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  Jan 2016 Kendal Cooper
Mystery Girl
There's a storm raging in my eyes
And with it comes a force so strong
It'll knock you off your feet
So be careful
I'll destroy you if you aren't
Don't get too close
It might blow you away
My misty gale
Kendal Cooper Dec 2015
I am an activist,
but I am indolent.
I am an artist,
who rarely produces craft.
I am a peaceful soul,
restricted by anxiety.
A destructive hippie.
Someone who is outspoken,
yet never heard.
A lover filled with despise.
A musician who resides in silence.
A Gemini born in July.
I cannot stand hypocrites,
I am one.
The idea of this little poem was born when asked to describe myself. We are together. Blessed be my loves.
  Dec 2015 Kendal Cooper
Vernon Waring
i will ban

i will banish

i will evict

i will exile
          all punctuation

i will relegate all of these to the
          circular file of written expression

it is time
at long last
for words to
squirm and falter
but ultimately prevail
in their singular
  Dec 2015 Kendal Cooper
Kendra Wilson
No matter how strong I seem about the
subject of love...
I hope someone will love me
I don't want to FEEL EMPTY anymore
   to the point where I am UNUSED VACANCY
I want to GROW old WITH SOMEONE.

But if not...
I'LL do what has to be done, DIE EARLY,
die LONELY, EMPTY, memories torturing me, searching for a soul to share with.

But you know LOVE doesn't EXIST.
well hello again.
Kendal Cooper Nov 2015
How long has it been
since the day we met?
But not in days
in heart beats.
How has my blood pumped
for you?
How many notes
in how many songs
that now sound of hollow noise.
What amount of teeth
have slipped out
from the lips of a smile?
How many were a facade?
And how many more
must pass before
I may close my eyes
and learn to forget.
Nighttime feelings have awoken. Hope you are all doing lovely. We are together. Blessed be my loves.
Kendal Cooper Nov 2015
Throughout my short lifetime
a contradiction has passed through my ear canals many a times.

"People always change".
"People never change".

For awhile it riddled me
these silly little strings o' words.

It has now become clear to me,
an ever-flowing pool of freshwater.

Beings do adapt.
Evolve, rather.

The cells of our body split and die,
new tissue and organs form.
Follicles encase new hair that arises from our skin.
The person that we believed we knew so well,

It brings fascination to me
that the things that may seem so common will one day be newborn experiences.

Reliving something old for the first time again,
refreshing ain't it?

And while change may not be the correct word for it, I disagree with the statement that "people never change".

We are all becoming someone new.
All feedback is good feedback, my friends. Have a lovely evening. We are together. Blessed be.
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