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May 2015 · 293
This. Is. Me.
Lexy Hermosillo May 2015
As I’m standing in the mirror in front of me, the ironic thing is that I don’t see me.
I see someone with all these imperfections, hard life lessons, and obstacles that are yet to come.
This. Is. Me.
I’ve come to embrace who I am, instead of who I wanted to be.
I tried, I begged to be that person. I even had to plead, but
I’ve come to accept
This. Is me.

Society has a funny way of putting ideas into our head
Making lies sound truthful, to the point where you would rather be dead,
but there’s something you need to realize.
The newest thing is the thing you love the most
The old turns into nothing, and is as dead as a ghost.
Of course your reflection is like an overdose.
Too much to handle, and too much to intake.
So Please.
For your sake
And you get to that stage
Where you know you cant change
Where you just want to yell and throw things in rage.
Speak confidently.
This. Is. Me.

The thing about college is that you find out who you really are.
No hiding, no running, no covering what’s under the surface
I’ve learned many lessons that I haven’t been yet refurbished.
But ive come to accept
This. Is. me.
The scariest thing about college isn’t the classes, the professors, but you.
Its in a corner where you can’t escape, and your biggest enemy is the truth.
You think you’ve got it all figured out, but your plans came crashing down.
Where there you awoke with all your dreams shattered on the ground.
Its terrifying, heart- wrenching, and sickening you might say it felt
Because when I say “you”, I’m really referring to myself
But I’ve come to accept
This. Is. Me

You can either grow, or have your reflection
Ultimately its your decision whether you help
Dec 2014 · 980
Bad Blood
Lexy Hermosillo Dec 2014
The secrets and feelings all had a spotlight on them now.
Underhanded moves,pretty lies, and twisted words.
They all didn't matter anymore
The game was over.

Blame it on me. Say its my fault. Say I left you all alone with a broken heart.
How was I winning a game I didn't know existed?
You had a number of suspects already listed
And I was wrongly accused
That's usually how the losers lose.

But playing this game was like Russian Roulette
Seeing who would lose to the first bullet.
We both shot at the same time
Same force, and same gun.
That's why none of us really won.

Now your'e on the opposite side of things.
Glaring, Staring, and Whispering into someones ear.
Here I am, doing the same thing.
Were at a stalemate, but were both in fear.
None of us want to raise our white flags first.
Dec 2014 · 506
Back to the Future
Lexy Hermosillo Dec 2014
Just the other day I saw you.
Same nike shoes, ray ban glasses....
New haircut, looks nice.
But I just cant help myself from having flashbacks
I remember walking, talking with you. I...
I remember.

I was thinking about us, thinking about me, thinking about us. Whats it going to be?
Opened my eyes and realized it was just a dream
A dream that would remain dead and cold ,and anything but a a reality.

But that was back when it took 5 seconds to need you
Channing Tatum to leave you
and a phone call to make my day.
I remember. I remember.

But tell me why did you have to make things so complicated.
Make something so ugly than what we made it?
You remember the canvas of colors that we painted
that you out of carelessness painted gray.
I refuse to let something so small affect me in a big way.
You gotta understand thats why I let it slip away.

It's funny how three words "I love you" can hold a big meaning yet be said without one.
So, let these next seven words be that you remember.
We are never ever getting back together.

— The End —