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Kenny Anthony Nov 2020
ive come a long ways
from planning the end of my days
-from a fake smile
to only crying once in awhile.
i thought my days were numbered,
addicted and a drunkard .
but years of pain, i recovered.
thought to be insane,
i remembered.

to be happy.
Kenny Anthony Oct 2020
the earth was nothing but a pea
where as her heart was beyond what she could see
with lives slipping through her fingers
she wanted nothing more but to be free
free from a corrupt planet
free from diversity.
she wanted trees to have peace
not cut for money.
but could she make a difference?
could she raise her voice?
one of 7 billion,
was it really her choice?
all in all , she got her share.
the war on drugs was just a dare.
****** over by the government,
a said, "perfect life."

no one knows were just an experiment
Kenny Anthony Oct 2020
I miss our meadow, where we use to roam. Where we use to laugh, and smile and dance and forget about all the darkness in the world. Where we were free to be ourselves, and love one another. I miss the  simplicity of growing up with you, never knowing what the future might hold, or why for that matter. I loved the way you spoke about the sea, and how big your heart would expand to the mear thought of it. You loved the way I spoke of the forest, cause it was the only place I could go to quiet the demons. Most of all, I miss the sound of your voice, the happiness it sprung from hearing the sound of mine. You dont get another twinflame, until we meet again my shining star.
Kenny Anthony Oct 2020
Tell me your secrets, I want to know your life. Ill hold on to your grievance, and leave you without a strife. Your memories will tell me stories, your smile will show me your soul. We’ll walk up to the observatory, i’ll figure out this loophole.
Kenny Anthony Oct 2020
I am not the monster inside my head, i light the path for the many whom are dead, a gatekeeper unto what must be said. I walk the earth and live for lost souls.
Kenny Anthony Oct 2020
late one evening,
counting specs on the ceiling
slow, constant breathing
i realized a weird feeling-
a long lost friend..
could i be dreaming ?
of something so demeaning.
10 years back
still intact,
happy as can be-
and that was just a fact..
but smiles fade
so does your sanity
not sure what I made
but its pure vanity.
and dreadfully vapid..
Kenny Anthony Sep 2020
she doesnt understand a world so cold,
she grew up full of love
and a soul so old.
ancient wisdom and a nurturing for the free, she is light;
and speaks for the trees.
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