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Dec 2014
Just the other day I saw you.
Same nike shoes, ray ban glasses....
New haircut, looks nice.
But I just cant help myself from having flashbacks
I remember walking, talking with you. I...
I remember.

I was thinking about us, thinking about me, thinking about us. Whats it going to be?
Opened my eyes and realized it was just a dream
A dream that would remain dead and cold ,and anything but a a reality.

But that was back when it took 5 seconds to need you
Channing Tatum to leave you
and a phone call to make my day.
I remember. I remember.

But tell me why did you have to make things so complicated.
Make something so ugly than what we made it?
You remember the canvas of colors that we painted
that you out of carelessness painted gray.
I refuse to let something so small affect me in a big way.
You gotta understand thats why I let it slip away.

It's funny how three words "I love you" can hold a big meaning yet be said without one.
So, let these next seven words be that you remember.
We are never ever getting back together.
Lexy Hermosillo
Written by
Lexy Hermosillo
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