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olivia anne Aug 19
i’m so used
to instant attraction
that i overlooked you
for years.
now i look back
and can’t believe i missed all the signs
you were there the entire time
standing beside me as i picked the guy on the other side.
smiling at me as i chose a smile through the phone.
olivia anne Aug 19
thank you
for telling me i’m better off
without you.
thank you for saying i can do better.
thank you for offering to be there for me.
my heart said goodbye to you last night.
i am at peace
for the first time
since the day i met you.
i can’t thank you enough for helping me let go.
i never knew why
i wasn’t comfortable letting go completely.
thank you for closure.
goodnight ian
olivia anne Aug 19
i think i might have finally gotten it right.
my breathing is steady,
my smile is wide,
and my worries dissipate
more and more
day by day.
olivia anne Jul 8
you asked to read my poems
and i couldn’t show you
out of fear
that you would see me-
who i really am-
and run for the hills.
there’s not many about you,
but i don’t want you to read my heart and never want to see me again.
olivia anne Jul 8
thank you for teaching me
about boundaries
and respect
and self-control.
thank you for showing me
when you could have shown me
thank you for accepting apologies
that were two years too late
and continuing to inspire me
to reach for something more.
sorry for leaning my head on your shoulder during the movie two years ago. thanks for loving me anyway.
olivia anne Jun 16
being free from you
makes me wonder
why i ever
wanted you in the first place.
it’s been over a week since the last time we spoke
and i almost don’t miss you at all.
olivia anne Jun 15
something about you
always reminds me
of who i could have become.
when a child whispers her wishes into the stars
they become you.
i hope you accomplish all your dreams. please design me a beautiful house one day :)
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