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Life was a walking disaster he ******* everything up even with the slightest touch.
And here was love, she was innocent, fragile and genuine.
They walked the same path but with different worlds.
But even the most different people had the slightest thing in common and it was ending up all alone.
Life met people, he grew attached to them and ended up wounding each one.
There came hate, anger, fury and more.
He took something.He did something.That was him. Unconsciously selfish.
He did try to give them back but then, it was never enough, it was never the same.
But here was love,she did everything to keep those people by her side.
Giving them everything she had,
Leaving a piece of her with them.
She shared, she did.
But then even if it was everything,It can't be enough
She thought, "would I ever be enough?"
Those two people sat down the same bench thinking why they ever always ended up all alone.
So when life saw love, she was sobbing and he thought,
she was the most genuine thing he ever saw.
Right there he again thought, there seemed to be a force that made him look at her differently.
She was beautiful,truly marvelous.
She had golden hair and white porcelain skin.
Cheeks that glowed and eyes that weeped beautifully.
He got the courage to talk to her.
"Oh, hello."
"What are you crying about and all alone?"
Love was hesitant to answer but then again she did.
"It seemed to be that I am never enough for anybody even if I did give everything I had."
"Well, I've had the same problem but a little more different than yours."
"How is that?"
"Well, I'm selfish.I do not want to hurt those people intentionally but I do end up hurting them and I end up being all alone."
A week has passed since they met.
A month,
A year...
"Do you believe that things happen for a reason?"
"Yes I do."
"I think we met for a reason.And this reason is whatever I do is when you're here it makes everything beautiful and worthwhile.I love you my darling and to me you are enough."
The simple fact is that, it doesn't take much to make someone else happy.

A simple act if kindness like :

A tight hug
A compliment
A letter
A genuine smile

All these things take hardly any time.
And they could make somebody's:


It could save them.
Spare a second for someone,and maybe they will do the same.

Be a nice person.
Is not that hard
I'm pathetically in love with YOU
I sat  alone in a dark corner of my room,
As you're also in the corner of my mind.
Suddenly,I saw the glimpse of the lights up in the sky.
They sparkle as they fall afterwards.
They do disappear but another one comes to constantly bring magic.
Its magic,i call it magic.
Well,because,even in the darkest moments of my life
Something always comes along to show how magical and mysterious life is.
True,that I am young and in love.
These stars that rise and fall,leave me a mark.
In my eyes,in my heart shall they remain.
It made me feel like Alice,I am in wonderland.
Momentum, a  force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes.
I don't like loving you,
Because as each day passes,
It grows.
Like moments,each of them is unique in our eyes,
As you are.
You are the moment in my life,the force that allows my love for you to grow as time passes.
*You're my momentum.
I stand watching the stars rise and fall
I was sharing them with you
Even if we're far apart.
Why can't I write?
Why can I no longer bleed words?
Has life taken that much of a toll
That I can no longer write about my world?

Isn't pain or happiness supposed to inspire a beautiful or heart wrenching poem?
I am currently experiencing both feelings in my life, but the words still do not show.

I spend hours on a keyboard, and weeks on my phone; trying to type a simple tiny poem.

But the blank page stares at me, mocking my lack of inspiration. I feel a lack of dedication and not an ounce of motivation.

I've lost it...

I can no longer express my feelings through ink or through the keys on a computer. I thought this was my skill, but I guess writing is no longer in my future.
Let me know what you think. I haven't wrote in a while. Comment and favorite (:

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