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Lakshita May 2020
Me and the inhaler,
Go hand in hand.

Neither I nor him,
Can exist without another.

Am I suffering from the insomnia?
Or is it just the absence of him?

Wandering whole night,
Just one thought in mind,
"Only if I had him by my side."
Life without an inhaler is tough.
Lakshita Jul 2019
Dear Sunset,
Although I'm acrophobic
Sometimes I want to forget my fear
Only to see you.
Lakshita Jul 2019
Dear Sunset , I'm envious.
Envious of your beauty,
Envious of these clouds who cover you everyday.
Lakshita Apr 2018
It was dark outside,
Loud rain drops tampered
on my window,
Smell of wet soil hit the air.

I was sitting in my window
and my mind swirled in
the fictional world.

I could see Harry on his broom,
And Will,  Tessa and Jem sitting

Charlie was again writing his diary,
And Jane was reading a book.

Sherlock and Dr. Watson were chasing
a culprit
While avengers were saving the world.

Lucy with her siblings was
ruling the Narnia
While Fred and George were pranking
the other students.

I could see Alice wandering in wonderland,
And I could also see Naomi with the three musketeers arguing.

I could hear Grover playing his pipes,
And Percy and Annabeth were kissing.

Then the rain stopped abruptly,
Bringing me back to the real world,
Leaving me in a state of melancholy.
  Mar 2018 Lakshita
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
  Feb 2018 Lakshita
Amanda Kay Burke
Oh sunset, your aura still lingers,
A charming shade across the sky,
A perfect watercolor painting,
The first sign of day waving goodbye.

Oh sunset, you're so beautiful,
Your colors paint the air,
Flashes of the brightest hues,
You leave traces everywhere.

Oh sunset, how you grin,
With such a cheerful light,
Your lovely warmth is always,
An unexpected delight.

Oh sunset how you have lit my path,
Tolerated my blurry tears,
You're a familiar place, where I've loved and lost,
But still you remain, despite the cruel years.

Oh sunset, now you're dancing,
Alive, and carelessly free,
Sunset im feeling jealous,
Oh I wish that could be me.

Oh sunset, how fleeting, mysterious,
You never do stay for long,
Just enough moments to make me realize,
What in my life is so very wrong.

Oh sunset I despise your tricks,
The way you flirt with the sky,
I am not as easily deceived,
I see right through your lie.

Oh sunset i see youre wilting,
but please don't go just yet,
I need your flimsy arms to hold me,
and im scared i will forget.

Oh sunset, you fade, silent as always,
A trickle of fear touches my heart,
A sliver of doubt is all that I need,
To tear this beauty apart.

Oh sunset, you smile, wink, just play,
Deciding it's time to make haste,
So gone is the promise of comfort and love,
All hopes, all dreams; a silly waste.

The treetops aloft are golden,
but shadows are closing in,
Oh sunset i would love you more,
If you werent so weak, such a coward, a fool,
To  let the darkness win.
Funny story; I wrote this in my head while on a walk and jotted it down the best I could for what I remembered, and then I lost it so I tried to write it again, now I have stumbled across the old one so I combined them to make one seamless piece of art.
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