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GracefulWords Apr 2015
a new day
a fresh start
sunshine’s ray
bittersweet; ****
GracefulWords Apr 2015
a feather-like touch
brings the scent of rain then goes
whispering away
GracefulWords Feb 2015
a circuit of the planets
a measurement of time
a chance to start anew
another crumpled, used calendar
*the time since I've seen you
GracefulWords Jan 2015
The clamor of attention
The cry of the crowd
This is what she wanted
Her dream, her hope, her song

The only thing that felt 'right'
Was her future as a star
But now she's finally here
And realizing she was wrong
GracefulWords Dec 2014
Fear knocks
And I reason
It away

Grudges knock
And they're gone
Within a day

Doubt knocks
But it I
Will allay

Monotony knocks
From the path
I'll stray

Pressure knocks
But that I
Can delay

You knock-
And insist
You'll stay
GracefulWords Dec 2014
Is just a
Jumbled mix
Of words, shaped
And shifted according
To the writer's every whim-
Lovely, gray, unexpected, cliche,
Harsh, crisp, ragged, soft, or pointed
As an
GracefulWords Dec 2014
Sometimes I sit here
wonder about you.

Have you come near?
Have you gone away?

Do you look in the mirror
See how you've changed?

Are your memories clear
Can you not picture me?

When you're quiet, do I appear
Your thoughts like you do in mine?

Am I as great a fear
You as you are to me?
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