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 Nov 2015 Kelly
 Nov 2015 Kelly
I just love the way she talks
When we stand beside and walk.
I love that smile of hers
It's not like the other girls
I love her laughter
It makes everyday so much better
I love the way she looks into my eyes
She doesn't do it to any other guys
I love everything about her
Because I love her.
I know. :)
 Nov 2015 Kelly
Denel Kessler
You must begin early
while it is cool and your head clear
discernment, a sharpened tine
probing the rocky darkness
for all things latent and destructive.

Be aware that the velvet sage
of the leaves belies their power
to take over every space, remember
roots burrow deep, anchoring in
fissures we don’t even know exist.

You must delve as close
to the origin as possible
or the **** you think eradicated
will bide its time, germinating
in the still secret ground

waiting for light
to penetrate the moist earth
waking the sprout
who voraciously pushes up and out
a curled blemish

in your otherwise carefully tended garden.
 Nov 2015 Kelly
 Nov 2015 Kelly
I know a story, sentimental or not,
a story of a pair of twin, in love with all they got,
may it be an assumption, but one seemed to rot,
and in all obviousness, his being was soon to be caught.
And so it began with mother filled with love,
she gave her all for the two lil monster like a dove,
but yet in sudden out of their life she was shoved,
and feelings of them both were soon to be disposed off.
Details of most honestly can't be told,
but soon they were apart yet their heart were still the same old,
the one which was violated had his room filled with mirrors,
which was assumed as narcissistic but the truth wasn't any nearer.
Till the end was it only known,
but it was too late for all feelings to be shown;
*because the reflection wasn't of himself, but of his twin that he deeply love,
for a protection, for a safety, that he never ever did felt of.
I love them.
 Oct 2015 Kelly
Without you
 Oct 2015 Kelly
You arrived with a bang,
Brought lights and colours,
Turned my world upside down,
Drained my eyes of tears,
Created muscles on my cheek,
And did surgeries on my heart.


When you left, the colours dulled,
The lights switched off,
The tears kept on flowing,
The stitches in my heart reopened,
The smiles for you disappeared,
And the warm summer became cold.
Be who you want to attract,
Before you start "searching" for the right person,
Be the right person,
Find yourself,
Be comfortable with who you are,
Find happiness within you,
If someone is the only basis of your joy,
I'm afraid,your joy might be a mirage.
Sorry but its only in fairytales where frogs get to kiss princesses lol..

23-10-2015 huh,I thank God for this.had no idea this one would turn out to be a daily poem,I'm really touched like for real,didn't see this coming..but I must say,I've been waiting for this moment,guess dreams do come true :D ,..thanks for taking your time to read my poems and for the comments and likes ;they really encourage me,thank u very very very very very much people. :*
 Oct 2015 Kelly
Gun Boy
 Oct 2015 Kelly
Gun Boy
I am just fine.
I am a son hiding my depression.
I'm a boy trying to making a good impression.  
I'm a friend acting like I'm fine.
I'm a teenager that's struggling.
I'm the dude sitting next to you.
I'm the one asking you to care.  
I'm your best friend hoping you'll be there.
******* autocorrect
 Oct 2015 Kelly
Gun Boy
 Oct 2015 Kelly
Gun Boy
I am depression.
I am the very thing that destroys lives.
I am the one that breaks friendships apart.
I am the one who's responsible for the scars on your wrist.
I am the one that prevents you from shutting your eyes at night.
I am the one that causes you to lose your appetite.
I am the one that makes you feel alone.
I am the reason you can't think straight.
I am your best friend when you went through a heartbreak.  
I am the gruesome murderer of your motivation.
I am the one that made you lose interest in everything.
I am the one that made you slack behind in school.
I am the reason you never made it to the school team.
I am the reason that you eat alone at lunch.

I am the reason that's you are a failure.
 Oct 2015 Kelly
The strange and unusual feeling you get,
When you see her, you won't get upset.
She makes your heart jet set,
The smile you would never forget.
The eyes that dazzles like the night sky,
The one that makes you feel shy,
Hoping your conversation goes on all night.
Never ending with a goodbye.
The voice that keeps you sane,
Puts your heart beat on the fast lane,
Ends all the suffering and pain.
The one that makes everyday not so plain.
The one that you'd give the world for,
Just because she's someone you really adore.
Never puts you in a bore,
Helps to ensure happiness in you restores.


Even though how much you love that girl,
You'll only be bothersome in her world,
You would only do more harm than good,
Her feelings you would've never understood,
It felt like it was fate,
You met your soulmate.
But she didn't
That was a fact that's imprint.
What's stopping you from all this.
Is how you make her ******.
You know she deserves better,
Someone to make her happier.
You know you can't fulfil that,
You're the reason's she's mad at.
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