told you myself. One hint though, I am ...
JK Cabresos
M/PH    Hands are stained with poetry. / Romanticist
Dinah M
Just some teenage girl trying her best to express herself.
Peter Tanner
22/M/United States    Poetry is my way of expression. It is a way to share the words I wouldn't say otherwise. I write about nature, love, loneliness, and ...
20/F/Hell    I'm Ciara. I have a passion for words.
Aarav Mittal
India    Hey , Just trying to express my feelings through alphabets and Failing badly
Dr Strange
Atlanta    The shadows are my home, In an abandoned shed I freeze As I rock back and forth thinking to myself Writing down ever letter that ...
Words. W-o-r-d-s. Who decided the letters should be shaped the way they are, and sound the way they do, and gave them their names? And ...
The Noose
30/F/Standing on the gallows    Words are all I have. All original content ©2013-2022 The Noose
Nina MacDonald
Regina, Saskatchewan   
27/M    Writing is just a different way of explaining a view you see
escaping reality    figure me out.
where nature sings    I am a poet who enjoys nature's beauty, who admires it and hope to protect it. I am a kind and respectful young man and ...
san diego    Diego Rodriguez. not much to say just another human being 20 san diego , ca please do enjoy
Eric Ian Huffman
New Jersey    I've come to write.
United States    I'm more violinist than poet. I marathon comedies on Netflix, instrumentals on my I-pod, and bad poetry on my wall. I like music, and awful ...
martin challis
Northern Rivers NSW Aust    Father of 6 (now all adults) Husband to the most beautiful person I know. Lover of poetry that expands thinking, opens the heart and contributes ...
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