louis rams Sep 2014

We were lying naked in bed, covered in sweat
From feet to head.
The lovemaking we shared
Was far beyond compare.
Our bodies had become as one
In a fast rhythmical beat
Sending waves of passion
Ever so sweet.
Like the sky meeting the ocean
And you can’t see where one begins
And the other one ends.
For we became lovers
After becoming friends.
We was exhausted, and our minds
Became as blank as can be.
But our souls was released
And our hearts set free.
We never knew how beautiful
Lovemaking could be
Till I found you, and you found me.
It had created a passion deep inside
A passion that we couldn’t hide.
And as I laid on top of you
I knew just what I had to do.
I kissed your lips once again
As I caressed your face
I felt you tighten your warm embrace.
If I wanted to be inside of you
Then I would have to marry you
For we was meant to be
Living together eternally.

louis rams

louis rams Sep 2014

to all my co poets here on HELLO POETRY
I like to thank all of you for all the responses on my poems about blindness.
it made me feel so good that I decided to write one this morning
I hope this will touch you as it touched me
when I was writing it.         BLESSINGS POETLOU

          No such thing as handicapped                             (9/23/14)

Born deaf and not a sound to be heard
Sign language was her only words
Longing to hear any sound at all, even the bouncing of a ball
To know what it would be like to hear a robin sing
And the sounds of early spring.
She learned to read lips and could feel the vibrations of musical sounds.
The sensitivity in her fingers had gotten so good
That the music she understood.
She found that the guitar vibrations she could feel more
And it opened up a brand new door.
Her mother saw the joy that the guitar did bring
So she bought a guitar with everything.
The amplified speakers did rock the floor
Even through her closed door.
She learned to play guitar and write music too
And showed the other children just what to do.
Soon afterwards she created a band in the
SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF and showed others that there is no such thing
As HANDICAPPED, and that only happens when you turn your back.
               HOPE, FAITH, LOVE

louis rams Sep 2014

When I was a child I climbed the tallest tree that I could find
To see all the beauties that GOD left behind.
I've never been to any snow capped mountain
Or ever climbed the highest peak
But he shows me words and lays them at my feet.

I see the baseball field where my friends and I would play
And I see the patch of grass where my head would lay.
I see myself laying there as the world passes by
Counting every cloud that's high up in the sky.

I feel the summer breeze as it passes through my hair
Ever so gentle- much more than I could bare.
I climbed up higher at least sixty feet above the ground
Just so I could hear all those familiar sounds.

The birds singing tunes to delight the ears
Wiping away all those childish fears.
I gazed across the park taking in all the sights
Watching younger children in the sprinklers
Jumping with delight.

I felt myself getting light headed, but not because of the height
But because of the words which I knew I could not fight.
So I climbed down from the tree, and said a little prayer
For the words he had given me
I knew that I must share.

This was my first inkling for what was in store for me
That was when I knew- I had to write poetry

louis rams Sep 2014

You was out on the streets at such a young age
Because of what you went through, you felt so ashamed
You ask yourself: “was it something that I had done? ”
“Did I hurt anyone? “
Why I was physically and sexually abused at such a young age?
Is this an adult stage?
So many questions going through your mind
Keeping you thinking all the time.
Who can I turn to? Where can I go? Will it ever change? I don’t know!
My heart and mind are bursting to be free, and it is something I do foresee!
Living in the streets with predators all around – no safe place can be found.
Pimps and human traffickers are waiting on the streets
Offering them shelter and something to eat.
Taking advantage of the situation they’re in
And knowing fully that they will win.
Hunger and fear rule their minds, to the point that they become blind.
This is the advantage point that these predators need
And on their weaknesses they do feed.
You ran away from home because of the abuse and pain
To find out on the streets it’s still the same.
Thoughts and realizations are in your mind
And to be free will take time.
But with determination you move ahead
And your fears you can put to bed.
You must now help the others by showing them the way
Cause on the streets they cannot stay.

louis rams Sep 2014

it does not matter if you're male or female
in the mind of a abuser
they will always prevail.
when you allow the abuse from the start
in you life, it becomes a part.

whether it's verbal or physical, it matters not
you let it start, and it won't stop.
the verbal can be more damaging than the physical
because it becomes daily.

like a sculptor chipping away at its mold
until it becomes the way that they want it to be.
and if you don't stop it
you will never be free.

they do it because of their own inadequacy.
which is something that their mind won't see.
how much abuse should you take
before it becomes much to late?

the verbal abuser will always put you to the ground
and expect you to not make a sound.
they will tell you that you was put here to serve.
and to make a move, you have no nerve.

that you must obey their every command
and that you are the scum of the land.
if you have no - or low self esteem
it is something which will be seen.

and when an abuser has you in their sight
no matter what you do, it won't be right.
STOP the abuse, before it's too late.
for this can not be your destined fate.

the verbal abuse will always start first
then from there, it will get worse.
YOU must walk away, so that they can see
a victim you will not be.

(abuse is like a broken tool, it could damage whatever is good)

louis rams Sep 2014

She told him: you can have my body and all the rest
Since you tore the heart out of my chest.
Do what you want with it if you will, for tender hearts you learned to kill.
Has the thought ever entered your mind, that love for you
Could be so blind?
You say that love is just a tool. That is used by a fool!
There is no such thing as love just human desire
And we must learn to put out the fire!
We have become putty in your hands, and how to mold you understand.
The feelings you showed was just a ploy, so you could get in and destroy.
She had been hurt by love so many times before
That she decided to close the door. No longer would she let anything in
Unless it was a love that she could win.
The men in her life were vultures tearing her flesh apart
Just to get to her heart.
No one knows the strength of a woman with a broken heart
That has been shattered and torn apart.
Like a rubber ball, she will bounce back, and the odds against abuse will be stacked. She has learned from day to day that with her heart you will not play.
With the strength of a tiger she will attack and there will be no turning back
She will tear at your heart the way it was done to her and laid at her feet
For all the other vultures who want to eat.

louis rams Sep 2014

Let’s stand up to those bullies who think
Gay bashing is fun.
If it happened to one of your family members
Would you stand up and fight? Or would you run?

If you found out it was your mother
Who liked the same gender.
Would you say something to offend her.

A 13 year old in Texas shot himself for being gay
Another 13 years old also hung himself.
And now a freshman from
Rutgers college jumped off the George Washington bridge
Because two people thought it was funny, so they
Taped him that day.

Gays have been around since the beginning of time
Open your eyes, you’re not blind.
They live, they work, they play, the same as you
And their lives they’ll give for their country too.

They don’t tell you who you can and can not love
These all come from up above.
If GOD had made us exactly alike
Then we would really argue and fight.
You would be making love to yourself
Because there would not be anything else.

How many more lives must be taken
Before you are really awakened.
Bullying doesn’t only apply to gay bashing.

People who talk down to you because
You may not be as smart, or as good looking
Or as slim as them.
Don’t you feel like they offend?

We are all at the bottom of that totem pole
Even the ones who think they’re in control.
Is Roy smarter than me? does Sheila
Have a better body than me?
Everyone has their doubts, but that’s
What life is all about.

So before you start to put anyone else down
Turn and look around
They may be talking about you
The same way that you want to do.

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