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  Nov 2017 killjoy
Jackie Mead
Today on Plymouth ***, stood showing our respects.
Amongst the ceramic poppies
standing, tall proud and *****.
An installation of "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red"
Each one representing a life lost at war
Reminding us life is precious, Lest we Forget.
The least we can do is buy a Poppy.

Support your local heroes buy a Poppy this November.
Seems right to post this again today in remembrance of  all lost lives in all wars.
Thank you for giving your life do we can live.  
Went to visit the Poppy installation on Plymouth *** today, stunningly beautiful and very thought provoking, the original installation at the tower of London in 2014 had 886,000 ceramic poppies, each one representing a British soldier killed in WW1, most were sold off to raise funds for services charities the rest have been touring the country
killjoy Nov 2017
Do you really think your nothing?
You will always meet people that discourage you
To hid behind masks and in the deepest shadow
But you will also meet people that will surprise you
Let them be change of the old or the refreshment of new
There are so many people on Earth;
Why be hung upon a single person
Who came by and ruined your day
Don't let them assume that they ruined your life
Come back to the warm memories
Where sun shines ever so bright
Despite knowing that night will eventually come
Still stand your ground and say
"I lived a happy life, to fullest and to the best as I can claim"
Because there is 7.6 billion people on Earth and counting
Always new people just around the corner seeking
That next person who might also surprise them
And then you will definitely be something
Something very dear with lots of love given and receiven
killjoy Nov 2017
I love Life and I love Death
For Life giveth pleasure and pain
For Death taketh away pain and gain
But I will always love Life more than Death
So let Death be my wife and Life my secret mistress
As I always know Life cometh but must be whisked away
While Death shall remain by my side from birth to my death
And although Life and Death will never meet
I still feel secretly guilty for dancing in between
But I am the light that never dies
And I am the darkness that forever stays
If not by the side of Life and Death
Who else can I be, can you make a guess?
  Oct 2017 killjoy
Dazed Dreaming
I'd rather be hard to love.
Than easy to leave.
killjoy Oct 2017
I don't think I'm tired of you
I think your tired of me

What else could explain
Your disinterest in me

You just stare at your phone
Is there really nothing to tell

An awkward silence for
What should be joyous gathering

I tried to make it work
But you always let me down

I'm sorry to say
I'm not gonna stick around

When you aren't willing to
Even care unless I care first

All I can apologize for
Is that I didn't have patient nor time

To stick around for forever friendship
That we once promised each other

And don't let me feel guilty of
Searching for new friendship

As I gotta fill the spot
That is still warm from you sitting

I look toward the new horizon
Wondering who my new friend will be

And with bitter sadness from parting
And sweet lingering memories

I say goodbye to my once close friend
Whom I'm sure is fine without me
killjoy Oct 2017
sometimes it's really hard to pop the bubbles
they slip and slide between swing of my hands and fingers
still, i always gave it a heartfelt chase even when I stumble
looking closer, they have amazing scope of colours which lingers

so do you know what i'm talking about with bubbles
the invisible bubble that seem to surround individual people
i give myself gasping excuses that slowly crumbles
that they are too preoccupied with their own unique prequel

i never realize i have built those bubbles
with my own two soapy hands
seeing many bubbles that seem to multiply in doubles
i continue to swipe, but they form a tighter band

sooner or later though they seem to dissolve
and here I sit left wondering about wondering
how everyone is doing; a simple question to solve
in my tiny steaming bathtub where i lay pondering
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