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Kakiara Aug 2015
she did not want anyone
to understand her

she did not want the world
to understand her

she did not want the sky nor the ground
to understand her

she just wanted
   to understand
  Mar 2015 Kakiara
You're a one night stand
But we spent too many nights
I lost count of it.

You're that unexpected kiss
On a drunken wasted night
Of vomits and *****.

You're that awkward hi
Exchanged by strangers who
Thought they both knew each other
But were clearly mistaken for another.

You're the bruise that turns blue
When I accidentally bump my leg
On the corner of the bed.

You're the scar that I never
Knew I had.

You're the bittersweet taste in
My mouth every morning.

You're the last thought lingering
In my head before slumber takes me
And you're the vagueness that
Haunts me in my dreams.

You're the scalding hot shower
In a cold freezing morning.

You're the boiling tea that numbs
My tongue for the rest of the day.

You're the obsession
I will never learn to let go of.

You're that person I will
Never get to call mine.

You're the one that got away.
Kakiara Mar 2015
In a day like this, even raindrops sounds like thunder
for every spark of lighting, comes a wonder
why this?
why now?
it remains a question within
throughout time it's gone

but the sky is thunderous
and those eyes never blink a second
Kakiara Nov 2014
those feet were walking slowly

head bowed to the ground

nobody understands

living in black and white

how does loneliness feel?



those feet are running

suddenly light radiates its colors

I'm stunned

       I can't follow, I can't keep the light

the loneliness, it's like night breeze

leaves and trees, the moon comes and goes

but those feet keep running away from me.
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